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Tall Women: Susi from Groessenwahn Blog

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[heading_entrance title=”” text=”I would like to talk to more tall women and hear what they think about being tall. I’m a guy, so I’ve mainly focused on tall men’s stuff, but now I got to talk to Susi who had some interesting things to say about life as a tall woman, so here goes.” custom_class=””][/heading_entrance]


Tallsome: A bit of basics; what is your name, what are you doing and how tall are you?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: Hey there! My name is Susi, I work as a journalist & fashion stylist in Ingolstadt, a city near Munich, Germany. I’m also a tall fashion blogger on – and I am 1,86m- or 6.2 feet – tall.


Tallsome: All in all, do you like to be tall, or do you find it challenging more than rewarding?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: Nowadays, I can finally say: I LOVE IT! Come on, its me! A blonde bombshell with looooong legs- what more can u ask for? ;P Ok, lets be serious: when I was about 15 years old, being tall sucked. A LOT! I was taller than the girls AND the boys – AND the teachers. But then I discovered that being different can be very useful. That it is a gift. I tried to make my height my friend, not my enemy- and focused on the positive sides of being a longleggy girl! I get noticed everywhere I go, I can reach almost everything, I am not that easily intimidated by others and so on.


Tallsome: In what kinds of situations is your height something that you think about and are aware of?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: I think about it, like most tall women do, when it comes to flirting or relationships. I had smaller partners and taller ones- and if you really like someone, size doesn’t matter. But at flirting, its about the outside and what you see- and then I feel more attracted to the taller ones, I must admit. And of course, when I go shopping- now I know where to shop, but in my early twenties, I hated buying trousers or Jackets because nothing suit me.

Tallsome's Tall Shops for Women


Tallsome: Where have you found your best clothes for tall? And what is the latest item you’ve added to your wardrobe?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: I love Asos TALL, ONLY TALL & Long Tall Sally. But I think that fashion nowadays is so free like never before. You can combine whatever you want- as long as you wear it with pride. My last item.. hmmmm. I bought 2 dresses- but not special TALL clothes- just normal dresses from H&M with some graphic pattern on it. You remind me that I haven’t even worn them yet ;D


Tallsome: What’s your best advice to young, tall people who may be insecure about their height and are yet to realize the advantages and joys of being tall?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: I would ask a few questions: „Tell me, why life would be any better with a few cm less? Would you have more friends? Would you have a better relationship? Would you really look better? I tell you: nothing would change. You are a beautiful young lady or gentleman with a special effect; Your height. Which most of small people desire and they would kill for a few cm more. Love yourself! Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken. Nobody in the whole wide World looks like you! You are unique. Please appreciate that. Let them talk, let them look. You are perfect!“


Tallsome: Can you think of a situation in which your height was an advantage to you?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: Not really a special one. I only see the positive sides: I get noticed easily. In a shop, in a discotheque, at work. Nobody will push me aside, because I am tall and very present. I am taken seriously. At a concert, I can see anything. I can eat a lot more than smaller friends and nobody will see if I gain 1 oder 2 kilos more. I don’t know- its the whole package. AND: whithout my height, I wouldn’t be a tallblogger. It’s my special effect- and I turned it from a dislike to a big like!


Tallsome: What are the funniest/weirdest things people have said to you when commenting on your height?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: How’s the weather up there? Do you play basketball? How tall are your parents? Have you been this tall since forever? How tall is your boyfriend? Do you play volleyball? Are you a model? Blablabla- I think its always the same.
BUT Since I have changed my view on being a tall woman, the World around me changed as well. I love it- they are fine with it. It’s all about how YOU handle it.


Tallsome: Thank you so much for talking to me – Where can people learn more about you?


Tall Women: Susi ProfileSusi: – my blog with fashion tips, tall style icons, personal stories and much more – come and join the tall girls 🙂

Thanks a lot!

5 Responses
  • Beth @ TallFashionAdventures
    December 28, 2015

    Great write-up! Susi is so fabulous and I love the positive vibe she exudes.

    • James Roessler
      February 4, 2016

      How do you post a blog? I am Jim, 59 and 5’11” in height, and I am attracted to women who are my height or taller.. and I would love to find such a woman.
      I live in Dover Tennessee. I like swimming singing, bicycle and motorcycle riding. I can be contacted at

      • Rued
        March 7, 2016

        Hey James,
        Well posting blogs is primarily something that I do, but you are welcome to write a piece and I can take a look at it. I know there is a lot of tall dating going on if you Google that term – check it out 🙂

  • flaig
    October 24, 2016

    FF ist immer noch aktv

  • flaig alfred
    October 24, 2016

    ff isi mmer noch aktiv.
    den name ist inzwischen bührer
    gruß ff wie du inzwiscn heißt

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