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A look at TCI’s website and scholarship

TCI – Tall Clubs International is a gathering of social tall clubs from all over the world.

Tall Clubs International is found on, and it’s a website mainly for tall people wanting to find other tall people in their area and socialize. On their website you find information on who they are, what they do and how to join.


The website is very easy to navigate in and it’s straight forward to find other tall clubs or connect through social media.


Why join TCI?

Tall Clubs International provide a motivational reason for joing TCI or some of the other clubs for tall people: 

As tall people, we know we are “vertically gifted” and fabulous. We also know how it feels to stand out in a crowd, to feel “different,” to struggle with everyday issues from leg room on planes, finding clothes that fit, to even finding people to hang out with who don’t make us feel that we are out of place.

Tall Clubs provide an understanding, fun, and exciting environment where you can just be yourself, and be comfortable knowing that for once, your height is not an issue!

We at Tallsome think that the quote above is a nice way to describe how some feel alienated by their height. If this is the case, a social club like TCI could be a possibility.

These are some of the areas, TCI are involved with:

Areas of the Tall Clubs International work

Tall Clubs International work with the following four areas

An American TV show featured a story about Tall Clubs International – have a look here: 


Scholarships and funding

TCI has scholarships and a foundation donating money for projects that improve the life of the tall. The scholarship is for college students under 21 with a height above 6 foot 2 or 188 cm as a man.


The foundation aims at raising awareness around being tall and the issues that are related to being above average height. The foundation also does fundrasing for Marfan Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder causing unusually long limbs and often problems with other areas such as lungs, eyes and spinal cord.

Thus, TCI is about connecting tall communities and promoting these communities as well as fighting for better conditions for people above average height.


Take a look at their website to find out more about Tall Clubs International, or join the TCI Facebook group to stay updated.



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