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Why are Sweatpants so Popular? (4 good reasons!)

Sweatpants are comfortable, relaxing, trendy, and great for training. They are the most comfortable clothing of all possible options and this is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

There are days that we need sweatpants. After a long and hard day, wearing sweatpants is like allowing our body to breathe again.

In this crazy world, feeling comfort is one of the best things. That is why everyone loves sweatpants these days, as they give a feeling of coziness and comfort. 


In the past years, sweatpants have also become part of our daily outfits. So people are wearing sweatpants not only at home, but also at work, while walking in the street or having dinner at a cafe.

And if you use your imagination, then it will be possible to mix sweatpants with anything and have a stylish look. 

Below, I have collected a couple of reasons why you should fall in love with sweatpants (if you haven’t already). 

why are sweatpants popular

Sweatpants are the Definition of Comfort 

Feeling comfortable and looking good at the same time is an achievement.

Sweatpants are the best option if you desire to feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time.

The soft texture will give you the feeling that you are not wearing anything.

A lot of people wear sweatpants while traveling. This is because they want to wear something comfortable while being on the road.

You can wear a simple t-shirt with sweatpants, and put on a beautiful hoodie. Hence, you will have a casual look and be ready for a long flight or a road trip. 

Sweatpants Help You Relax

When we have a million different things to do during the day, the precious minutes of relaxation is what we strive for.

Most often it is impossible to wear skinny jeans, high heels, or any uncomfortable outfit for an entire day.

Starting from the moment when you wear sweatpants, it seems like your body is free again. Hence you become more relaxed and at ease.

Imagine coming back from work, putting on your favorite sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. Then grab your favorite meal and watch an episode of your favorite tv show, wrapped in a cozy blanket.

These are the hours of total happiness and relaxation.

Sweatpants have become Trendy

In the last couple of years, sweatpants became very trendy.

In 2020, sweatpants, hoodies, sweatshirts became more and more demanded during the pandemic.

The reason is that everyone is at home and we allow ourselves to wear comfortable clothing when not in the office. 

And I believe that sweatpants will have their strong position in the fashion world for a very long time.

People start to value comfort more and get rid of clothing that is not comfortable for them.

Sweatpants are Good for Training

One of the most critical aspects while training is a comfortable outfit that allows movement.

Usually, people prefer leggings over sweatpants while exercising. Because leggings have a more stretchy material, and some exercises are easier to do with such material.

However, sweatpants can also be worn for your workout session. For example, sweatpants are perfect while jogging in the park.

And if you’re tall and skinny, sweatpants may cover up your skinny legs until you’ve put on some muscle to fix the proportions.

Are Joggers the Same as Sweatpants?

No. The most significant difference between sweatpants and joggers is the material. Sweatpants are made of warmer and thicker material, whereas joggers are lighter and made of thinner materials.

Both joggers and sweatpants are athletic wear, which means they both can be ideal while exercising.

But another critical aspect is that joggers keep legs cooler, whereas sweatpants stimulate sweat.

It means that if you wear sweatpants while running or exercising, you may sweat more than if you wore joggers. 

And the combination of cotton and sweat is rarely a good one for longer periods of time.

For workouts, shorts are tights are better, but for runs outside, the sweatpants is a great companion.

How to Wear Sweatpants in a Stylish Way?

Sweatpants are no longer considered an item of clothing for wearing while being at home (only). Today, you can wear sweatpants on any occasion.

Famous models, actors, singers, and influencers have shown that sweatpants can be worn with anything (even with high heels).

Below, I will share with you a couple of stylish ways to wear sweatpants—for your inspiration on how to take sweatpants from casual to runway-ready.

Sweatpants with High Heels

I know. As a tall guy, heels are not my first choice. But, if you’re a fan of heels and they fit you well, they can be a good parter for a pair of designer sweatpants.

If Misses Bieber can pull it off, so can you. Although, you might need to color pair them or wear something more flattering as a top to balance out the comfortable look.

Stylish high heels will give an exciting charm to your look. This kind of outfit looks very cool and original.

Sweatpants with Blazers

A long time ago, it was hard to imagine that sweatpants would be paired with blazers. However, fashion trends change. And this combination creates both a formal and sporty look. 

Hailey Bieber is again one of the trendsetters here, but there’s no need to be rich and famous to pull this look off.

You can choose simple sweatpants and a black blazer. And you are ready to go to a meeting or lunch with friends.

If you add a high heel, then the outfit can be perfect for a birthday. You can mix colors by adding a bright blazer to be more festive.

It’s really up to you, but try to match colors in a meaningful way—and avoid big “Champion” logos are anything like that.

Sweatpants with Boots

Kanye can pull almost anything off. But it’s not a hard look to make work for you, if you invest in a long pair of sweatpants that connect well with your boot.

Take your favorite sweatpants, add an ankle boot, then finish your look with a coat, and you are ready for fall.

It is an excellent option for a rainy day, as you will be both cozy and stylish at the same time. While they may get (and stay) wet in rain, there’s no risk of sweatpants shrinkage unless they’re exposed to heat also.

You can add some additional accessories such as jewelry or hats (or an umbrella).

Sweatpants and Layering

Especially in the past years, layers became very popular.

As sweatpants are more loose clothing, it looks cool with many layers. So you can wear loose sweatpants, with a top and two more layers above.

Such a kind of look is perfect for lazy days when you want to look cool and comfy at the same time. 

The main principle here is to not just wear a tall tee. You need to up your game with shirts, jackets, etc.

There are so many interesting ways that you can pair your sweatpants with. It would be best if you found inspiration from different designers and styles.

(And also, try to have a couple of pairs of sweatpants in different colors and patterns.)

Sometimes it is challenging for tall men and tall women to find sweatpants.

The main reason is that many beautiful sweatpants may not fit them. And if they fit, then the design may not be the best one.

However, it is possible, especially if you are familiar with the tall brands that produce sweatpants in many different (tall) sizes. 

What are the Best Brands for Sweatpants

Most of today’s brands have sweatpants in their collections. There are luxury brands that produce sweatpants but at very high prices.

You may buy these, but some brands make very high-quality sweatpants at reasonable prices.

These are usually the brands that are specialized in athletic clothing. Below are the most famous brands which produce both affordable and comfortable sweatpants.

  1. Nike
  2. Adidas
  3. Under Armour
  4. Puma
  5. Uniqlo
  6. Champion
  7. Gap
  8. Ralph Lauren
  9. H&M
  10. PANGAEA 

For tall, I’ve made a list with the best sweatpants in 36″ inseam (or longer) for your inspiration.

In conclusion, it is essential to find clothing in which you feel confident. Don’t wear something that is trendy, if you don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit you.

But know that sweatpants have transitioned from a piece of casual couch-wear—to becoming a trendy clothing item worn by the rich and famous.

Just remember to get the size, design and combination right and you’re ready to rock your joggers outside as well.


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