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Why I like So Long Sven

Not so long ago I came across a new brand for tall men. It is Swedish and it is made by two guys who wanted to do something for the tall community. Read my quick review of So Long Sven – a tall brand for tall guys like myself. 


So Long Sven offer us tall guys a really good tall brand specifically made with tall guys in mind, and thank you for that. The brand is called So Long Sven and features an array of different apparel for tall guys.


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After having talked to them I had a couple of pieces sent to me here in Copenhagen, Denmark. What I got was a white tank top, a black T-shirt and a grey sweatshirt.


So Long Sven apparel


So Long Sven clothing


And I must say to start off with – I am really pleased with these new threads and positive towards So Long Sven as a tall brand.


Who is So Long Sven really for?

SoLongSven is a brand that caters only for tall men. This means that you can’t get anything that’s shorter than 78 cm// 30 inches. That is a really nice security for guys like me who always worry about short T-shirts, short shirts and everything else that always turns out to be too short when it arrives at my door step.


So Long Sven is aiming at delivering clothing for men who are between 6’1″ and 8’2″. So if you find yourself in that range and you like this street styled tall clothing from So Long Sven, you have to take a look at at


I can really recommend that you consider placing your first and you try some pieces on – and maybe you have found your new go-to-place when shopping for casual tall clothing.

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Not only does it fit..

When it comes to tall clothing, it is not only about sizing and fit. Everyone is different and being tall doesn’t mean that you have the same taste as everyone else who are also tall.


So you have to go see for yourself if So Long Sven is something for you. All I can say is that I really like the casual street look of the things that I have received. Until now they primarily work with neutral colors like black, white and grey.


Colorful tall clothing soon to come

After having talked on Skype with the founders of So Long Sven I can understand that they have more stuff coming our way. In the future SoLongSven will also be making more colorful and playful apparel.


So in time, you get more of a chance to choose your own style and not only walk around in the more subtle colors, they have to offer at the moment.


My opinion on the quality and fit

The quality of the tank top, the T-shirt and the sweatshirt I have gotten feels really good. The way they started the company was by traveling to India to see what kinds of garments were available.




So the two Swedish guys have seen for themselves what could be ordered and used for their new clothing line and they decided on the best ones. So no compromises here – the quality is top notch and can easily withstand many times in the washing machine.


I tried a size Medium, a size Large and a size XLarge. I have to say that the biggest size is a little oversized for me, but I like the look of it even though.


The size Large fits me the best and is the black T-shirt that I got. The white tank top in Medium is maybe a little too small, but it is nice that it is tight to the body if worn underneath a T-shirt, a dress shirt or something else.


Another really cool thing regarding size is that you can go to their website and use their custom size finder.

So Long Sven size finder


On So Long Sven’s homepage you can use the size finder to put in your height meaning your full body height. And then you put in your chest circumference. Easy as that and the size finder will tell you what size you are in So Long Sven sizes.


So Long Sven and Tallsome meet in Denmark

I am actually meeting up with the guys from SoLongSven soon because Copenhagen is Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. Sweden and Denmark is right next to each other as you may know, so it is not that far to come from Stockholm to Copenhagen.


I am looking very much forward to meeting the guys behind So Long Sven, and I am sure we can figure out something cool in terms of exchange of ideas and working together in the future. We have talked a little bit about a Tallsome T-shirt, which would be really cool.


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Wrapping things up

I can really recommend taking a look at So Long Sven’s website and maybe placing the first order to see if this is something for you. It sure is something for me, as I love the casual style and look of the clothing as well as a great fit that is naturally suited for tall people like myself.


Keep in mind that I am 6’8″ and a bit wider around the chest, so I need clothing that is crafted specifically for those dimensions.


Tall man and lamp


This whole clothing line sure does fit my dimensions, and you can find out if they will fit yours too by going to the website, trying out the size finder and placing a small order to start off with.


Over and out for this time around, and I am looking forward to meeting the So Long Sven guys soon!

So Long Sven - Sven


I really hope you could use my quick review of So Long Sven for something and that you feel comfortable trying out this new and small start-up that we all should support in the tough beginning of their journey.


Stay Tallsome and I’ll see you around!



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