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Tall Menswear UK: How to Buy and Wear Tall Men’s Clothing

I am going to give you a short guide to Tall Menswear in UK. I will share with you my tips and tricks on how to find and purchase the right clothing for you being a tall and slim guy like me.

Tall Menswear UK: Starts with measurements

First I’m going to ask you to measure yourself. I am going to tell you how to do it, show you a couple of videos from YouTube that shows you exactly how measurement is conducted, and I am going to give you my measurements – just to see how I log and keep them.

After that I am going to talk a little bit about style and brands. Here on Tallsome, I have listed a long selection of different brands catering especially for the tall man – my Tall Shop List. When you know your measurements, you can explore this list and take a look at the different brands in order to find the right one for you. To finish this complete guide off, I am going to share with you my personal favorites and where I buy my clothing at the moment.

How to take your own measurements

Cloth Tape MeasureLet’s start with the measurements. If you want to measure yourself, one thing you really need is a measurement tape – makes sense, right?


Preferably, you need a friend who can measure your different parts, because that makes it so much easier than if you have to do-it-yourself. You can measure yourself, but it will just take a bit more effort and time, but I manage to and so can you. When you’ve gotten hold of a measurement tape, you want to measure yourself on the different parts of the body. The most important parts are your arm’s length, your waist, your leg’s inseam length and your torso.

With these different measurements, you’re pretty good to go – to go shop at any online store. The reason why you need your measurements is that different brands produce differently. They often have a unique way to design their clothing and therefore you have to take a look at their style guide.

LONG SLIM FIT SHIRT size table - tall men's clothing

Most websites have some kind of overview of how the clothing is cut, and they have all the measurements for pants, trousers, shirts, T-shirts – everything. Knowing your measurements makes it possible for you to pick the kind of tall brand that caters especially for your body type, and it makes you able to pick the right pieces that eventually will fit you, when you receive your clothing at your door.


Another solution is tailored clothes

If none of all these tall men’s brands fit you, then you might have to go with the tailored solution. More and more brands offer tailor-made clothing, and you can definitely find online services that work really well for tall men. I had a t-shirt made to measure, and it’s one of my absolute favorites. If you’re going for a full suit, then you might want to go to a physical store instead of buying it online. The day I’m getting married, I am definitely going to have a tailor made suit made for me so I know it fits perfectly for the special occasion. It’s just too much of a risk to buy stuff like that online in my opinion.

Own measurements - tall men's clothing

These are my own measurements – done by myself with standard measuring tape

As mentioned, I can really recommend to take a look at the Tall Shop List that I made with tall men’s clothing. All the different brands are handpicked, and I’ve taken a look at each website and their different offerings and written a small text to each one. Some of my favorites tall shops even include a picture to get an idea off the style of their tall clothes. I’ve tried clothing from many of the stores myself as these brands wishes to have people like me reviewing their clothes. But I can really assure you that I don’t endorse anything I don’t personally like.


3 of my favorite tall shops

To finish off this blog posts, I am going to give you some of my favorite tall men’s clothing shops, where I find the best clothing for tall guys. Tall men’s clothing doesn’t have to be difficult to find, but that was not what I found when I first thought about starting this blog. Now I’ve blogged for a couple of years, and I found a good selection of go to places for buying fitted and long clothes for tall guys like myself. So here goes – 3 of my favorites.


So Long Sven

First of all I want to endorse So Long Sven. Here we have a Swedish brand that makes tall men’s clothing only. It is made by two young guys who have a very good taste in fabrics, patterns and colors. The reason why these guys are some of my favorites is firstly the fit and secondly the fresh styles. I was getting a bit tired of big & tall clothing, where I could maybe get the fit right (1 out of 10 attempts), but then I would get a really boring design. Now I’ve found a great combination of design and fit – for a tall slim guy like me (and you maybe).


Asos Longline

tall men's clothing - justin bieberMy second favorite is ASOS. They offer a huge range of clothing that isn’t really made for tall people, but they have this range of clothing called longline and superlong line. Longline is a bit longer in the torso than regular clothing, but doesn’t really give you longer in the sleeves. Super long line doesn’t have longer sleeves either, but the torso gets extremely long. Look at how Justin Bieber dresses and you might get an idea of how long the hoodies, T-shirts and everything else is.

Although, I’m huge fan of both longline and super longline – the basic T-shirts fit me very well and I kind of like this supersized style of super longline. Works well as a provider of tall men’s clothing if you go for cut off sleeves like t-shirts and such – or if you like to roll up the sleeves, then it works as well. And at very reasonable prices.


Son of a Tailor

My third favorite is a ‘made to measure’ t-shirt brand called Son of a Tailor. I have written a blog post about getting these T-shirts made, and I’m really psyched about how it all ended out. This T-shirt is by far my all-time favorite, and I love every time I pick it up and put it on, because it just fits me perfectly like no other T-shirt has ever fitted me. The quality is second to none and not like many other tall tees I have tried throughout my tall blogger career – if there exists such a thing. I can only recommend getting a tailor made T-shirt done with Son of a Tailor – and after you have your first fitted T-shirt with the right measurements, you can buy their different styles knowing that they will fit you equally well.


Tall men’s clothing at your disposal

This was my short guide to how to get dressed as a tall guy. Tall men’s clothing shouldn’t be such a hassle to find, and that is why I have provided a full list of great brands offering tall men’s clothing for you. The only essential thing you really need is a measurement tape and the measurements of your body. Get a friend to do all the measurements or do-it-yourself and write it down so you have it when you sit there in front of the screen, when you’re about to buy some tall men’s clothing online.

Make sure to look at the sizing charts, so you know whether or not your body proportions fit with the particular brand, you are about to purchase. If you have any questions on tall men’s clothing or you want to get more tips and tricks from me, then feel free to reach out or ask me anything in the comments. I always read through all of them and try to give you my best answers in order to get you properly dressed. To finish things off I want to point you to the Tall Shops List for men that I’ve made – and I want to ask you to look through it and see if there’s something for you. 90% of my wardrobe consists of great tall men’s clothing from this list, so I can only recommend you to take a look at it and see, if you can find some favorites of your own.


Thanks for reading along and have a really great day.
6 Responses
  • Bo
    August 28, 2016

    Great post Rued!
    I was wondering, if you knew any good sites for pants/chinos?

    btw. Keep up the good work

    • Rued
      August 29, 2016

      Hey there,
      Yes, I do – there are plenty in the above list. One good one is TEAL Apparel:
      It’s for man at 6′ an above. They have great slim fit chinos, in my opinion, and you can get Unfinished inseam (40″) so you can make them fit you perfectly 🙂

    • Rued
      September 17, 2017

      UPDATE: I just published a list of my Top 5 Favorite Stores with Jeans for Tall Men. Check it out right here:

    • Rued
      November 24, 2019

      Sure, I’ve listed a whole bunch of them on this website. I can recommend going through my recommended Pants for Tall Men ( and give their selections a look to see of something fits your style and size.

  • Matt Ruscoe
    November 24, 2019

    Good on you. Now in my 50’s at 197cm I have been living the struggle!! My wife discovered your site. Very happy and looking forward to helping some Tall businesses. Love the humour.

    • Rued
      November 24, 2019

      Hey Matt,
      Haha, thanks – happy that she found Tallsome interesting and forwarded it to you. I hope you found some good clothing out there, and glad you like the humour in here. Trying to keep it loose and colorful.

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