A tall-tee is a t-shirt with extra torso length.
Tall Tee from Asos

It’s almost in the name:

Tall Tees are t-shirts that have longer torso than normal t-shirts.

Who wears such a thing?

Typically tall people, skaters, skiers and others who like the extra length.

Want to find the best ones?

Read my review: 3 Great Tall Tees for Tall Men

A tall tee is a great piece of clothing when being tall. It is a basic piece that lays the foundation of an outfit. Tall tees are normally casual in design with no are little features added.

It is important to go for the right Tall Shops when looking for tall tees, as many claim to sell tall tees without them really having enough length to classify as a real tall tee.

Tall Tee Recommendations

Of course, I got a few favorites of mine.

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of these tall tees.

And I actually think, the field is pretty well covered.


Quality varies a lot – so does price.

These are few of my favorite tall tees for your to check out.


Plus 2 Clothing

Plus 2 Clothing only focuses on a few styles, including tall tees. That’s why they are able to offer a high quality at a relatively low cost.

They are Australia based, so if you’re an Aussie, your in luck; shipping is free or cheap.

If you’re from the US – no problem. Just expect a few extra days and dollars on the shipping.

Plus 2 Clothing offer tall tees in bundles, or packs, as they call them.

Check out the good deals on tall tee packs:


TallSlim Tees

TallSlim tees aren’t really a classic oversized tall tee, like the ones Swedish teen-skiers wear, no – TallSlim is a normal t-shirt, but made for tall guys.

So, you buy these to wear under clothes, or just as a regular tee that fits you even though your body is longer than average.

The founder is super sympathetic, and his brand is worth checking out.

I own a few myself. Love them.



And last, but not least, I want to put Hanes’ Beefy Tall Tee on the map, once and for all.

It’s cheap. It fits me well. And it comes in a million colors.

Amazon actually sells you these, and they also hold a lot of other tall tees to check out.

I can only vouch for the black, beefy tall one – it’s the only one I’ve got.

Did I forget your favorite?
2 Responses
  • Kevin
    May 28, 2022

    Hi great article I guess I’m maybe too specific but I’m looking for shirts that are tall Slim v-neck t-shirts possibly rounded with a medium affordable? Any ideas would be awesome thanks

    • Rued Riis
      July 6, 2022

      Hi Kevin,
      I’d definitely check out TallSlim Tees. Or American Tall. Both are high quality and affordable.

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