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3 Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good [by skinny editor]

In this article, I will share some tips for skinny guys to look good.

Choosing the right clothing is a big part of looking good as a slim and/or tall guy with a skinny body frame.

If you want to see my favorite choices for online shopping for slim guys, check out my list of tall men’s clothing.

Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good

One conventional act which skinny guys do, is to put on much larger clothes in order for them to look bigger. This act of trying to cover up their size which they obviously do not like, has made the filling of their wardrobe with the right clothes to be a herculean task.

Skinny guys like myself find it hard to get the right clothes that would be relative to their size. So, when it comes to shopping for clothes, the slimmest fit with the greatest length is often the way to go. However, this is not an easy combinations, as longer lengths often ads width to the fit. 

What slim guys should aim for is tall sizes made specifically for tall people. And if you have to go for the mainstream brands, then look for the narrower fits – often called tapered, slim fit, fitted or stuff like that.

tips for skinny guys to look good 5

How to look good as a skinny guy

Skinny guys face a lot of challenges, one of which is the pressure to eat more or hit it hard at the gym. When it comes to the former, there are a couple of skinny guys who eat a lot, but the gain in weight is usually small.

Visiting the gym could be ideal too, however, it requires consistency. For someone who has a very busy schedule, it is quite difficult to keep up.

But, if you’ve decided that you want to add some kilos or pounds to your skinny frame, I have some basic tips for how to gain weight as a slim guy.

In regards to tips for skinny guys to look good, I recommend starting to work out consistently, eat healthy and a lot, and in no time, you will experience a difference – if only just a slight toning of your muscles.

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When it comes to the opposite sex, they are generally less attracted to too skinny guys. In a case whereby these guys are unable to properly package themselves in order to look presentable, they might not even have a lady to call their own for a long while.

Looking skinny might be an indication of weakness, and women subconsciously crave for guys who have this well-built or manageably fairly-built structure. It sends a message that the guy could serve as a protector.

gain muscle fast as a skinny guy

3 Quintessential Tips for Skinny Guys to Look Good

The good news for skinny guys is, even with their structure and appearance, it is salvaged to an extent by putting on the right set of clothes. These clothes would initiate an impression that could relatively match that given to a sturdy guy.

Here are 3 concrete tips for skinny guys to look good, feel good and dress like a man.

  1. Evade clothes that presents you as a fragile person: This is the first stage to the creation of a lasting impression. Skinny guys need to totally avoid clothes which would expose your frail nature.Some skinny guys go to the extent of putting on much larger clothes so that they would look bigger. A balance needs to be struck in this aspect, and it can be done by putting on clothes which shadow your frame closely without stretching. Also, for the sleeves and the shoulders, the seam of the shoulder should be in line with the edge of your shoulder.A similar concept goes for t-shirts too. T-shirts which have large sleeves should be avoided, those with smaller sleeves which would wrap round your arms would be better. The legs of skinny guys are obviously smaller, so putting on skinny jeans gives the legs region an awkward for skinny guys to look good 2
  2. Get clothes that makes you look stronger: There are some clothing items which are particularly meant for this purpose such as blazers and jackets. These clothing items were designed to highlight the masculinity in man.For skinny guys’s outfit, a fitting jacket would broaden the shoulders, they have this padding which gives a sharper edge around the shoulder region. However, in getting jackets such as this, those with large paddings should be avoided.Great jackets make the shoulder look wider and brings out the V-shape which is a conventional symbol of the strength of a man. In relation to tips for skinny guys to look good, if you have to put on multiple layers, the thickness of each layer should be considered. The perfect mix would be to observe a progression.From light to thick or the other way around. They should be coordinated and the colors should complement each other.
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  3. Wear clothes which would make you look brawnier: A beefier neck is an indication of strength and valor. A thin-looking neck on the other hand shows the exact opposite. Necks of clothes such as turtle necks, shawl collars, zip necks and even stand-up collars, helps in covering the skinniness of a guy. When it comes to fashion, the tips inherent are exhaustive. However, the basic tips as related to this unique topic, are key.

Dressing Sense for Slim Boys

If I were to boil it down to a few go-to tips and tricks, I would give you the following advice:

  • Dark colors: Choose colors like black, dark grey, dark green and other shades of natural colors. These darker clothes will tone down your appearance a bit, so you won’t attract more attention than wanted. Black is a basic color that is easy to find among all the tall shops for men out there. Tall-clothes is already niche, so don’t go for the more edgy choices, as they will be hard to pair up with other tall brands down the line.
  • Slim Fit: And that wasn’t skinny fit, notice. Slim fit is fitted without being skin tight. With slim limbs, skinny legs and arms, you don’t want your clothing to fit super tightly to your body. This is achieve by going for slim fit, which has a tapered/fitted design without clinging to the body.
  • Either cropped or extra long: Make a decision. Do you want to own the style of cropping pants – showing off your ankles and pairing that look with some cool socks? Or do you want to spend the money on buying jeans for tall men that actually reach the end of your leg? You have to make a decision on this; the in-between looks like you weren’t able to find anything that fitted. If you go for the short option, own it and make it a deliberate choice of yours.

Best Dress Style for Tall and Thin

TALL and thin is an extra added layer to the complexity of finding apparel that fits. Being thin is one thing – you’ve got smaller sizes for that. But being slim and tall is where you have to find special online stores with tall men’s clothing in order to get the best dress style for tall and thin.

As mentioned above, you can use some of my tips and tricks on how to optimize your wardrobe for your body type. But what it really comes down to is one thing. Knowledge on fashion, style and combinations. Not much, but a little research goes a long way.

How do you do this? Google Images – search away and scroll down through the pages. This will, over time, give you a good idea of what looks great and what looks totally off.

A few pointers; you can buy socks, underwear, singlets, watches, caps, hats, scarfs etc. in regular stores. These clothing items are pretty standard and often come in one-sizes.

What you cannot buy in regular stores, if you want the best dress style for tall and thin body types, is the following; jeans, pants, dress shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets etc. Everything, where torso, sleeve or inseam length is a factor.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; go for tall shops specifically catering for tall guys, when you are on the lookout for something new to wear in these categories.

For a full list of great shops for tall and skinny guys, check out my list with 50+ shops with Tall men’s clothing.

What to wear if you are skinny

Short answer; whatever you feel good in. There is no solid rules for what you should be wearing as a skinny guy. Yes, there are some tips on what looks better, but at the end for the day, it comes down to what you feel comfortable in.

Often times, the most comfortable clothes is the clothes that doesn’t wrap tightly around our body. Especially if you aren’t very happy with how your body looks. I know I wasn’t, when I was a teenager. Looking at the stronger, more masculine guys around me, I felt like my scrawny body wasn’t something to show off. So I chose baggy clothes. It also came natural, as I liked skateboarding at that time. So it all aligned perfectly. But the bagginess of the jeans, hoodies and everything else didn’t help me a lot in looking good.

If you want to level-up your looks as a tall and skinny guy, it’s all about finding something that is 1) long enough (huge unrealized problem among a lot of tall guys) and 2) fitted, not skinny or baggy.

  1. We’ve all seen him. A tall guy wearing something that is too short, so he’s showing skin. Either it’s the butt crack, you get to see. Or maybe it’s the ankles. Whatever it is doesn’t matter–the point is that this guys doesn’t know that what he wears is too short. And that’s where it all starts; realizing that your clothes are too short. How to find out? Well, your t-shirts shouldn’t end around your belly button. Also not close to your belt. A t-shirt that fits passes your waist and lands somewhere below where your pants start. Not before. Not exactly where they start. It needs to hang down, or it needs to be long enough to be tucked in. That’s another way to think about it; have your tops (what goes on your upper body) long enough to be able to tuck it into your pants. If your shirt or t-shirt doesn’t stay tucked, it’s probably because it isn’t long enough.
    butt crack
  2. Second point was that in order to look good as a skinny dude, you don’t want to go to either of the extremes of baggy or skinny fit. You want to be aiming at the middle of the spectrum, which is often regular fit or fitted. Fitted means that e.g. jeans aren’t totally straight cut, but have a little bit of fitting to them, so the follow the curves of the body. This is a great feature and something that will make you look much more stylish than if you just go for regular fit for everything you are wearing. The fitted (or tapered, as some call it) will look like it fits you – without revealing every single detail of the flesh underneath. So the clear recommendation from me is that you buy the clothes called tapered, fitted or similar, where you know there’s a bit of design to it, but it doesn’t cling to your skin, when you put on the pants or shirt. There might be some good options in my list with jeans for tall men, where you can find yourself a pair of fitted jeans with longer inseams.
    Baggy, skinny fit, tapered

What kind of suit should a skinny guy wear?

Skinny guys should wear suits that are slim fit without being tight. Fitted suits are suits that follow the natural proportions of the body without being skin tight.

When you are skinny, you want to avoid any clothing that looks like it’s glued to your skin. This will really emphasise the fact that you carry very little weight around.

Instead, you want to find a suit that fits you in terms of sleeve length, torso length and inseam—then take that suit to the tailor and have it perfected there. 

It’s quite inexpensive, contrary to common belief. If you find a good local tailor, you can have him tailor a suit for a couple hundred dollars. He will also be able to assist you in making the right choices on fitting your blazer, vest and dress pants.

How can a skinny guy become more attractive?

Attractiveness comes from within, so most skinny guys with a kind personality will be able to attract friends, lovers and partners by being themselves.

However, many teenage boys who are skinny would love to gain some weight to be healthier, look more manly and ultimately appear more attractive to the ones they want to attract.

The #1 way to look more attractive is to dress the right way. But if you’ve read this far, you already know how to dress as a skinny guy. The next best thing you can do is to start exercising on a regular basis.

Building muscle as a slim guy is not easy. We don’t have a natural inclination to put on the pounds, so we have to eat and train right to make it happen.

Although, it is totally possible, as I am an example of myself. I’ve put on quite a lot of muscle since I started working out at the age of 17 (+40 pounds). I’ve put together a guide for you to use in your own fitness journey from skinny to muscle.

If you apply the principles of bodybuilding correctly, you will experience fast gains at first. Skinny people gain weight fast in the beginning because the point of departure is rather low, and the muscle response is therefore very high.

Over time, your gains will even out and be less obvious from week to week. But it’s here you have to be consistent and stay at it to gain permanent weight. This is where the real muscle tissue is built that will ultimately make you look bigger, more well-proportioned and more attractive to yourself and others.

These were my tips for skinny guys to look good, and I hope it helps you finding clothes that fits into your skinny guy outfit.

Do you have any great tips? Something you want to share with us?

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2 Responses
  • Prince
    March 19, 2022

    I’m somewhere between 5’8-5’9 . I’m somewhat skinny .
    And I’m not sure about this but what about a black jeans (kinda skinny) on boots with an oversized ( not too much ) Black T-shirt ?

    • Rued Riis
      July 6, 2022

      Hi Prince,
      Sounds like a killer look – hope you decided to rock that combo 🙂

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