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Tall men’s jackets.

Not the easiest to find online.


Because a jacket is a real investment, and you want the fit to be just right.

And a jacket is supposed to last for long, so the design has to suit you too.


I’ve gathered a list of jackets for tall men, for you to get started on the research process.

Variety is key, but I’ve tried to narrow it down to the brands I like the best being 6’8″ myself.

Below, you’ll find the 16 best brands with jackets for tall men – with guidance on sizing, prizing range and shipping details.

Let’s dive right in!

American Tall

Tall Men's Jackets - American Tall

Why I recommend

American Tall is a dedicated tall brand, you need to know about if you are within their target group of tall men between 6’3″ and 7’1″. I’ve enjoyed a lot of promotional clothing for them, and their jackets are no exception from the high quality, American Tall is known for. Their section on tall men’s jackets feature bomber jackets, blazers, denim jackets, puffer jackets and more. A small, but ever expanding selection from a brand that lives and breaths a vision of making great clothes for the tall and thin man.

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Eddie Bauer

Tall Men's Jackets - Eddie Bauer

Why I recommend

This is one of those finds, you want to bookmark in your browser. In the tall men’s jackets category Eddie Bauer is one of the very best. Just see some of the reviews, e.g. on the Mainstay 2.0 Insulated Trench; people are raging about the quality and fit. Choose the ‘tall’ version, and these tall jackets will fit you perfectly, if you are between 6’2″ and 6’5″. Unfortunately, Eddie Bauer is only shipping to U.S. and Canada right now, but they are looking into a new, better international shipping solution later in 2020.

Old Navy

Tall Men's Jackets - Old Navy

Why I recommend

Old Navy is a great player within the tall-space, and I’ve listed them several times on this blog. To my great surprise, they also do an amazing job when it comes to jackets for the taller guys out there. Everything from denim jackets, blazers, soft-shell jackets, rain jackets, bomber jackets, pea-coats and running jackets are among the available options. And with a price point significantly lower than e.g. Columbia, Old Navy is a must-know for all tall men looking for a new jacket.

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Tall Men's Jackets - Debenhamn's

Why I recommend

Debenham’s is a funny case, as they list all their stuff under one ‘Big & Tall’ category, where you can’t filter on just ‘tall’ – however, you can just choose the smaller sizes like L and XL, if you want to see the tall men’s jackets that aren’t plus sized in terms of width. Debenham’s carries tall jackets in styles like parkas, overcoats, winter coats, bomber jackets – and even a ski jacket.

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Tall Men's Jackets - Carhartt

Why I recommend

I’ve loved Carhartt since the days in my childhood, where I walked over to the skate park, skate board in hand, Carhartt hoodie on my body keeping me warm and safe. Because these jackets are durable like no other – no surprise, they call it work wear. Carhartt features a nice big and tall section, where you choose the tall-size on the individual items. There are some real classic tall men’s jackets in there; Sandstone Traditional Coat, Duck Coat and the Shoreline Jacket.


Tall Men's Jackets - Columbia

Why I recommend

Columbia has so many tall jackets divided into categories like winter, ski, fishing, casual, hiking and travel. Also wonderful to have a distinction in the filters, where you can choose either Big or Tall. Columbia made it to this list because of this variety, combined with the great quality that Columbia always stands for.

L.L. Bean

Tall Men's Jackets - Land's End

Why I recommend

L.L. Bean offers both the softer, lighter jackets, but also a great selection of heavier, more sturdy jackets for the winter seasons or outdoor life, where wind and cold is real. I love the outerwear section that L.L. Bean present here, but make sure to also check out what they have in store in the sweaters, sweatshirts and fleece category, as well as the active clothing department.

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Tall Men's Jackets - Nordstrom

Why I recommend

Nordstrom presents some really awesome jackets for tall men in here, in their Nordstrom Rack section. Up top are the more subtle designs of anoraks, quilted jackets and bomber jackets, whereas if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll encounter leather jackets, windbreakers and rain jackets in amazing designs. Nordstrom Rack are resellers of others brands, but they’ve managed to assemble some really good ones that may also serve as inspiration for further research. Who knows, you might find a new favorite tall jacket in here.

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The North Face

Tall Men's Jackets - North Face

Why I recommend

North Face is high quality, and the price of these awesome jackets is therefore also a bit higher than some of the other brands with tall jackets listed here. The selection is also limited, but they do have some models in dedicated tall-sizes; such as the almost magical thermoball eco jacket that you can fold and compress into a small pillow. And the world famous Arrowood Triclimate, easily fitting tall men at 6′” and up.

Bad Rhino

Tall Men's Jackets - Bad Rhino

Why I recommend

Bad Rhino is one of the highest rated Big and Tall brands according to a crowd-sourced ranking website called Ranker. Personally, I haven’t tried their jackets yet, but I love the selection, designs and ability to distinguish between what’s big and what’s tall – although their Big selection is better. You’ll find a nice range of tall men’s jackets, specifically parka coats, puffer jackets, quilted jackets, suede jackets and loads of sporty jackets for the track.

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Tall Men's Jackets - Kohl's

Why I recommend

Kohl’s offers lots of jackets for tall men, including dedicated sections for rain jackets, leather jackets, fleece jackets and soft shell jackets. Depends on the model, but they do have ‘long’ and ‘tall’ sizes for many of the tall men’s jackets in there. If you aren’t big, just use the ‘Size range’ filter and select ‘tall’. Leaves you with just a few jackets, but all you need is one, right?

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Tall Men's Jackets - Levi's

Why I recommend

Levi’s has done a great job in recent years around developing versions of their beloved styles in Big & Tall versions. There are more big than tall styles in there, but the famous trucker jacket is there in tall-size, and that’s the only style I needed to list Levi’s right here. I love denim jackets and Levi’s has created the one that many probably refer to as the original.

Destination XL

Tall Men's Jackets - DXL

Why I recommend

Destination XL, or DXL, is a fantastic reseller of tall men’s jackets if you are 6′ or taller. Though if you are very thin, you might not find anything. As the name indicates, the sizes go from XL and up. For me at 6’8″ and 230 pounds, I’m loving all their coats, overcoats, rain jackets, fleeces, denim jackets, vests and more.

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Tall Men's Jackets - 2tall

Why I recommend

2tall is a UK based tall shop, dedicated to making their own as well as selling others tall clothing for men. They have a great selection of tall men’s jackets; summer jackets, winter jackets, parkas, lightweight jackets, quilted, track tops, cycling jackets, hooded jackets, overcoats, ski jackets and more. I think what 2tall is really good at is gathering brands from all over the world, so they are able to also offer niche categories within tall jackets, such as active wear and outdoor jackets for tall men. They just updated their world-wide shipping, so the rates are now lower than ever – $10 is standard delivery to United States.

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Johnny Bigg

Tall Men's Jackets - Johnny Bigg

Why I recommend

A fully dedicated Big & Tall brand founded back in 2014, when this Tallsome-blog was founded as well. If you are around 6’2″, you’ll enjoy this great selection of mac coats, windbreakers, wool coats trench coast and more. Johnny Bigg is from Australia, so Aussies and New Zealanders enjoy the best shipping rates – although they do ship worldwide for a flat rate of $35.

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Tall Men's Jackets - Hirmer

Why I recommend

Hirmer is a German brand that does an amazing job at catering for tall men in general, and also have a nice selection of tall men’s jackets; field jackets, parka coats, wool jackets, leather jackets and many more. This is a particularly good find for Europeans, as the shipping costs to the United States are something to consider ($52).

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Extra ‘tall jacket’ brands, I’m keeping an eye on

I don’t have personal experience with all the brands listed here, but I recommend from a place of “extra informed and up to date” than the average tall guy. Why? Because I’ve been running this blog for tall since 2014, and I get emails every day from tall brands wanting me to promote, mention or just look into their products.

I always take the time to read and reply, but I cannot go through, review or recommend all of them. The list below is some of the creators of jackets for tall men that I didn’t get around to analyze in depth. In time, I hope to be able to provide a comprehensive review of each and every tall men’s jacket out there.

Until then, I have to just give you the “bubbles” in a list – for you to check out by yourself. Please share your experience in the comments, if you have more knowledge about these brands than I do. Sharing is caring, and people read the comments, so you also help a fellow tall guy by sharing what you know.

Best Jackets for Tall Men

The very best brands making jackets for tall guys like you and me are the ones that are dedicated tall brands. In my experience, they put in a more passionate effort in making these jackets just right in terms of fit and looks. The mainstream brands that have sections with plus sized clothing like jackets with extra length in torso and sleeves are just not as good – although they can be just fine and fit you perfectly.

Here’s an infographic over the best jackets for tall men with 8 of the brands listed above, presented in a simple and easily-digestible way. Feel free to share with a friend.

The Best Jackets for Tall Men Infographic

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of trial and error, if you want to find that jacket that is made for your long limbs. The visitors here on this site is a good mix of tall and thin men, as well as the big and tall. Therefore, it’s difficult to make a list of tall men’s jackets that cater for one or the other.

My recommendation is to go through the above leads, take a chance by ordering a jacket according to the size charts and your measurements – and then try it on at home. If it turns out that it doesn’t fit you perfectly, you just return it in the same packaging, you received it in. Many brands even include a return slip, where the cost of returning the tall jacket is already paid for.

I know that this is not the most convenient way to find the perfect jacket, but if you want to enjoy the much greater selection online than what you find in physical stores, this risk and inconvenience of returning the first couple of coats is one that you have to deal with.

If you do find an amazing tall jacket that fits you perfectly, you are more than welcome to share your experience, the exact product and your mini-review in the comments below.

Looking for something else than tall men’s jackets?

Tallsome is a blog about apparel for the tall, and I’ve spend a great amount of time going through websites upon websites with exactly that. I’ve made a more general list that goes beyond jackets for tall men. This general list is my contribution to your search for that or those favorited tall brands, who make clothes for your specific body type.

If this is something you would like to give a look, I’ve put in a direct link right here:

Complete List: Tall Men's Clothing


Now it’s your turn


So that’s what I had in store for you in terms of tips for finding tall men’s jackets.

Now I want to turn it over to you: Which brands have you bought coats or jackets from?

Do you have experience with any of the above? Or did I skip over a gem worth sharing?

Let everybody know by adding a comment below. 

3 Responses
  • John
    July 28, 2020

    Firstly Rued – thank you for your amazing work looking after the taller gentleman!

    I have been a user of 2tall for many years and can vouch for their range – like you say every brand has a different fit – I find the Medium Tall normally a good ‘fitted’ look – Im 6’6″ and 85kgs.

    Re Eddie Bauer – I have just found out they do ship to uk so Im going to try them out!

    Thanks again!

  • Tracy
    November 28, 2021

    Thank you for this list! I have tall sons and could never find anything that completely satisfied either one of us! It was also hard to find Tall sizes without them being attached to the BIG part! My 6’8″ son is very thin! Thanks again!

  • Panache Bespoke
    January 2, 2022

    Panache Bespoke is the best option for tall and heavy people because panache bespoke provides us with custom-made options.

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