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What is TallSlimTees? (+ coupon!)

TallSlimTees is a clothing brand for tall men between 6’0″ and 7’0″. Despite the name, TallSlimTees also offers hoodies, polos, and tank tops.

The tall brand is one of many brands for tall men that design and manufacture their clothing to fit men who can’t find clothes at regular stores.

Tall men, who are also skinny, will most often have a difficult time getting clothes that fits their slimmer and longer body composition.

Therefore, brands like TallSlimTees focus on this particular niche to offer a range of clothing made for tall, slim men.

Their clothing is basic in terms of design, of medium/high-quality, and quite affordable—with tall tees selling at around $20 with my coupon code “Tallsome”.

tall slim tees coupon

Where is TallSlimTees from?

Dan Deceuster started the brand in 2014 from his home in St. George, Utah. That makes the brand American, and it’s still run from Utah today.

Being US-based, Dan is offering all his tall customers free shipping within US borders.

USPS is used to handle the shipping, and they deliver your clothing within 3-5 working days.

In case you don’t like the fit, Dan offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

So you can send back the stuff that doesn’t fit well enough and get your money back. No questions asked.

If you live outside the US (like me), it’s still totally possible to order t-shirts from TallSlimTees; you just have to pay a little extra for the shipping.

TallSlimTees has a flat rate for international shipping of $25, and the parcel is expected to arrive in 10-15 business days.

Note that there might be an extra cost associated to receiving international parcels. In Denmark where I live, there’s an added customs fee of 20%.

That is, if the customs control catches the parcel and adds the extra cost. My experience is that they catch the tall tees every 2nd time I receive them.

Either you take the chance and hope for the best. Or you accept the extra cost of getting t-shirts that finally fit your long and thin body.

I think they are totally worth it – with and without customs. I have a few in my wardrobe in different colors, and they haven’t lost their color or fit over the last couple of years.

That speaks to the quality.

TallSlimTees Coupons / Discount Codes

Dan is not a big fan of fake sites with bad coupon codes. I totally understand him.

On his website, he has made a dedicated page to catch all the searches around discount codes and coupons for this brand.

Dan has a background in marketing, so he knows what he’s doing in terms of ranking in your Google search.

He’s at the very top if you type in “tall slim tees coupon”, so he’s able to get people to his site and use the 5% discount, he offers everybody using the coupon “TALL” at checkout.

On top of that, you get an extra 10% discount code once you’ve made your first order.

So, he actually offers tall guys a 15% discount on this already affordable tall clothing—just by using TALL and reusing the code, they’ll send you when you’re a customer.

Dan from TallSlim has been so kind to offer Tallsome-readers a dedicated coupon for a 10% discount on all offers—using TALLSOME at checkout.

So if you’d rather just get the savings from your first purchase, feel free to enter that code once you’ve filled up your basket.

Tall Slim Tees Review

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the t-shirts, Dan makes. After all, you have to love every effort that goes into serving the niche of tall people, right?

The brands for tall men are growing in number, and the quality is getting better, the designs are getting more interesting, and the prices are dropping slowly.

I’m reviewing a lot of these brands in my blog posts here on Tallsome, and I’ve done one on TallSlimTees as well.

If you want a full review of different tall tees, check out this post where I take a closer look at TallSlim and other great choices.

To do a quick recap of the review, I list:

  1. TallSlim as number 1
  2. Son of a Tailor as number 2
  3. Asos Tall as number 3

The main reason for my excitement is the fit and price point. The fit is basically a longer torso, longer sleeves, smaller arm-holes, and a tighter fit around the core.

This fit is then mass-produced with small variations, and that suits most of us tall and skinny guys.

Of course, a tailored t-shirt from Son of a Tailor (read review) is going to fit even better, because tall men can also be very unique in their body composition.

There is still some confusion around what tall sizes really are. And from brand to brand, it can change a whole lot.

Naturally, being taller than average comes with a lot of disadvantages, but thanks to these tall brands, the world is slowly becoming a better place for us to live.

A great thing about TallSlimTees is the price. At around $20, these niche-produced, for-tall-men-focused t-shirts are very affordable.

I’ve heard from Dan that TallSlim is still his side-project, which he can’t work on full time yet.

But if you go ahead and buy yourself a new tall tee, maybe he’ll be able to break out of the 9-5 and go all-in on serving us tall.

Similar to TallSlimTees

The brands for tall men that come closest to TallSlimTees are American Tall, 2Tall, Nima, Navas and So Long Sven.

These are all small brands focused on tall men, and they too offer t-shirts for tall men in a variation of collors.

I’ve gathered a list with 50+ tall brands for you to learn about right here.

These shops are crucial to get familiar with if you are 6′ or taller. Otherwise, you’ll continue to struggle with finding clothes—instead of realizing that being tall is actually a good thing.

The brands that are similar to TallSlimTees are similar in their focus on tall men. And they also line up pretty evenly when it comes to their selection of apparel.

But. There are subtly differences between then, and I’ll do my best at sharing what I’ve experienced to be the difference.

Brands that are similar to TallSlimTees:

  • TallSlimTees: Basic tees of a decent quality without being high-fashion. Fitting to long torso and rather long sleeves as well. The fabric is quite elastic and soft.
  • AmericanTall: Similar quality, but with less stretch. Quite American design for a European (meaning lots of quilted patterns and a looser fit). Bigger selection.
  • Nima Apparel: Very new and young brand with just a few tall tees to purchase. Very thin fabric, California-style, that lets the skin breathe and feels super light and soft on the body.
  • Navas Lab: Heavy-duty t-shirts and hoodies for colder weather. High-quality fabrics from a solid Canada-brand catering for tall and athletic men.
  • SoLongSven: I love them at first sight, these Swedes, but I was disappointed with how the garments performed over time. Lost color and dry feel to the touch. Awesome designs, though.

Affiliated Coupon Link

Finally, I want to say thanks to Dan from TallSlimTees for supporting this blog through the partnership agreement we have.

For every purchase through my affiliate link, Tallsome receives a small commission from Dan (at no extra cost to you.

You automatically support this website if you buy your tall tees through the above link.

Make sure to use the coupon code “TALLSOME” at checkout to get the 10% discount, Dan has granted us.

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