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It’s hard to find tall men’s sweatpants.

Either they just aren’t there in 36+ inches inseam.

Or you just don’t like the designs that are out there.


It is possible to find a pair of great sweatpants, lounge pants, athletics – you name it.

On the sites, I’ve listed below, you get to reap the fruit of hours of research and reviews.

This list features my 8 favorite sweatpants for tall men – with details on sizing, pricing and style.

Skim, click and explore away!

American Tall

Tall Men's Sweatpants from American Tall

 36″/38″/40″ inseam

 $58 for a pair of sweatpants

 Free shipping ($50)

Why we recommend: American Tall is an all-time favourite here on Tallsome. My american readers are pulling tall clothes down from American Tall’s shelves like there was no tomorrow.
In terms of sweatpants, the story continues, as the selection here is greater than average, at prices that are very reasonable.

You choose freely between the tapered fits, where the sweatpants follow the shape of the leg more, and narrows in at the angle. Or the relaxed fit, where you get some more wiggle room, if you are going to use them for a lazy Sunday at home. Colors center around black, white, grey and a few subtle reds and greens. And in terms of sizing, American Tall’s got you covered, whether you are just Tall, or Extra Tall, as they put it.

The size chart tells us that choosing a Tall size will give you and inseam of 34-37 inches. Choosing the Extra Tall gives you a leg length of 38-40 inches inseam. Find your favourite style and buy a pair of sweatpants with free shipping and returns, if you’re from the US.

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Under Armour

Tall Men's Sweatpants from Under Armour

 TALL sizes (LT, XLT etc.)

 $55 – $65

 Free shipping + returns ($60+)

Why we recommend: A sweet mom looking for a gift asked me “where can I find these Under Armour style sweatpants for my tall son?”, and my answer was pretty simple; At UnderArmour.com. For instance, if looking for sweatpants in 36″ inseam, Under Armour has a dusin styles to choose from – however, they don’t list their sizes as 36 inches inseam.

For sweatpants in my size, I’d need to choose a LGT or Large Tall. Toggling from Regular to Tall adds 2 inches to the inseam of the sweatpants. Under Armours sweatpants are a bit higher quality than Asos’, and the price also follows that tendency. So if you are willing to pay a premium for great quality, a good fit and the possibility to those precious 2 extra inches to the leg length, then Under Armour is definitely a place to buy sweatpants.

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Tall Men's Sweatpants from Nike

  TALL sizes (35″ inseam)

$30 – $120

 US Free Shipping ($150+) + Returns

Why we recommend: I love Nike, and these sweatpants don’t disappoint. From the tightest running pants to the most relaxed lounge pants, Nike’s got you covered in terms of sweatpants for tall guys. Yes, this category is both for the “Big & Tall”, but they do have dedicated tall-sizes like “XL Tall”.

Using XL Tall as example, the size chart says that it would give me an inseam length of 35 inches. So be carefull, if you’re on the longer end of 36″ – these sweatpants might be an inch too short. If you are between 34″ and 36″, well – Nike’s sweatpants are the perfect match for you.

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Tall Men's Sweatpants from Asos Tall

 36″ – 38″ inseam

 $26 – $69

 Free shipping ($50+) + Free Returns

Why we recommend: The Tall range from Asos, which has been made for those who are 5’9″/1.75m and over, also feature tall men’s sweatpants with longer inseam, probably around 36″.
Why probably? It’s hard to get a clear answer to how much the e.g. XL Long is longer than normal XL. But having tried Asos Tall in XL Long, I’d say it’s about 36″ inseam for the sweatpants.
Here’s the whole category for you to browse through; find a style you like and favourite it. Go through your favourites and check the size selection for that magical 36″ inseam – or Long as they call it here. If you find a Size Chart where Asos tells us how much Long is actually longer than normal sizes, then feel very free to let me know in the comments.

I like the sweatpants from Asos because they have a modern feel to them in the way they are designed. Asos is generally good at adding a little extra to their styles – going beyond the basics in terms of materials and colors. Most of these sweatpants will both work for a day at home on the couch as well as a day out and about – as opposed to more dull sweatpants that you wouldn’t want to wear in public.
Size wise, you can get them in both 36″ inseam and 38″ inseam, so for me at 6’8″, they are more than long enough for my long legs.

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Tall Men's Sweatpants from Amazon

 Up to 36″ inseam

  $9 – $60

  Often free shipping + returns (EU $4.99)

Why we recommend: Amazon really is the everything-store. They also carry men’s big and tall athletic sweatpants in good sizes, and at good prices. Don’t get scared off by the strong colors and at times odd fit that some of these have. The gold is in there, if you spend a minute on finding a style you like.

These bestselling sweatpants are a good example of an awesome tall-product at an amazing price.

In terms of sizing, there’s a guy wearing 36″ inseam normally, who ordered the Large and it fit just right. So about the fact that it doesn’t say 36 inseam anywhere – give them a try if you normally wear up to 36 inches inseam. If you have longer legs than that, these ones are probably not your perfect match.

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Tall Men's Sweatpants from 2TALL

 36″ + 38″ inseam

 £40 – £50

 Free shipping (UK) / $15 (US)

Why we recommend: If you’re from the UK, I recommend taking a look at the sweatpants from 2Tall.com. They offer both plain colors, camouflage and sweat shorts, if you’re looking for something like that.

My favourite tall men’s sweatpants are from 2Tall, and I chose the 36 inches inseam option. If you need them longer than that, 2Tall also offers a 38″ option. So no excuses here either – find a pair you like and place that order to get your hands of a new best friend.

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Tall Men's Sweatpants from Kingsize

 Tall sizes (6’2″+)

  $15 – $90

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: The tall men’s sweatpants from Kingsize are very traditional, relaxed and in plain colors. If you’re a dad or granddad, these ones are for you. Cheap options as well as popular brands are on their shelves, with prices ranging from 20 to 90 USD.

Sizes are a bit hard to wrap your head around – not so easily understood as e.g. American Tall. In the Size Chart, the message from Kingsize is: “You should order Tall if you are 6’2” or taller.”

So you should probably order the Tall sizes, and aim for your hip measurements and hope for the best in terms of inseam length.

As you might be able to hear, I haven’t tried Kingsize myself, but I wanted to feature them here, so you had the chance to check them out at least.

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Tall Men's Sweatpants from Zappos

 Tall sizes (6’2″+)

  $35 – $55

  Free Shipping + Returns

Why we recommend: Although not dedicated to the tall, or featuring a dedicated category for tall men’s sweatpants, Zappos still offers one of the biggest selections of sweatpants – and some of them fit us tall perfectly.

I’ve selected a few ones here, you can check out if you want to get yours from Zappos.

First ones are from Nike, Nike Big & Tall Dry Fleece Pants 3QT Hyper Dry, and you can get them in Medium Tall, Large Tall, XL Tall etc. They’re designed to not reach your ankles fully, only to around your shins. This also makes it easier for us tall to buy – when it’s not our fault, but the designers, that these sweatpants are “too short”.

The second one I want to recommend is from Adidas, Adidas Big & Tall Essentials 3-Stripe Tricot Pant Tapered, which are also found in LT, XLT, and so on – real Tall-sizes for our extra-long limbs.

These are incorrectly labeled as “31 inseam”, which isn’t true. Read the comments, and you’ll see that people normally wearing 36″ inseam have bought these and love them.

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Icebox (great finds from the Tallsome community)

  1. Lulu Lemon
    Yes, these sweatpants are quite costly, but people say it’s some of the best, ever. The standard inseam is 34″, but – their ‘tall inseam’ option is 37″, which is long enough for my 6’8″ body, for sure.

Tips for Choosing Tall Men’s Sweatpants

Sweatpants are great for a lazy day – or if they are well designed, for a chill walk outside (get inspiration for how to combine jogger-looks to make it work). But they are often too short for us, the tall, and that used to be a problem.

Well, not anymore. Cause you just saw the above list of sweatpants for tall men in 36 inches inseam, or thereabouts. Some are a bit shorter like the Nike’s (around 35″), and luckily, the majority are a bit longer, from 36″ and up to 38″ or even 40″ inseam.

Sweatpants have a boring name, they are often associated with a bad, sloppy look..


It doesn’t have to be like that, if you just follow a few basic tips on what to look for in a pair of sweatpants.

These three tips can serve as guidance when scrolling through the selections, I’ve shown you above:

  1. Go for a tapered look – meaning a fit that follows the natural shape of a (your) leg. Often times, tapered sweatpants look more modern and stylish, as someone has put some effort into working on the fit. Tapered sweatpants are often broader around the thigh and narrower around the calves, sometimes ending in an elastic band just before your ankles.
  2. Go for the more expensive options. Sorry to say, but sometimes paying a bit more comes back tenfold, when you receive your package with your new long joggers. As a matter of fact, high quality fabrics last longer and maintain their fit after many washes. Cheaper options lose their color and fit within the first couple of washes – and then they lose their look.
  3. Order from a few different shops and brands – and be ready to return the majority. Even with this list here on Tallsome, it’s hard to find the perfect sweatpants for tall men. You need to take a chance and order a few different options – then see which ones are true to size in relation to your specific body.

Good luck with ordering your first, or maybe an additional, pair of sweatpants for tall men. I’ve done my very best to present you with a list of my favorites like I did with long jeans and long pants for tall men as well. Now it’s your turn to pick out your favorite tall shop and give it a go.

Joggers for tall skinny guys

Joggers, or sweatpants, whatever you call them – they are most likely not in anything above 34″ inseam in the normal clothing stores.

That’s why we have to go online to find clothing stores that feature joggers for tall skinny guys.

I know for a fact that great joggers can be found – also with legs as long as 40″ – so it’s a matter of going through this list and finding a place to try out.

My favorites are from 2tall.com – hands down. The training joggers from 2tall are tapered, great quality.. and long. I chose 38″ inseam, but I’d say they are even longer.

Joggers for jogging are different from joggers for chilling. For active use, go for fabrics with something else in them than just cotton.

The ones from 2tall consist of 60% Cotton/35% Polyester/5% Elastane, which is a great combination for transporting sweat and heat.

Check them out, and you won’t regret it.

Sweatpants, joggers, athletic pants

Whatever you call them, they are pretty much the same thing; a comfortable piece of clothing for your legs. But there are differences:

  • Joggers: Joggers, or jogger pants, are semi-relaxed, semi-active pants. They are often made of cotton and can have either a tapered fit that follows the leg. Or they can have a more relaxed jogger fit, where the leg design is regular, loose or straight.
  • Athletic pants: Athletic pants are the more sporty choice. They are also called tights, running tights or athletics, and tend to have a fit closer to the leg. This makes them great to wear during sports, like running, working out, etc. Material tends to be polyester and spandex, in order to distribute the sweat better and keep you dry.
  • Classic Sweat Pants: Although it sounds like you’re supposed to sweat in these, the classic sweatpant is mostly used to relax in at home or on a day off. The fit is loose and the fabric is soft. Some may associate the classic sweatpant with grey colors, straight legs and lower prices. In the list above, there are plenty of options to choose from in this category.

Clothes for Tall Men

This list of the best sweatpants for tall men is curated by Tallsome and based on personal favorites. I urge you to browse through the above stores offering tall men’s sweatpants – as well as the full list of stores selling Tall Men’s Clothing.

Complete List: Tall Men's Clothing

Now it’s your turn

So that’s where I buy my sweatpants in 36 inseam.

Now I want to turn it over to you: Which brand do you buy long sweatpants from?

Have you tried any of the above? Or am I missing your all-time favorite in my list?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

16 Responses
  • William Mccloud
    March 29, 2020

    Great work, good list of stores selling tall men’s sweatpants – I’ve tried a few of the brands and am pretty satisfied with quality and style overall. Looking forward to seeing more tall men’s clothing recommendations from you. All the best.

    • Rued
      December 8, 2020

      Thanks William – happy to hear you found value in here.
      Let me know if you’ve found any favorites.

  • Flip Epic
    April 25, 2020

    thanks a lot for giving such valuable store info. My elder bro is a tall skinny man who is tired of searching joggers and sweatpants in his size. he’s also a little jealous of my joggers. I’m gonna show your blog to him. He’ll surely bookmark your page.

    • Rued
      May 5, 2020

      Awesome, thanks for the praice. Hope you found something cool in here 🙂

  • Dk
    November 21, 2020

    Thanks so much for this website. As a mom of a tall, athletic, but thin son, I understand the challenges of finding clothes that fit tall men that are not “big and tall”. I have shopped at Gap and Old Navy at old navy.gap.com for knock around clothes for college.
    If you need rugged clothing or coats in tall sizes, try LLbean.com, Landsend.com,
    Campmor.com and Macy’s.com. ( some these sites also have pj’s, pants, shirts….in tall sizes).
    If you need a young,very slim fit in a dress shirt, I suggest buying the Marquis brand in slim fit on Amazon. They have some stretch, wash well, need little ironing and are affordable and come in 36-37”sleeve length.
    I also sometimes get lucky finding tall sizes in TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory, and Century 21 stores.
    Hope this helps.

  • Dk
    November 21, 2020

    Thanks so much for this website. As a mom of a tall, athletic, but thin son, I understand the challenges of finding clothes that fit tall men that are not “big and tall”. I have shopped at Gap and Old Navy at old navy.gap.com for knock around clothes for college.
    If you need rugged clothing or coats in tall sizes, try LLbean.com, Landsend.com,
    Campmor.com and Macy’s.com. ( some these sites also have pj’s, pants, shirts….in tall sizes).
    If you need a young,very slim fit in a dress shirt, I suggest buying the Marquis brand in slim fit on Amazon. They have some stretch, wash well, need little ironing and are affordable and come in 36-37”sleeve length.
    I also sometimes get lucky finding tall sizes in TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory, and Century 21 stores.
    Hope this helps.

    • Rued
      December 8, 2020

      Awesome, thanks for the tall joggers tips – I’ll have to check those out as well.
      As well as the other tips on e.g. slim fit dress shirts. Very useful.

  • Jennifer
    November 29, 2020

    Great Info and very much appreciated! My step-dad is 64 yrs old, 6’5” with a 37” Inseam. Very hard to shop for. This list has helped me.
    Thank you!

    • Rued
      December 8, 2020

      So great to hear – thanks for commenting. I’ve tried to find some great options for tall sweatpants, although I know it’s now exhaustive. But hopefully it helps you along a path to success with sweatpants 🙂
      Take care,

  • Beth M.
    January 18, 2021

    Great write-up! I shared it with a lady who was asking for jogget tips for her very tall but also very slim teenage son

    • Rued Riis
      January 18, 2021

      Thanks Beth – you’re the best. Glad you liked it and recommended it to others. I hear that a lot; moms who are looking for tall clothing, not just sweatpants or joggers, for their tall and skinny sons 🙂

  • Leah Lagg
    January 24, 2021

    I am a 6′ tall woman looking for the same thing. I became so desperate for something other than the tall Yoga pants , that are sometimes “available ” in my size. I am feminine and want to dress feminine. So here I am looking for the “least masculine/most feminine ” mens sweat pants. Thank You for such a long & thorough list..YOU ROCK!

    • Rued Riis
      January 25, 2021

      I think American Tall offers a really good option, then. They are rather neutral but made for women. Go check them out – there’s a link and coupon code in the side bar to the right 🙂

  • Huw Jones
    February 11, 2021

    I need polyester jogging pants for my son who is 6′ 4″.Can you advise please?

  • Anonymous
    November 7, 2021

    Thank you SO much!!

  • Stan Mascibroda
    January 20, 2022

    Ordered 4 pairs Fleece Elastic Cuff Sweatpants from KingSize. Estimated delivery date 31-JAN. Hopeful on the length as I am 6’2″ with 36″ inseam so hoping they’re long but not too long. Will advise after arrival.

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