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Tall women’s clothing.

Something that’s increasing in demand.

And yet, it seems like the supply is scattered across the web.

So I thought: 

Why not put together a list of the most sought after categories of clothes for tall ladies?

Even though I’m a man myself, I’ve been in the tall clothing space for years – with a good overview of the industry for both men and women.

That means:

Below, you’ve got yourself a definitive guide to the existing supply of tall women’s clothing – divided into handy categories like dresses, jeans and jumpsuits.

Feel free to add your own favorite brand recommendations in the comments.

I hope you find something you love!

Stores for tall Women

Stores for tall women gallery

If you just want a quick link to online stores with clothes for taller women, here’s a list of the most popular tall brands for women.

All the tall women’s clothing stores carry a variety of brands, styles and categories – like jeans, dresses, sweatpants and sweatshirts.

The category break-down can be found in the above table of contents, if you want to utilize the fact that I spent hours upon hours on filtering through the entire supply.

If you click a category, you’ll jump directly to the clothing category, you are looking for deep down on this page.

However, if you just want to get a first impression and take a look yourself, feel free to scroll down this section and pick a few brands to check out.

Have fun sifting through the stores, and please share in the comments your own experiences with any of the listed brands for tall women.

We are trying to boil down this guide to the essentials, and let the very best ones come out on top. For that, we need the community of tall ladies to chip in and share some feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you and continue the conversation in the comment section.

American Tall

American Tall Jeans Women

American Tall started as a tall brand for men, but have later added an amazing line of clothing for tall women to their webshop. For the long-legged women out their, I’m happy to tell you they offer tall jeans in up to 37″ inseam.

A general trait of American Tall is that the clothing is designed with tall in mind from the bottom up. Not just regular jeans with an extra inch. No, this is a dedicated tall brand that has grown quite popular in the industry – and for good reason.

When you apply the coupon ‘TALLSOME10’ at checkout, you’ll knock off a good chunk of the price, so you can get your hands on new tall threas at a discount.

Go to shop 10% coupon: TALLSOME10



One of the most popular online stores with tall clothing in the men’s section here on Tallsome – and for good reason.

Nordstrom carries a complete line of clothing for the tall, where the selection within that tall category is great. The most frequent purchases on Nordstrom’s tall section is more formal clothes like shirts, dress shirts and suit pants.

If you are looking for an American-based online store for tall with great variety in styles, Nordstrom is definitely worth looking into.

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Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally Cover

If you’re a ‘beautifully tall’ woman, as Long Tall Sally says, then you have come to the right place. Here, you find an array of well designed tall women’s clothing that is also included in most of the below sub-categories with tall women’s clothing.

As a dedicated tall brand, Long Tall Sally does a great job at designing for women at 5’10” and above – with great attention to detail like the depth of the arm holes, length of the sleeves and fitting of the waist.

This holistic approach to designing clothes for the taller ladies is what makes Long Tall Sally stand out and remain on of the most popular online stores for tall women to buy their jeans, dresses, sweatpants, jumpsuits and more. Take a look!

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Taylor Tall

Taylor Tall

A quite innovative and responsible contept—offering tall women’s clothing with a custom finish and ethically produced. Seems like people are primarily raving over their pants, which can be ordered in up t0 40″ inseam.

Taylor Tall describes themselves as a brand with “timeless basics for tall women, conciously crafted from premium natural fibers and customized for a true fit.

As a result, the prices are also slightly higher than mainstream brands, but that’s what you have to expect from a premium manufacturer and designer. Definitely can recommend these guys.

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Old Navy

Wests and Jackets from Old Navy

Jackets, shirts and dresses ad libitum in tall sizes, but the big win here is leggings. So many tall women are asking for long leggings around the web, and Old Navy definitely has something good to offer in this regard. European visitors will encounter some Access Denied issues, but I’m fairly sure that you Americans have wild card to go on a tall shopping spree in there. On this page, Old Navy is represented within several sub-categories, so use the Table of Contents at the top of the page to jump directly to e.g. leggings to get a direct to the best finds on Old Navy in that area. Happy shopping!

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Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Tall Women's Clothing cover

Quite a must-know within the tall women’s clothing space. The tall section on Dorothy Perkins features – *big breath in*- tall cardigans, coats, dresses, jackets, jeans, jumpsuits, nightwear/ loungewear, overalls, pants, leggings, playsuits, shorts, skirts, sweaters, swimwear and tops.

They state that they cut their tall-sizes longer to make them fit taller ladies, which is obvious to self-explanatory, but nonetheless very nice and convenient for the tall girls out there. Just note that the models they use are about 5’11” / 180cm themselves. This will give you a pretty good idea about how the apparel is going to fit you. Have a look yourself!

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Topshop Cover 2.0

I got a recommendation for Topshop from a friend of mine, and she said that Topshop was one of her favorite stores with tall women’s clothing. They offer a great selection of all kinds of clothes for tall women; tall dresses, tall tops, tall jackets, tall skirts, tall jeans, tall trousers & leggings and even tall shorts. The prices are kept pretty low, and they have a variety in styles that reminds you of Asos in some regards. It’s a must-know place to buy women’s tall clothing – so go have a look and find your perfect fit.

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Height of Fashion

height of fashion tall shop

Height of Fashion is founded by 6’3″ Natalie Matthews. She lives the tall life herself. Saw a need in the market for edgier tall clothes for women. And therefore went ahead and created her own brand.

Height of Fashion is a dedicated tall brand. No standard blueprints with a few extra inches inseam. No – this is tall women’s clothing designed, manufactured and catered for tall only. From the ground up.

Recommended by Cyndi Aler: This is my favourite store world wide as they’re clothes are actually fashionable and fit perfectly. You guys need to add them ASAP. They’re the best Tall Shop.”

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Amalli Talli

Amalli Talli Cover

Founded by two sisters that are both tall; 5’10” an 6’4″ respectively, this brand’s owners know that the struggle of finding clothes for tall women is real. But, they also recognize that tall women have different proportions and therefore wanted to build a brand that catered for the difference within the segment of tall women.

The weird name comes from the names of the two founding sisters; Amy and Alli = Amalli. Then there’s the tall part, so that became Amalli Talli. Hard to pronounce, easy to love.

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Boohoo Tall


Stylish clothes for tall women looking for something very reasonably prized and that also looks great. This is close to the style and price of Asos, and the quality of the clothing should be expected to be similar. Note their definition of tall, which starts at around 5’7″. For some, this might not be tall enough, and you should then go have a look at Long Tall Sally or similar extra tall brands. Otherwise, go give Boohoo Tall a chance!

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Asos is going all in on their Tall, Tall Exclusive and Asos Tall pieces. I see a lot of beautiful dresses, skirts and – wait for it – jeans! Yes, Asos has a lot of different jeans models in up to 36″ inseam. That’s gotta be enough for many of your long-legged selves – and a lot of different fits, styles and colors to choose from, so happy shopping.

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Alloy Tall


Here you can get pretty much every kind of tall women’s clothing that you want – and of course in extended lengths. For example, they make pants with inseams in up to 39″. Make sure to also check the dedicated jeans sections here on this guide.

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New Look


New Look’s tall clothing range features clothing for women that are taller than 5’9″. You won’t waste your time getting disappointed by short sizes. These items are well-designed and fitted styles for all you tall ladies. And their sizes are available in size 8-20. Go see if you like the style and find your new look.

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Next cover

With a punch-line that goes something like ‘Perfectly Proportioned’, Next is designing clothes fitted for a tall women’s frame. They have everything from the basics/essentials to very beautiful dresses and outfits for a night out or dinner party. Go have a look!

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Boden Tall


With a clear emphasis on hassle-free return and 365 days to return any item, Boden makes it easy than ever to order a few pieces to try on, and send back if they don’t fit perfectly. Boden offers a very diverse selection of tall women’s clothing, and they definitely deserve a look!

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Lands’ End


Another great selection of tall women’s clothing – a specific ‘tall’ size range with sweaters, pants, knits, shirts and lots of other good stuff. Also blazers for tall women can be found here – just filter for the Size Range “Tall” and you’ll be good to go.

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Ann Taylor

Tall-Womens-Clothing from Ann Taylor, 3 styles

Super stylish and modern selection of tall women’s clothing. The webshop is beautifully designed, which makes browsing a joy. Ann Taylor has a specific ‘tall’ category with everything a tall woman could ask for. Go check it out!

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Loft is an amazing brand that dedicated a good amount of time to create a tall line specifically for taller women. You’ll find great options in almost all categories of clothing, so it’s just up to you to decide, how much you can wear at once.

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Always for me

Always-for-me Big & Tall clothes

Swim Wear for tall girls – believe it or not, it actually exists and thank God for that. The torso on these swimsuits are extended in length so that you girls can fit them better being slightly bigger and taller than average. 

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Avenue Big and Tall for Women

On Avenue, you can get pants, jeans and dresses for tall women, although the variety isn’t the greatest. Take a look at the store by clicking the link, which is for the jeans part of their webshop.

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Tall Woman lying on rocks

Bluesuits has a tall women’s clothing section, where you can have a custom suit made for you. Yes, this is possible at most tailors, but Bluesuits has specialized in the area and therefore they know everything about cut and fit for tall women. 

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Talltique cover

Talltique is, as the name implies, a boutique store fully dedicated to the tall. Tall women’s clothing is what Talltique offers and you can find a wide selection of fitted tall clothing here. Long legs? Talltique offers jeans from 38″ inseam up to 41″ inseam.

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eShakti Clothing store for tall women

Very interesting concept! eShakti lets you choose the clothing you like and want, and then they customize it for your body type. When you choose something you like, you get to select your e.g. your height, your neck line and other body features as well. For good reasons, I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m looking forward to the first review of this concept down in the comments section.

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GAP Tall Cover image

Gap is mostly about basics for tall, but they also have more designed stuff for tall women at 5’9″ and taller. Gap is under the same umbrella as Old Navy, so you’ll find similarities there, if you already checked out Old Navy’s amazing styles for tall women. The prices are very good and the quality should be decent, so go have a look at what GAP has to offer the vertically advantageous women.

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Height Goddess

A small dedicated tall brand with a few statement shirts, dresses and other pieces for tall women. We at Tallsome just love these dedicated shops who specifically concentrate on offering the best for tall people, and you would be supporting a small up-start within the space if you choose to make purchase from Height Goddess. Take a look around and find something that fits you perfectly. 

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Hudson Jeans


“Super Model” is what Hudson calls their tall section, which is very flattering indeed. Long inseams combined with well-designed blueprints is what they aim for at Hudson Jeans. So if you have long “super model” legs then this is the place to check out. Take a look and see if there is something for your taste and measurements.

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Tall Happy Colors

Hand-made, colorful dresses

A small Etsy-shop – and as the name says, they offer tall happy colored versions of pants, jackets, tunics and more. All things are homemade by Christiane in Berlin. Take a look at the beautiful pants to start of with.

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New York and Company


New York and Company is for tall women towering at 5’9″ and taller. The idea is that all the tall clothes is not just fitted, but basically built for tall women. No weird pockets are lengthened parts of a normal dress – this is custom made for tall women with good style. And maybe also a bit more high-end than other brands in here, so expect the designs to be beautiful and the quality to be top notch.

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Banana Republic


Banana Republic is part of the GAP, Old Navy, Athleta, Hill City group – and as GAP and Old Navy, Banana Republic offers a good range of clothes for the taller women, primarly in the US.

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AQAQ for Tall Women

The standard inseam is 33,5 inches (!!) – which is really long compared to standard options. And then there’s a tall option with 36″ inseam. Their dresses also look very interesting – definitely an online store for tall women to check out.

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Shirt, dress and jacket for tall women

This American department store holds a good stock of clothes for tall women. Check out the different designs and consult the Size Guide to make sure, you get the right thing sent to your door.

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Hit the ‘Size’, then choose ‘Tall’, and you’ll be presented with a lot of options that sit in the middle between the ‘regular’ category and the ‘tall’ category. Jeans start at 29″ inseam, if you choose the tall one, so there’s hope for your long legs to find something cool.

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As the name indicates, Athleta is more of an outdoor/active wear brand. Part of the Old Navy, GAP, etc group and a place that cross-sells a lot of garments, including an online store for clothes for taller women.

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Lane Bryant


A few leggings and pants in the so-called ‘tall-long’, which is made for taller women. 31.5″ inseam for the tall-option, so a good length for those at just above average height, and with longer legs than what mainstream clothing stores cater for.

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Find yourself a huge selection of various styles and categories for slightly taller women. Looking at the models and their height, you should probably be around 5’7″ to make these styles work for you. Missguided is also featured under more of the other categories in this list, as they often stock a lot more styles than average.

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Great jeans, but only a few different ones, if you choose the longer inseams like 32″ and 33″. If that’s your length, I recommend checking them out though, as it looks pretty interesting in terms of style. Otherwise, take a look at the dedicated jeans section right here.

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35,5″ inseam on the long leggy pants is just amazing to find, if you normally struggle with the standards. Although the price point is a little higher than normal, this appears to be a favorited online store for the tall women who love skinny fit, slim fit jeans and straight legged jeans.

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Maybe a long shot, no pun intended, but I had this store recommended in the comments-section, and I think it looks very promising in terms of styles. It’s a reseller of high-end designer goods, so the price point is up there. But if you can afford it, you might also find some longer items that fit a tall women with good taste.

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Jeans for tall women

When the legs get long, the standard jeans inseams just can’t keep up. Therefore, taller women need special online stores that cater specifically for the vertically enhanced.

In this section, you’ll find a list of brands that offer jeans in longer lengths for women for whom the standards are too short.

If you are tired of the jeans stopping at your ankle (non deliberately), you are probably going to have a good time browsing through the list below.

Jeans for tall women can be found in all kinds for designs, fits and price ranges, and you’ll find a good variety of all three right here.

If you feel like your favorite jeans brands for tall women isn’t listed here, please add it in the comments, and we’ll add it to the list for others to find.

Great having you here, and happy shopping.

American Tall

American Tall Jeans Women

American Tall offers a variety of jeans for tall women. They are just starting out serving ladies as well, but still offer both high rise skinny jeans and straight-leg tall jeans in up to 37″ inseam.

American Tall is a relatively new tall brand, but has managed to create a space for themselves in the industry, based on dedicated tall designs, great quality and very reasonable prices.

Oh, and make sure to use the coupon ‘TALLSOME10’ in order to get an additional 10% off your purchase. Pretty neat – thanks, American Tall.

Go to shop 10% coupon: TALLSOME10

Long Tall Sally

Long Tally Sally Women's Tall Jeans

Long Tall Sally is a dedicated tall-brand for women. With more than 19.000 jeans sold last year, they truly know what it takes to design for tall women’s long legs.

The size selection for most of these jeans gives you the option to choose inseams of 34″, 36″ and even 38″.

Therefore, you are highly likely to find a pair that’s long enough and that you think has a great design.

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Alloy Tall

Alloy Jeans Tall Woman

Dedicated tall brand – we like that. Great selection of jeans in longer inseams of 35″ and 37 “. Lots to choose from and looks like they have a very strong community going within the tall women’s space.

Alloy even has a pair of jeans in 39 inches inseam. This is not something you see in mainstream brand’s tall sections. True dedication to serving the extra tall women.

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Jeans for Tall Women - Topshop

Topshop offers a low-priced line of tall jeans with inseams of 36″. They state that these jeans start to make sense for ladies that are 5’8″ and over. The selection looks amazing, and I’ve had many positive statements about Topshop, so very confident in recommending this online store for tall women.

You’ll find about 50 different styles of jeans for tall women – mostly in a tight / skinny fit, but also found in slim fit and regular / straight-leg. A pair of tall jeans is going to set you back around $50, which seems very reasonable for the quality and variety offered.

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Height of Fashion

Height of Fashion Jeans for Tall Women

Height of Fashion is a 100% tall brand dedicated to us, the tall. With their selection of jeans in 36″ inseam, they make it easy for tall ladies to find a new favorite.

The tall jeans come in a fabric where a bit of stretch has been added. This makes the jeans flexible and fitted around the thighs and calves.

Here, you get quality over quantity. The variety in styles can’t compared to the larger retailers, which is natural for a small brand in the start-up phase. The best you can do is to support the business – and get a great pair of jeans in return.

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Old Navy

Old Navy Jeans for Taller Women

Jeans for taller women in inseams around 32″ and 33″ inches, when I look at the Size Guide. And with a selection of 200+ jeans, this is a great place to shop for jeans in longer lengths.

Although the name, Old Navy, maybe sounds a little dull, they actually have a range of tall jeans that can match Asos and Boohoo in terms of design and variety.

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Asos Tall

Asos Tall Women's Jeans

Asos Tall has a huge selection of tall jeans for women. Only thing you have to do is to figure out, what size you are, as they use sizes like 14, 16 etc.

It’s easy to find your right size with their ‘What’s my size?’ functionality next to every jeans on the site.

You’ll also find many jeans with the conventional inseam specs, where Asos Tall does a really good job with inseams of both 36″ and 38″.

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Boohoo Tall

Boohoo Tall Jeans for Women

Although they call it a tall range, Boohoo is not for the super-tall, as they define tall as 5’7″ and above. This also means that their tall jeans are “only” 31 inches inseam (size chart).

Boohoo has a great selection, but make sure to use their interactive “What’s my size?” calculator. It helps you determine, which of their sizes is best for you.

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Levi's Jeans for Tall Women

Levi’s is one of the most popular jeans brand in the world, and of course they also cater for tall women to some extent.

Levi’s isn’t a dedicated tall brand for women, and therefore their inseam stops at around 34″.

But if you are fine with 34 inches inseam, or shorter inseams than that, you’ll find a nice selection of black and blue jeans for the long-legged woman.

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Pants for tall women

Tall women have been putting up with short pants for too long. It is time to update the wardrobe with some pants for tall women, where the longer inseam is no problem.

And as for variety goes, the supply of tall women’s clothing in general is just getting better by the day. The ‘pants dance’ is no difference, and you’ll probably be able to find a new favorite here today.

You’ll find a good selection of different styles within the overall ‘pants for tall women’ category. Gone are the days, where tall clothing was super basic, in only a few colors, and in a fit we just needed to accept.

Be as picky as you want; you’ll probably still be able to find a new friendly tall brand that fits both your taste in style, and your long limbed body.

If you already own a pair or two of some lovely pants for taller ladies, and you feel like you want to share that find, just leave a quick comment and it’ll get reviewed and added to this list in a heartbeat.

Long Tall Sally

Pants for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally is one-to-know by all tall women out there looking for trousers. Like with jeans, Long Tall Sally offers very long inseams in 34 inches, 36 inches and even the 40 inches inseam pants. And with their variety in designs, like the narrow legs and the wider legs, all the different colors and the options in waist size, Long Tall Sally’s pants for tall women go a very long way.

Choose one of the many categories within the overall pants for tall women category – Tall Bootcut Trousers, Tall Straight Trousers, Tall Skinny Trousers, Tall Slim Trousers, Tall Tapered Trousers and Tall Wide Trousers. A wonderland of trousers and pants for tall women, that is.

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Pants for Tall Women - Nordstrom

As one of the most popular shops here on Tallsome, Nordstrom is also able to provide long pants for tall women. Their selection is great and their inseams amazing.

The above pants for tall women have inseams of 32, 33 and 34 inches inseam. Check out the specifics on a design you like to make sure it will fit when it arrives at your door.

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Dorothy Perkins

Pants for Tall Women - Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins’ pants for tall women stand out by their designs. They are often colorful and with floral prints in many variations. And, if you are looking for those suit pants or formal trousers, you’re also in good hands.

Tip: Consider weather you are tall or extra tall – because the models are around 5’11” / 180 cm, which is something to compare yourself to. The ankle pants, which aren’t suppose to go all the way down to your feet are around 29 inches inseam.

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Pants for Tall Women - LOFT

Loft has a varied selection of pants for tall women – both straight legged, tapered pants and the wide leg trousers. Don’t be scared about the 31″ inseam on some of them; there are also 34″ inseam options for some of these tall trousers for women.

With more than 60 styles, there’s a lot to choose from in terms of design and fit. Not something we the tall are very used to. So it’s amazing to stumble upon a store like Loft that does something for the tall in this area.

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Alloy Apparel

Pants for Tall Women - Alloy Apparel

Alloy delights with a vast range of colorful, stylish pants in modern styles for any tall women looking for a pair of fresh pants in longer inseams – and a fashionable design.

When you choose a size (S, M, L, XL, XXL), you get to choose an inseam afterwards – and in most cases that inseam is 37 inches. This sounds extremely long, and it should be more than enough for even the longest legs.

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Old Navy

Pants for Tall Women - Old Navy

With a strong selection and a low price point, Old Navy is one of the favorite tall-brands out there for both genders. For tall women, their pants section is no disappointment.

100+ designs will leave your eyes sparkling for hours, while you scroll through the endless options for suiting up your long legs in a new pair of pants for tall women. Most of the tall-sizes are 30″, 31″, 32″ inseam, but check the ‘Fit & Sizing’ to to be sure to get it right.

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Jumpsuits for tall women

Jumpsuits for tall women need that extra torso length to fit comfortably. I can imagine where it must feel awkward if the jumpsuit isn’t long enough.

For taller women, an abundance of jumpsuits are blossoming from the various tall brands out there. You get to choose among an array of styles, fabrics and sizes.

Below, you’ll find some of the top picks that made the list in terms of catering for the tall women. Focus is on fit and size, as you’ll make up your own mind on whether you like the design or not.

If you have a quick tip on where you found your favorite jumpsuit, leave it as a comment right now.

Old Navy

Jumpsuits for tall women - Old Navy

Good ol’ Old Navy is there for us once again; an awesome selection of Jumpsuits and rompers. And please note; the inseams should be a little shorter for jumpsuits, as they are not always supposed to reach the ankle – only just above.

The ‘tall’ sizes typically have inseams of 27.5″ – 30″, but check the ‘Fit & Sizing’ for the specifics on the style, you like.

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Long Tall Sally

Jumpsuits for tall women - Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally is for the extra tall women, who want to be absolutely certain that the jumpsuit wont creep up in places, it shouldn’t. With these designs, you are 100% sure the jumpsuit is made for tall women like yourself.

The models wearing them in the pictures are from 6 feet and up (185 centimeters), which gives you some confidence in the fit. Look at the “fit, fabric and care” tab to know more about body length, shoulder to waist seam, sleeve length and hem width.

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Dorothy Perkins

Jumpsuits for Tall Women - Dorothy Perkins

For the tall woman at 5’10” or taller, here’s a great little selection of super stylish and very colorful printed jumpsuits. The tall-sizes are cut proportionally longer to create a better fit for tall.

The prices are crazy low, and as far as Trustpilot goes, the quality should be very decent – worth a try for anyone looking for the next add-on to the wardrobe.

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Jumpsuits for tall women - Asos

Asos Tall is a great destination, but be careful; they consider 5’10” / 180 cm tall. Some of you tall women will laugh at that and say “that’s not tall at all..”. For you ladies, you want to choose one of the other options for tall jumpsuits in here.

For the women who are around 5’11” or 180 centimeters, you are in for a treat. Asos Tall offers a huge selection of both the long jumpsuits and the shorter rompers in a multitude of colors, designs and sizes.

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Jumpsuits for tall women - Next

I’m always diving straight into the size guide to understand, what these brands mean by “tall”. Tall, yeah sure.. right? Well, some brands are extra tall, some are not tall at all – and some or in the middle of the land of tall – like Next.

Next call you tall, when you are 5’10” or above. On jumpsuits, that gives you an inseam of 35″. If that’s enough for you, Next offers a next-level selection of jumpsuits for tall women.

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Dresses for tall women

Dresses for tall women have to be as beautiful as dresses for all other ladies, of course. But, with the extra tall girls, those crucial extra inches at the bottom can make or break the look.

The tall selection of dresses is becoming bigger and better by the day, and on the list below, you’ll find some of the tall brands that do it better on dresses for tall women.

NB: Also see the section on Maxi Dresses.

If you already have found a few great dresses that are hanging in your wardrobe, go read the label and tell us where it’s from in the comments.

Long Tall Sally

Dresses for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally offers dresses from both their own brand and as reseller of e.g. Karl Lagerfeld. Whether you are looking for mini, midi or maxi dresses, they’ve got you covered with a category on each one.

Check the ‘Fit, Fabric & Care’ to get more details on where the dress ends (below/above knee), how long the sleeves are, and how tall the model in the picture is.

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Ann Taylor

Dresses for Tall Women - Ann Taylor

A fine selection of ‘tall dresses’ for women. It looks like most of the dresses are midi dresses, ending just above or below the knee. Great variety in colors and style – from the more casual dresses, to the ones you can wear for a night out or at a summer party.

In order to make sure these dresses fit you perfectly, you want to select a style, then hit the size chart to get exact measurements on that specific item.

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Dresses for Tall Women - Next

For Next-dresses and the sizing of them, the short dresses in ‘tall’ are lengthened by up to 5 inches, whereas the long dresses are lengthened 7 inches.

With more than 450 styles, there should be something for every taste in color and fit. Also make sure to check out the Maxi dresses, here on the list.

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Dresses for Tall Women - Asos

Asos Tall is this funky sub-brand by the fashion-giant Asos. They are doing a pretty good job at catering to the semi-tall (read: not very tall). The models they use are around 5’11” / 180 centimeters tall, so you should be about the same height to fit these.

If you are, you’re in luck; Asos has an amazing selection of dresses for tall women in various types such as work dresses, summer dresses, occasion dresses, going-out dresses, casual dresses, bridesmaids dresses and more.

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Maxi dresses for tall women

The maxi dress needs to reach a point on the leg somewhat close to the ankle. If the maxi dress is too short, it’s just going to look a bit odd.

Luckily, the supply of extra long maxi dress for women is growing rapidly – leaving you with a very fine selection of brands, styles and sizes to choose from.

Have a favorite maxi dress already? Share your knowledge in the comments.

Long Tall Sally

Maxi dresses for Tall Women Long Tall Sally

The Maxi dress is the signature of Long Tall Sally – as they say; “no one wears a maxi dress like a tall girl” (hint: because of the long legs).

Since 1976, the maxi dress has been Long Tall Sally’s bestselling style. Obviously because of a great product in many cool colors and shapes that fit tall women perfectly.

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Maxi dresses for Tall Women Asos

Asos uses tall models at 5’10”, 5’11” and thereabouts, so use that as a guiding compass. They have an amazing selection of maxi dresses for tall women, so find your size and go crazy.

Asos normally works with a lower price range as well, so please note that the quality is often rather thin. If you’re not going hiking in your maxi dress, then you’ll probably be fine with these colorful and versatile dresses for tall women.

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Dorothy Perkins

Maxi dresses Tall Women Dorothy Perkins

Here’s a line designed with full dedication to the tall women at 5’10” or above. With 40+ designs to choose from, this is going to be a great shopping experience for you.

Take a look at the height of the model – below each dress it says how tall and what size the model uses. Also make good use of the extensive size chart before giving one of these tall maxi dresses a try.

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Maxi dresses for Tall Women Boohoo

Boohoo tall get’s another listing here – this time for their awesome maxi dresses for tall women at 5’7″ and over. Good selection of styles and colors for any occasion.

The prices on Boohoo is on the lower end, so here’s an opportunity to try out a few different tall dresses to find that perfect fit and design for your long legs.

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Maxi dresses for Tall Women Amazon

Sounds weird to buy tall maxi dresses on Amazon, but look at the reviews. Some of these dresses look amazing, have a good price and are vetted by thousands of women sharing their rating and opinion on these for your to read.

Note, though, that they are not particularly made for the extra tall. If you are 5’7″ or above, read the reviews and see the size chart before ordering.

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Maxi Dresses Missguided Tall

Missguided offers maxi dresses for the “taller ballers”, as they say – but note that this means women at 5′ 7″. Not a very tall lower limit, but the maxi dresses should work for woman just above that limit as well.

Prices are rather low, so an option would be to order a few to see if they align with your exact body type and height. Remember to tick the ‘tall’ product type, when browsing for tall maxi dresses in here.

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Sweatpants for tall women

Sweatpants for tall women is becoming one of the most sought-after categories of clothing for taller women. Luckily, there’s a growing and currently great supply of sweatpants in longer inseams and various designs.

Below these words, you’ll find the best brands out there catering to tall women in the sweatpants category. The criteria are great quality, nice fit and those extra few inches inseam need to reach the ankles.

Leave your favorite sweatpant model or brand in the comments.

American Tall

American Tall Sweatpants Women

American Tall offers a variety of jeans for tall women. They are just starting out, but already offer both high rise skinny jeans and straight-leg tall jeans in up to 37″ inseam.

American Tall is a relatively new tall brand, but has managed to create a space for themselves in the industry, based on dedicated tall designs, great quality and very reasonable prices.

Oh, and make sure to use the coupon ‘TALLSOME10’ in order to get an additional 10% off your purchase. Pretty neat – thanks to American Tall.

Go to shop 10% coupon: TALLSOME10

Long Tall Sally

Sweatpants for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

As a fully dedicated tall brand, Long Tall Sally doesn’t surprise when offering an amazing variety within sweatpants and joggers for tall women.

Go for the more subtle grey/white/black options – or check out the more vibrant colors that make the jogger fit for more than just the couch at home.

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Alloy Apparel

Sweatpants for Tall Women - Alloy Apparel

When they say “we’ve got tall covered” at Alloy, they are speaking the truth. If you read the comments on these sweatpants for tall women, you’ll know they even cover the ankles of a very tall woman.

With inseams up to 37″, even the tallest percentile of women is able to find a long pair of joggers that feel great, rest on your foot and looks great.

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Old Navy

Sweatpants for Tall Women - Old Navy

To the rescue, Old Navy scores an amazing goal for the tall team with their “ON” Joggers (I’m guessing O for Old and N for Navy, own brand).

These beauties are pretty basic joggers for tall women with an inseam of 36 inches, if you choose the ‘tall’ option. Great price, great length, and – based on the reviews – pretty awesome quality as well.

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Amalli Talli

Joggers for Tall Women - Amalli Talli

A few soft joggers in 36″ inseam with a 3″ cuff for the long legged ladies looking for a new chill companion for chilling at home, a long bus trip or what you wear joggers for.

Sizes are from small to extra large, and the price is $54. These joggers are high-quality and something made for the extra tall that think a 32″ inseam is a joke.

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Sweatpants for Tall Women - Misguided

A goldmine of tall joggers for women; Missguided has 40+ different styles of joggers, sweatpants, call it what you want – bottomline; they’re made for tall ladies from 5’7″ and taller.

The models on the product pictures don’t look much taller though, so expect the fit to be best suited for those around 5’7″ and not much taller than that height.

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Leggings for tall women

If you want to avoid the situation where your leggings and at the middle of your calves, you want to find yourself a piece of tall women’s leggings with extra inches added to the inseam.

However, that is not always an easy task. The inseam needs to be longer than average, where the standards normally end at 32″ inseam or even 34″ inseam, if you are lucky.

The leggings below easily beats that with inseam above the 34 inches – and with a general fit that is catering to the tall woman.

Use them at the gym, at the yoga studio or for a run. The stretchy, comfortable leggings are your perfect partner in crime for a tall workout of any kind.

If you already know of other amazing places to buy long leggings for tall women, please share the tip in the comments.

American Tall

American Tall Leggings Women

These tight leggings for tall women fit tightly around any tall leg. The leggings come in ‘tall’ and ‘extra tall’, and in black and navy – without or with outer pocket.

At around $49 dollars, they have to be made of a good quality, but that’s obviously also the case, when these leggings are from American Tall.

These leggings are made of a breathable combination of fabrics and are also perfect for hitting the gym.

Get yourself a pair and get out the door for a run, a workout or whatever activity calls for a pair of comfortable, light-weight leggings for tall women.

Go to shop 10% coupon: TALLSOME10

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally Leggings Women

Classic jersey leggings, maternity leggings, mesh leggings – Long Tall Sally once again offers an amazing range of tall clothes for women. This time in the tall leggings category.

Look for the “L” in the size selection, as that will add 2 inches to the inseam. Standard leg length is around 34″/36″, so adding a couple of inches on top of that has to be long enough – even for the longest legs.

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Height of Fashion

Height of Fashion Leggins Tall Women

This legging for the tall woman is a high-end, well-fitting stretchy kind, with a pocket on the side and a 36″ inseam.

It’s made of 75% polyester and 25% elastane to make these leggings sweat absorbent and quick drying with a lot of flexibility to move around at the yoga studio or the gym.

The reviews are great, so I can only recommend ordering a pair of these game-changers.

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Asos Leggings for Tall Women

Asos Tall offers a good handful of leggings for women – although these are not for the super tall. The models wearing these tall leggings from Asos are around 5’11” / 180 cm.

If you are taller than this, you might want to go for some of the dedicated tall brand’s options further up this list of leggings for tall women.

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Amazon Tall Leggings Women

Amazon has quite a few great options for tall women who are looking for those long leggings at a price-point lower than the average online shop.

These options vary in price, fit and size, but common for them all is that they average an inseam around 32″/34″. The Yogipace Extra Long Legging is 34 inches inseam, perfect for women at 5’5″ and up.

Another long pair of leggings is from Safort Tall Straight, where you cut off the leg at the length you desire.

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Amalli Talli

Leggings for Tall Women - Amalli Talli

Amalli Talli is a dedicated tall brand with a few items in the ‘bottoms’ category. Even though the selection is still small, there is some good pairs of leggings in there to give a shot. Who knows – this might be the exact one that just fits you much better than the other brands in here.

The inseam of these Black Moto leggings is 35-37″, so for the women that are taller than average for sure. If you got long legs and are looking for a hybrid between leggings and joggers as active wear of for chill, Amalli Talli’s leggings might be what you are looking for.

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Suits for tall women

Tall women need great suits; for business meetings, for a night out or any other occasion where either a more formal black blazer and pants, or a more colorful combo is needed.

The online stores for tall women below have great selections of suits for tall women, including suit jackets, suit dresses and suit trousers.

If you have a favorite suit supplier, you would like to share with the rest of the tall community, leave it as a comment below.

Long Tall Sally

Suits for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally offers a great deal of suit pants and blazers to combine in whatever way you like. The sizing is for the extra tall women out there, and the pricing is also in the higher end of the scale.

But then again, where do you find suit pants with 34″, 36″ and 38″ inseam legs? And with extended sleeves that are 27 inches / 69 centimeters long? These items are made to last and build to fit even the tallest women.

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Ann Taylor

Suits for Tall Women - Ann Taylor

Probably the most fashionable, stylish collection of suits for tall women out there. Ann Taylor is listed here in many categories, because they are an amazing go-to place for various clothing types for the vertically advantageous.

The price point is a bit higher on these ones, ranging from $100-$200 for a suit. But you also want to pay a premium, if you get a suit that fits a tall frame and that is well designed to last for years.

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Suits for Tall Women - Next

Next’s stash of suit trousers and suit jackets is incredibly well-assorted. They don’t just settle for the boring black/grey/brown colors, but actually go out of their way to create some really interesting designs for taller women.

And with a price-point significantly lower than other options in this ‘Suits for Tall Women’ section, Next is definitely a place to check out if you want to make a good deal on a suit with longer inseams, long sleeves and torsos.

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Simply Tall

Suits for Tall Women - Simply Tall

Simply Tall deserves a spot on this list, as they cater specifically for tall ladies, and their selection of blazers are quite fine. Although, there isn’t the same variety as the other options listed here.

Combine one of the jackets with a pair of Simply Tall’s pants/trousers to complete the perfect suit for tall women.

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Shirts for tall women

Shirts for tall women is out there and easy to find, but not easy to fit. The problem is, a lot of vendors call their lines ‘tall’ without realizing that ‘tall’ is a very vague term. And for you and me, 5’7″ is not really that tall, which is the standard limit for when ‘tall’ begins in many online stores.

That aside, here’s a list of shirts for tall women that are actually in tall sizes, meaning tall to extra tall. That being said, you always want to have a look at two things; the height of the model in the picture wearing the shirt you are interest in, and the specifications of the shirt, like torso length and sleeve length.

If you already know of an amazing place to buy shirts for tall women, please share the tip in the comments.

Long Tall Sally

Shirts for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

It’s actually hard to find shirts for tall women where there’s the infamous lowered waist, deeper arm holes and longer sleeves. It’s just not enough to throw an extra inch on the torso length. And Long Tall Sally knows this.

Being a fully dedicated tall brand, they do an amazing job at designing great shirts for taller women, while also providing a range of options to choose from, so you don’t have to go with the the thing that just fits.

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Dorothy Perkins

Shirts for Tall Women - Dorothy Perkins

A nice little selection of long and short sleeved shirts for tall women. The styles cover checkered print shirts, jersey shirts, crinkle shirts and yarn shirts.

Although the selection isn’t vast, there are some great finds in between. And size-wise, you can be pretty comfortable knowing that one of the models wearing these styles is 5’12” herself.

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Old Navy

Shirts for Tall Women - Old Navy

Old Navy enters the field of shirts for tall women with a small, but nice selection of mainly basic denim or cotton shirts, similar to what sister-brand Next offers of tall shirts for women. These are basics that belong to every wardrobe – perfect for wearing under a cardigan or just in itself with a pair of jeans.

Models are about 5’10” and all the shirts can and should be ordered in the ‘tall’ size, which is an option under each individual item.

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T-shirts for tall women

The basic of any good outfit, easy to combine with other things and available in such a vast number of variations; the t-shirt. For tall women, the t-shirt is sometimes called a ‘tall tee‘. This is most often a t-shirt with extended torso length and not much else.

If you want a truly tall-sized t-shirt, you want it customized to tall ladies, considering a whole other blueprint for how the t-shirt is cut and sewn together. The options below are you’re best options for finding true t-shirts for tall women.

Know an awesome t-shirt store for tall women? Please share the tip in the comments.

Long Tall Sally

T-shirts for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

As an essential basic, the tall t-shirt needs to be in any wardrobe, and preferably in numbers. It’s the basic layer of many great outfits, and it can even serve as an outfit on its own, paired with pair of long jeans.

Long Tall Sally offers an amazing selection of tall tees for women of height. Short sleeves, long sleeves. Hip length or tunic. Crew neck or v-shape. It’s all there for you to explore, order and wear.

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Dorothy Perkins

T-shirts for Tall Women - Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins offer tall t-shirts for ladies of heights around 5’10” and taller. The selection is great, and the pricing lies somewhere between $10 and $40 for a t-shirt, depending on the brand, quality and design.

With 80+ options for you to choose from, you can hopefully find a t-shirt design that correlates with the style you like. Make sure to filter for the ‘sale’ items as well, and also to check out the specs on measurements before you order.

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T-shirts for Tall Women - Next

Next is a good recommendation of – although limited in number – high-quality selection of t-shirts for tall women in assorted colors (mostly basics), prints and styles.

Here, you can find $9 long-sleeve t-shirts, so also a great place to look, if you are more price-sensitive and don’t want to put down the money it costs to shop in some of the more high-end tall shops for women.

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Land’s End

T-shirts for Tall Women - Land's End

These t-shirts are pretty basic – full-color designs, stripes and a tall t-shirts with print. The price point is low and the range is full of discounted options, so hopefully you’ll find something of your liking – both in terms of price and fit.

Very cool is it that their size chart features info on the sleeve arm length on the tall-versions of the different sizes. This is very helpful when making the decision on whether to order a piece home or not.

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T-shirts for Tall Women - Gap

GAP’s ‘The Tall Shop’ is in general a great place to take a look around if you are a women taller than 5’7″, looking for something new to spice up the outfits in the wardrobe with. And their t-shirt section is no exception from the rule; a large selection of basics in various colors and styles.

Tanks, camis, short-sleeves and long-sleeves can be found in ‘tall’ sizes – and all just around $20 dollars, give or take. You are also flooded with discounts and coupons when you enter the site, so make use of those as well.

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T-shirts for Tall Women - Topshop

The style of Topshop’s t-shirts is young, fresh, a bit like Asos, a bit norm-core – and if you like it, you’re in luck. Because Topshop is really a gem in the world of tall women’s clothing. They feature so many different categories (dresses, jeans, tops, pants, jumpsuits, jackets, skirts) – and loads of styles within each one.

The ‘tall’ size means that 1.2 inches / 3 cm have been added to the length of the t-shirt. If you want to learn more about what choosing ‘tall’ means on Topshop, click the size guide and choose ‘Tall’.

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Tops for tall women

Tops for tall women is plentiful in numbers, and here you’ll get a few suggestions on where to find the best tops, vests, tunics and shirts for the taller than average ladies.

Dive into one of the brands you like and use the filtering to narrow down your search further. These suggestions are on the overall ‘tops’ category, which contains all kinds of sub categories for you to check out.

If you have made an amazing find, or you already own a top for tall that’s just the best, please share the tip in the comments.

Long Tall Sally

Tops for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

Tops from Long Tall Sally are designed exclusively for tall women that are looking to update the wardrobe with some new knitwear, jerseys, tees and shirts.

Within the category of tall tops, you’ll find several sub categories to narrow your search. Common for all of the styles is that quality is high, and the fit is dedicated taller women in need of longer sleeves and torso in their tops.

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Tops for Tall Women - Next

More than 50 different styles of tops for tall women, covering vests, tunics, long sleeve tops, shirts and t-shirts. Next is an amazing player in the tall space and you’re going to see them many times on these lists.

Only challenge is that it’s not always apparent whether you are dealing with a dedicated tall size, or why the tops are listed under the tall filter. Make sure to check the size charts and specifications of each style before ordering.

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Old Navy

Tops for Tall Women - Old Navy

Old Navy’s tall section is just plain awesome. In the category with tops for tall women, you’ll find 250+ shirts, tops, blouses, tunics and tees in a multitude of styles and colors.

How to choose the right fit? Go for the ‘tall’ option on the individual items and click the ‘Fit & Sizing’ to get more info on how the piece fits and how tall the model wearing it is.

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Ann Taylor

Tops for Tall Women - Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor offers a great, little selection of tall tops and blouses for the ladies at 5’10” or above. If you want to be sure that your new tall top or tall blouse isn’t too short, you want to check out the Size chart and scroll down to the tall section.

Also, on the individual pieces, you’ll find some more detailed specs on where the top ends (e.g. “hits at hip”), how the fit is (e.g. “softly fitted”) and exactly how long the piece is (e.g. “25 1/2 inches long”).

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Dorothy Perkins

Tops for Tall Women - Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins has an amazing tall range, where tall clothing is low priced, high quality. From the reviews of the brand on Trustpilot, the primary bad experiences are with shipping, so consider the premium delivery option.

But the happy customers underline the low price and the great fit and quality. They carry more than 200 different styles of tops, and they often do clearances and sales, so I’m sure there’s plenty to fill up a cart with new tall women’s clothing.

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Extra prospects:

  1. The Tall Collective – Tops
  2. Simply Tall – Tops
  3. Asos Tall – Tops

Blouses for tall women

Blouses is the sub category within tops for tall women that can be found in so many different designs, colors, fits and fabrics. It’s an item you no longer should look too hard for as a tall lady, as the below online stores stock plentiful of blouses for tall women.

When choosing a blouse for a taller than average woman, the length of torso and sleeve is essential. Below, you’ll find brands that have made an effort in fitting their blouses to align with the proportions of truly tall ladies.

If you have a favorite blouse or blouse brand you would like to share with the rest of the tall women looking for new additions to their wardrobes, please share your finds in the comment section.

Long Tall Sally

Blouses for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

LTS has designed their blouses for tall ladies to fit the complete body type of a taller women – not just smaller alterations. Designing these blouses from the ground up allows Long Tall Sally to perfect sleeves, arm holes, waist and bust, so they all come together in perfect harmony.

This category is a mix of shirts and blouses, so you want to scroll through the pages to find the blouses, you like. Or you can use the search function in your browser to single out those blouse items hiding in the lot.

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Dorothy Perkins

Blouses for Tall Women - Dorothy Perkins

If you are blessed with supermodel height, as Dorothy Perkins puts it, you have come to the right place for shopping tall clothes. And the blouses section doesn’t disappoint either, as you are served a multitude of amazing blouses on a silver platter.

Dorothy Perkins’ style is very feminine and floral in their printed blouses, but still with a good assortment of basics in full colors, black and white.

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Sweatshirts for tall women

The sweatshirt is a go-to clothing item for both chilling and being active. It’s great on a Sunday morning eating breakfast – but it also serves you well on a run in the park. If you level up your sweatshirt game, it can even serve as a stylish touch on your outfit for work or other occasions.

Below, you’ll find a list of vendors catering for tall women, and with a dedicated section on tall sweatshirts.

If you feel like contributing to the list, feel free to add your favorite sweatshirt for tall women in the comments.

Long Tall Sally

Sweatshirts for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

Sweatshirts for tall women is no problem to find at Long Tall Sally. Although, you might want to look for ‘sweat top’, ‘cosy top’ or ‘sweater’, when scrolling through all the options for sweatshirts.

You’ll often get a measurement of the length, which is torso length. The sleeve length is rarely specified, other than just ‘long’, so look at the height of the model wearing the sweater and estimate whether this size is for you or not.

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Hoodies for tall women

A good hoodie is a friend for life – or at least for many years. Whether you use your tall hoodie for chilling on the couch at home watching Netflix – or you use it as a Rocky Balboa-style jogging companion, you need the thing to fit your tall frame.

The problem is often torso- and sleeve length coming in short. We need those extra inches in both places – and not only that; you also want to be able to choose from a range of designs, not just choose the one that fits.

Below, you’ll find some online stores that sell hoodies for tall women, and who do it in a great way, meaning in high qualities and with serious consideration of the different nature of the tall lady’s body composition.

Long Tall Sally

Hoodies for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

On Long Tall Sally, the hoodies-category is shared with the sweatshirts, but hoodies outnumber the rest. Therefore, it should be pretty straightforward to find a hoodie for tall women that you like and fit.

Under ‘fit, fabric and care’, you’ll see specifications on torso length and sleeve length. Also, the models are often around 5’11” / 180cm, so use that as a guideline for how the hoodie will fit you.

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Dress pants for tall women

Dress pants are those particular styles that go well to a blazer, a shirt or any more formal outfit. Often times, the dress pants are used for work as part of a suit combo, or at special occasions, where you you need to dress up a bit.

For tall women, the dress pants need to be long enough with those extra few inches in the inseam. Mainstream stores normally don’t carry lengths longer than 32″ at best. If you are a 34″, 36″ or even longer than that, you need to find a dedicated store online that specializes in clothes for tall women.

Below, you’ll find some great recommendations on where to start looking for your next dress pants. If you want to zoom out a bit, I recommend checking out the section on pants, where you’ll find dress pants within that category as well.

And as always, feel free to add your own finds in the comments.

Long Tall Sally

Dress Pants for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

Suit trouser or bootcut pant is might they might call it, but the style is the same as dress pants, and the part about tall women is pretty much guaranteed when you talk about Long Tall Sally.

The style is great and the variety is also on point – it’s just about choosing what fit you are going for, slim, straight or loose, and the color you think would match the rest of the outfit – then place an order and see if it works with your long legs.

If it doesn’t they have a very fair return policy, so you don’t run any great risk by ordering something and take a chance on a new brand.

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Ann Taylor

Dress Pants for Tall Women - Ann Taylor

Dress pants is no problem to find on Ann Taylor – the just call it something else, like ‘pant’, for example. You need to scroll through their selection to find those with creases and take a look at the sizing for those individual items.

34 inches inseam can be easily found, which is an inseam you don’t find in regular dress pants stores. This is dedicated line for tall ladies, and you should be able to find a design and size that fits your needs perfectly.

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Simply Tall

Dress Pants for Tall Women - Simply Tall

Simply Tall is a dedicated tall brand that features a lot of different categories within clothing for tall women. They also feature some really nice styles in the category for Pants, where you are able to filter out the ones that look most like dress pants.

They may call them something else like trousers, pull on pants and similar, but they are very likely to be exactly what you are looking for.

Simply Tall is a 100% online store for tall women, so they don’t have a physical store. Order something and feel safe with their good return policies, so you can try something on before making the final decision on whether to keep the new dress pants.

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Dress Pants for Tall Women - Amazon

Here me out here. Amazon is not a dedicated tall shop for women but look at this list of dress pants for tall women, top reviewed and with loads of comments from tall women all over the world, who are super positive about what they receive in the mailbox.

It’s a top 14 list of the most reviewed products within the search for women’s dress pants. Make sure to check out the available size charts to ensure that these dress pants aren’t just for normal height women.

If you go ahead and give one of the dress pants a try, I would love to hear your experiences down in the comment section.

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Shoes for tall women

If you are taller than average, you probably also have shoes that are larger than average. For tall women, it can be a problem to shop for shoes in normal stores, or even online stores, because the sizing stops at a point. And that point is often around size US 8 (EU 41, UK 7.5). If that’s to small for your feet, you’ve come to the right place. Because here is a list of shoes for tall women that you can buy online.

The stores below is a mix of 2 categories. One is mainstream online stores with larger-than-average shoe sizes. Very neet, and probably something you know about already. The other category is dedicated tall shops. By dedicated, I mean that these online stores focus on tall people as their point of departure. They live and breath tall people’s clothing. Meaning, it’s not just a large store that figured they wanted to do a tall line.

Whether you find you new pair of sandals, sneakers, boots or any other type of shoe in the first or second category–well that doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that you know have a place to come back to, when you want new shoes in larger sizes. This is your guide to the big web of shoe stores selling shoes for tall women.

Long Tall Sally

Shoes for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally

Whether you are looking for flats, ankle boots, heels, ballerinas, sandals or trainers in larger sizes, you will find it on Long Tall Sally. They work with US sizes and pretty much start their sizes where normal stores stop; at US 7 and all the way up to US 13 (UK 9-15). Some of the styles also offer wide width options as well.

You’ll both find LTS’s own products as well as known brands like Converse, New Balance, Clarks, Sorel and Birkenstock. It’s just a matter of scrolling through the different sites, use the filters and find your way to a design, you like.

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Cheap tall women’s clothing online

Here’s a list of the best online stores to buy cheap tall women’s clothing from:

  • Old Navy offers very cheap tall women’s clothing online; I’ve seen shirts at $12 dollars and crew necks at $8, and they often have a sale going on, where all their tall women’s clothing drops to even lower prices.
  • Boohoo is also a very cheap option for tall women’s clothing for their discounted options. I see t-shirts at $3 and whole jumpsuits at $8, so definitely something to check out, if it’s at the end for the month and money is short.
  • Asos is the obvious one to list here under cheap tall women’s clothing online, as they have a whole range of clothes priced at below $10. 
  • Topshop offers $10 t-shirts and $12 skirts and dresses, so definitely an option if price matters.
  • New Look is an online store, where I saw a $4 jumper and a $5 t-shirt, so in here, it’s just about starting the scroll in order to find some cheap and great threads for that tall woman with a price sensitive agenda.
  • Next has next-level options for under $10. If you go a bit further up than the tenner, you can get a dress for $14, which seems like a very cheap and reasonable price for the quality.
  • Land’s End is a place to check out, if you still consider prices between $10 and $20 cheap for tall women’s clothing. Their selection is great, so maybe there are some valuable pieces at a discount, if you give them a chance.
  • GAP is great in the ‘cheap tall women’s clothing online’ space, as they have a varied range of apparel priced at below and around $10. Their tall shop is full of tops, shorts, and jumpsuits at that price point.
  • Avenue does a clearance with a lot of options priced at around $10; shirts, tanks, slits and more. Also loads of accessories to pick up on Avenue.

If you know other places with discounts, clearances and sale, please write your tip in the comments.

Congratulations for reaching the end of the list 🙂 As a small gift, I found this cool video with a young woman giving her best tips on how to dress as a tall girl:

After all, we all feel like this – super great human beings in a very small world, right? I saw this picture on Instagram, and had to include it here as well. Like it if you can relate to it.

Tall Women’s Clothing

This list of tall women’s clothing is curated by Tallsome and based on own finds and recommendations from tall women across the web.

I recommend opening up every link on this page to explore each online store and their tall sections – as well as checking out the full list of stores selling Tall Men’s Clothing, if you have a friend, boyfriend, brother, dad or some other tall guy in your life looking for tall clothes.

This Tall Women’s Clothing List is the result of me spending endless hours online searching for clothing for tall people in general.

Even though I am a man, I have gotten a really nice overview of what’s out there – both for you and me.

The above listed online tall stores for tall girls and women are either fully dedicated brands that only do female clothing for the long ones. Or they are regular brands with a tall line of apparel alongside their regular clothing lines.

Dedicated tall brands for women – or just brands with tall sizes?

I myself prefer the dedicated tall shops, but they are fewer in numbers. The specialized stores are of course more attentive to details tall women like, like longer inseams, longer pockets, tall zippers etc, but they are harder to come across and often times only live online.

The regular stores like Asos and Gap do tall lines featuring jeans in 36″ and 38″ inseam, which are alright, but not fully dedicated to cater for tall women’s needs.

They do an amazing job, and they have well fitting items, but you will also come across pieces where you will doubt that they were originally made for tall by tall.

At the end of the day, we the tall have to just welcome all efforts in the direction of making clothes for our tall bodies, and the ‘regular’ stores featuring tall lines are pushing this trend forward – and thank you for that.

How to step up your clothing game as a tall girl

Another video from Brooke, where she takes some time to reflect on how to dress well, being a tall girl. She gives you a few recommended places to shop for clothes for tall girls. And she also has some “tall girl hacks” for how you can improve the looks of the apparel you wear. Whether it comes from a tall shop, or just a regular online store doing tall series.

Give it a view and see if you can take away a few tips on tall girl fashion from Brooke Therese:

Asos Tall: Clothes for Taller Women

Asos Tall for Woman is a new line of clothing that Asos has opened up in recent years. They offer new, fresh designs in sizes that will fit tall men and women across the world. My first reactions were really good, and Asos even invited me over to London in relation to them releasing the new clothing line. It was a great trip and I got to know some of the thoughts behind the new line of clothes – as well as some other “influencers”, I guess, in the tall space.

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Great weekend in London with this group of Tall and Plus guys – invited and hosted by @asos ✌?Keep an eye on @asos_tall ?

Et opslag delt af Tallsome (@tallsomeblog) den

For tall women, Asos offers tall jeans, tall jumpsuits, tall coats, tall trousers and a lot of other tall clothes for the women of height. But even though Asos is based in UK and caters to tall women over there, they ship to all over the world, for free often. If you are looking to shop some tall clothes, Asos is a great place to start.

Does Asos Longline work for Tall Women?

The tall and Longline series are for tall women and men of course, but also works for guys and girls of normal height liking the ‘tall style’ with long clothes. Asos already did the Longline and Super Longline, which is easiest referred to as the ‘Justin Bieber style’ as he loves super baggy and long clothes.

The new dedicated “Tall” line is much better in the sense of making sleeves longer, offering 36″ and 38″ inch inseams, but Asos Tall is on the way, not there yet. As an example, just take a look at this jacket from Asos Tall that I got from Asos – super thankful and I still use it, but I don’t quite understand how these sleeves could be tailored for a tall man like me.

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@asos, this is a 2XL LNG from your #tall series.. What’s up with the sleeves? ?

Et opslag delt af Tallsome (@tallsomeblog) den

Tall Women’s Blogs

As a follow up on all the clothes recommendations, here are some additional blogs to check out, if you didn’t find the stores for tall women, you were looking for in my list. Then, you can get to know some women tall bloggers writing about clothes, confidence and more:

  1. All The Tall Things
  2. Tall Swag
  3. Tall n’ Curly
  4. Style Scrapbook
  5. Natalie Off Duty
  6. Curvy Fashionista
  7. London Tall Girl

Extra: Take a closer look at 3 awesome tall bloggers

If you have a personal favorite place to buy tall women’s clothing, I would love to hear your tips in the comments ⬇️

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  • Anonymous
    June 13, 2016

    Many thanks for sharing! Sharing is caring 🙂

    • Rued
      December 5, 2018

      Sharing IS caring – and if you have any tips or favorite brands offering tall women’s clothing, please let me know here in the comments. I will update this list of clothes for tall women as I get smarter and learn about new stores and webshops catering for our niche. Thanks again.

      • June
        January 4, 2020

        Yessss!! amallitalli.com Is also a good site! Thanks for your amazing list!!! Love checking them all out for post holiday sales for talls!

        • Rued
          January 7, 2020

          Thanks for your comment – appreciate it a lot! Okay, will check it out and add it to the list soon 🙂

  • Rued
    December 5, 2018

    I just took a look at your blog for tall women, and I think it looks great. If you have any favorite places to buy tall women’s clothing, as I suppose you do blogging about this, then feel free to share the shops here in the comments. Would be greatly appreciated, not only by my, but also by other female readers finding their way in here 🙂

    • Merit
      June 26, 2019

      Hi Rued!
      Great blog article! Dress shirt brand Ella Hopfeldt has women’s dress shirts for tall women at ehshirts.com

      • Rued
        October 23, 2019

        Hi Merit,
        Thanks for the heads up – will definitely update the women’s tall shop list before long. Lot’s of new tall stuff out there since the last update.

  • Nicaise Ndoh
    July 16, 2019

    Can we get in touch so I can present you What About Us my Tall clothing brand?

    Hope to read from you ?


    • Rued
      October 23, 2019

      Hey Nicaise,
      Cool stores you have going there – sure, you can write me an email if you want to connect.

  • Cyndi Aler
    December 18, 2019

    It seems to be getting more difficult to find tall clothing! Just a few years ago when I’d start with tall women’s clothing in a search, you’d get real tall clothing, not a lot but REAL tall clothes. Now I type in tall women’s clothing and get routed all over Kingdom Come! Especially Amazon, give me a break I’ve never seen anything on there that will fit my 6’4” body! I’ve gotten things from ASOS , But it’s more for my daughters than myself. I’m not going out to clubs these days! And finding shirts/blouses that will cover my torso….very hard! Some “tall sized” is longer in the arms, but not the torso, having it fit to my longer everywhere proportions is paramount . I appreciate the list because there are several I haven’t seen before and I am ordering a pair of jeans from one today. Wish me luck!

    • Rued
      December 23, 2019

      I do wish you luck – hopefully, you don’t need it 🙂 I think I’ve found a few good go-to places, where you try their different styles out, and then you know what to choose, and how it will fit on you. Then I just stick to a few good places like AmericanTall, Plus2 and 2tall.
      Thanks for comment – hope we’ll see a positive development in the coming years.

    • Jane
      January 20, 2020

      You guys haven’t included http://www.height-of-fashion.com
      This is my favourite store world wide as they’re clothes are actually fashionable and fit perfect. You guys need to add them ASAP. They’re the best Tall Shop.

      • Rued
        January 22, 2020

        Hi Cyndi,

        True – I actually know about this site and have been visiting a few times over the years. Thanks for notifying me about this tall shop for women; I’ll make sure to take a look around and check out the clothes they feature. And of course include it in the list.

  • Katrina Lowry
    January 21, 2020

    I’m only 5’11” and I am so grateful to have found this blog. I plan on checking out a few of these sites for myself.

    • Rued
      January 22, 2020

      Welcome to Tallsome for the first time, then 🙂
      Yeah, please do – and let me know, if you have any feedback on the sites afterwards.

  • Rachel
    February 20, 2020

    Same stores that have been there for years. Ugly homely clothiers. Asos comes close but not long enough sleeves. I’m only 5’10 big sleeves are never long enough. We should be able to pick from the same stores and just choose longer sleeves or legs. It kills me how the tall shops sell mostly short sleeve. I can buy that from anywhere!!! Very few tall women have extra long torsos GET WITH IT DESIGNERS! Include us even if just in special order

    • Rued
      March 2, 2020

      Hi Rachel,
      I agree with you much of the way; it’s not just about the fit, it’s also about the design, fabrics, looks. Do you know of any clothing stores for taller women that I’m missing here? Any great finds you want to share – besides Asos tall?

  • Sue
    March 24, 2020

    Australian small business.
    long jeans, pants and gorgeous maxi dresses

    • Rued
      March 24, 2020

      Great, thanks for sharing that tip. I’ve just taken a look at the website, and it looks very promising. Is this your business, or have you just tried the clothes and like it?
      I’m doing an Australian list in the near future, so I’ll mark this tip from you and use it later.
      Have a great day, and thanks for the comment,

  • melody
    June 10, 2020

    I think it’s an amazing thing to do , there’s a lot to it ! by the way great content keep it up 🙂

    – Melody

    • Rued
      June 16, 2020

      Will do! Thanks for the comment.

  • Sana
    June 16, 2020

    Your give me a lot of information Thanks a lot!

    • Rued
      June 16, 2020

      Great to hear – thanks for commenting 🙂

  • S Cullen
    June 17, 2020

    Thank you so much for this. When I heard Long Tall Sally is shutting, I had no idea where to start looking for alternative shops and this has given me a great start.

    • Rued
      June 18, 2020

      Yes, it’s so sad that such an old brand and established brand in the tall clothing space will soon close its doors. I hope you find something in here that can close part of the gap that Long Tall Sally will leave behind.

  • Mia Khalifa
    September 12, 2020

    I think it’s an amazing thing to do , there’s a lot to it ! by the way great content keep it up !

  • DaniBee
    October 26, 2020

    Lee jeans has two options for Tall ladies – Long (L) 33″ inseam, and Tall (T) 34″ inseam.
    Great jeans and pants, love their Flexmotion line.

    • Rued
      October 26, 2020

      Awesome, thanks for a heads up on that store!

  • Fiona
    January 12, 2021

    Fantastic info, thankyou!! it would be really helpful to know which shops post internationally. I live in New Zealand and it’s often not clear on their websites.

    • Rued
      January 13, 2021

      Thank Fiona,
      Yes, I know this is important, and I’ve tried to do it on some of the lists in here. When I find a moment, I’ll go through the list and add in the shipping details on the different tall shops.

  • Kathy H
    January 13, 2021

    People were looking for bathrobes with zippers. Chadwick has one, but it was out of stock at Christmas time.

  • Nudress
    March 17, 2021

    It is informative blog.It is useful for women.Its beautiful dress.Thank you for sharing this type of post.

  • Stephanie Christmas
    July 16, 2021

    Alloy apparel have amazing maxi dresses for tall women . I’m 6’3” and they are plenty long enough for me

  • Anonymous
    July 16, 2021

    Love this info!

  • Olivia Lane
    October 5, 2021

    This list mentions some fabulous brands for tall women’s clothes. I’m a tall woman and I get my clothes from SeamsFriendly. You should definitely check out their collection. They offer a gorgeous collection of 1700+ Designer Cotton Clothes which can be customized for tall women. If you can’t find your size, you can choose the Custom Size option, and they’ll get your your clothes tailor made to your perfect fit at no extra charge! Check out their versatile collection of . P.S. They are Shipping for Free Worldwide.

  • Nasia
    December 13, 2021

    Where can i get shirts with long sleeves

  • Lauren
    January 14, 2022

    Tall ladies NEED to shop at Elevated Closet, American Tall, Long Tall Sally and Simply Tall! Just because Amalli makes $5 million a year, the 2 stuck up and fake tanned owners of Amalli Talli (Iowa girls that are white are truly pale and we don’t go fake tanning) need to STOP thinking they can afford to lose customers because if it weren’t for us AT WOULD NOT even be in business. How quickly they forget this. Also, it’s weird that for their summer product launches they travel to FL (or elsewhere with palm trees) when Midwest summers are just as humid and hot themselves. But rich/selfish people love wasting money instead of donating to those that TRULY need it. Last year I ordered the heather v-neck tee in orange and 2 of the heather crew neck tees in toffee and white, all in size medium because I go by what the size charts, descriptions and reviews say. Although there’s no reviews on the AT website or their Facebook or Instagram because they don’t want to allow truthful, negative ones like this to be seen by others. Instead of the toffee crew neck tee I wanted the blue v-neck one, but it’s still out of stock. Anyway, all 3 tees were 4 inches too small around the chest and shoulders area. The medium size chest in the sizing chart is listed as 36.5”, and the white and toffee ones were both about 4” small around while the orange tee was about 5”and my shoulders also had NO room. Amalli SHOULD KNOW that taller women generally have less narrow shoulders as someone who’s short does. This difference from the size chart was VERY significant, yet AT had the audacity to ask me for pictures proving this AFTER I had already packaged up them up to send them back. I REALLY love tri-blend slub knit tees so wanted to keep them if they had fit even though for $36 the quality wasn’t great. And NOT put medium size tags on extra smalls. I didn’t exchange them for the larges because I figured they would be way off also so I opted to return. Because AT was mad I returned they REFUSED to refund the $7.50 I spent on shipping the shirts to me (even though this deeply flawed sizing problem was clearly THEIR fault)! Another problem is they don’t have great sales with 15% off being the highest during holidays. Half of the items prices are TO high, so they should have at least 50% off during holidays at minimum. Also, many places require you to spend $50 or sometimes to get free shipping, and Amalli Talli requires you to spend at least $100 which is too much.

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