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Tall Womens clothing can be difficult to find, but if you are looking for clothes for your tall body, then you have come to the right place. Tall women need clothing that is custom made and uniquely fitted. The tall brands listed here are either normal clothing brands with tall lines within their collections. Or it is complete tall brands that cater only for tall women. Feel free to add your favorite place to find tall womens clothing in the comments.
I hope you find something you like!


Asos Tall ShopAsos is also mentioned in the Men’s department above, but Asos actually has a specific line for tall women above 175cm/5’9″. This is one of the those finds that must really excite every tall woman struggling to find clothes. Check out Asos Tall for women here Go to shop

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally ShopIf you’re a ‘beautifully tall’ woman, as Long Tall Sally says, then you have come to the right place. Here, you find an array of well designed tall womens clothing.  Go to shop

Alloy Tall

Alloy Tall ShopHere you can get pretty much every kind of tall womens clothing that you want – and of course in extended lengths. For example, they make pants with inseams at up to 39″. Go to shop


TopShop Tall ShopI got a recommendation for Topshop from a friend of mine, and she said that Topshop was one of her favorite stores with tall womens clothing. They offer a great selection of all kinds of clothes for tall women, so go have a look and find your perfect fit. Go to shop

Boohoo Tall

bohoo tall tall womens clothingStylish clothes for tall women looking for something very reasonably prized and that also looks great. This is close to the style and price of Asos, and the quality of the clothing should be expected to be similar. Go have a look at the dedicated line for tall from Bohoo  Go to shop

New Look

New Look Tall ShopWell-designed and fitted styles for all you tall ladies. They offer tall womens clothing for women 5’9″ (175cm) and up. And their sizes are available in size 8-20. Go see if you like the style and find something that fits you nicely.   Go to shop


Next tall womens clothingWith a punch-line that goes something like ‘Perfectly Proportioned’, Next is designed clothes fitted for tall womens’ frame. They have everything from the basics/essentials to very beautiful dresses and outfits for a night out or dinner party. Go have a look  Go to shop

Boden Tall

Boden tall womens clothingWith a clear emphasis on hassle-free return and 365 to return any item, Boden makes it easy to order a few pieces to try on and send back if they don’t fit perfectly. Boden offers a very diverse selection of tall womens clothing, and they definitely deserve a look  Go to shop


Lands’ End

Land's End Tall Womens clothingA great selection of tall womens clothing – a specific ‘tall’ size range with sweaters, pants, knits, shirts and lots of other good stuff. Also blazers for tall women can be found here – just filter for the Size Range “Tall” and you’ll be good to go.  Go to shop

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor tall womens clothingSuper stylish and modern selection of tall womens clothing. The webshop is beautifully designed, which makes browsing a joy. Ann Taylor has a specific ‘tall’ category with everything a tall woman could ask for. Go check it out  Go to shop

Chic urban clothing for women with long legs – a lot of good stuff for tall women here. This is a rather new webshop that needs support from you, so go check it out here! 🙂  Go to Shop 
Swim Wear for tall girls – believe it or not, it actually exists and thank God for that. The torso on these swimsuits are extended in length so that you girls can fit them better being tall(some) 🙂 .  Go to shop 
To be honest, this selection isn’t the greatest. However, you can get pants and jeans for tall woman, and therefore I chose to include the link, which is for the tall jeans section of the website.  Go to shop 
Bluesuits has a tall womens clothing section, where you can have a custom suit made for you. Yes, this is possible at most taylors, but Bluesuits have specialized in the area and therefore they know everything about cut and fit for tall women.  Go to shop 
Another dedicated store that has more than a few styles. Blazers, jeans, pants, skirts and more with longer arms, rise, torso and inseam for the tall woman above 5’7″.  Go to shop 
Talltique is, as the name implies, fully dedicated to the tall. Tall womens clothing is what Talltique offers and you can find a wide selection of fitted tall clothing here. Long legs? Talltique offers jeans up to 41″ inseam.   Go to shop 
Express makes well-designed clothing for both men and women. They now offer tall-sized jeans and more for taller women.  Go to shop 
Very interesting concept! eShakti lets you choose the clothing you like and want, and then they customize it for your body type. When you choose something you like, you get to select your e.g. your height, your neck line and other body features as well.   Go to shop 
Gap was also mentioned above in the men’s section, and they too offer tall clothing for long-legged women. They have a dedicated Tall-section, which the ‘Go to shop’-link takes you directly to. Gap is mostly about basics but they also have more designed stuff, so take a look around in there.  Go to shop 
Yes, that’s what you are, and here is someone who aknowledges it. We at Tallsome just love these dedicated shops who specifically concentrate on offering the best for tall people – in this case for tall women. Take a look around and find something that fits you perfectly.  Go to shop 
Super Model is what Hudson calls their tall section, which is very flattering. Long inseams combined with well-designed is what they aim for. So if you have long model legs then here is the place to take a tour. Take a look and see if there is something for you.  Go to shop 
As the name says, this shop offers pants, jackets, tunics and more in an array of happy colors. All things are homemade by Christiane in Berlin. Take a look at the beautiful pants to start of with Go to shop 


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