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Tall People’s Clothing 2.0 – where is the industry heading?

A big thank you to all the shops selling clothing for tall people. In the recent years, I have seen many great new shops that cater especially for tall people. That means a better selection for us tall, so we get to choose among a growing selection of tall people’s clothing.


However, I want to say that we are moving towards a new phase – Tall People’s Clothing 2.0!

Tallsome like finger

Tall People’s Clothing 2.0 ?!

What I mean by this is that many tall brands focus on the extra size, because that is what tall people are desperately needing.


Added size alone is not enough anymore. I don’t want to comprimize any more when shopping for tall tees, pants with added length or other longline clothing.


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I am asking all of the tall brands to aknowledge what they probably already know. That tall people or so much more than just tall. And that we are all different despite our commonalities regarding height.


Tall people are as diverse as everyone else, and we therefore need to be able to shop for different kinds of tall clothing. Tall shops have gotten the first traction – read Tallsome interviews–  and they now know that there is a market for tall clothing – and a growing one as well.


“What do you want us to do?”

You tall shops must design different styles in tall sizes, letting us choose not only the category of tall clothing, but also choose style, fit and design within the category of tall clothing.


The time is over when I compromized and bought clothing just because it fitted me, disregarding the fact that I didn’t really like the look of it. Thanks to all the great tall shops I now get more and more to choose from, but we still have a long way to go.


solongsven couple

So Long Sven

I had a good talk with the founders of So Long Sven – a small Swedish startup selling tall tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and soon more. They told me, that they were planning on going a more coloful, floral and interesting way with their tall clothing.


This made me very happy – and this is what other tall brands have to work towards as well. The square pants, the baggy but extra long t-shirts and the boring shirts are not enough anymore.

six8 clothing

Add some design to those sizes, please.


Asos Super Longline

A good example, well an example, is Asos Super Longline. This isn’t reeeally for tall people – it’s more of a style, but I’m still sporting a lot of their stuff. They dare to design and give the apparel some real flavor. Hip zippers, colars, buttons, pockets and textured fabrics – I love all that stuff!

super longline shirtSuper longline hoodie


Even though I mostly wear black clothing, simply because I like the simplicity and looks of it, I like to spice the dark look up with a little bit of detailing. And Asos Super Longline is great for that.



Plus 2 Clothing

Plus 2 Clothing is another example of a brand that caters for tall people and the needs we have, but at the same time target skaters expecially in Australia. They have the guts to design their clothing as well, and I love it!

golden zipper on drop tail tall teegrabbing tall teeIMG_1453.JPG


They do dropped tail tall tees, hip zippers, sleeveless hoodies and mcuh more. I like the snapback as well and hope to get my hands on a black on black soon.

Black on Black Plus 2 Clothing


The longer length is great, but it is not enough. Tall sizes have to be designed for different kinds of people, just like normal clothing. Tall people may be a niche to sell to, but the whole niche doesn’t wanna wear the same kind of clothing.

Tall army

Be bold, be creative and give us tall something to choose from. Have the ambition and courage to give your clothing some detailing and design. I know that’s what I want, at least.


This is my personal opinion on hopes for where the tall clothing industry should go. I’d LOVE to hear what you think. Throw a couple of words down below in the comments.


What kind of tall clothing do you wish to see in the future?

2 Responses
  • Sara
    June 5, 2015

    I loved this post – it’s so relevant for both men and women. Women’s tall fashion in the UK is doing pretty well, we have a few stores with tall lines and speciality tall stores too but I’d welcome more variety in the styles and fit of tall clothing. Tall swimwear and tall pyjamas are my biggest struggle (and yes, Long Tall Sally stock both but you have to pay more for them than you would in other stores).

    Loving your blog!
    Sara x

  • Joana
    December 14, 2015

    It’s like you’re reading my mind! I’ve also noticed that tall people fashion focuses only on our height as if we’re a different species, devoid of other human characteristics! I think this is especially the case with girls’ clothes.
    Just the other day I went to a tallshop with my friends (two of them are tall too – 6ft 6) and all the shirts, even pants and blouses were too plain and somehow shapeless.
    Just like you, I feel as though we should be happy just because there’s a size for us!
    I’m unhappy with at least 50% of my outfit, and the worst part is I’m really picky with clothes and I don’t really like the stuff they make for tall people. I wish they stopped treating us as shapeless giants and simply created the same clothes that they make for shorter people just proportionally larger!
    Sometimes I really do find what I like, but most of the time the clothes are just too plain.

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