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5 Advantages of Being Tall (confidence boost!)

The advantages of being tall are that you are likely to be considered more manly, you tend to look more mature, you radiate authority, you’re better equipped for most sports, and you look leaner.

These are advantages that have been researched, surveyed and concluded based on conversations and questionnaires from tall men all over the world.

To short people, it might sound weird that it’s not always fun to be tall.

But for tall men and women, you sometimes need to be reminded why it is awesome to be tall—when you think it’s just a hassle and a struggle.

In this post, we are going to dive a little deeper into each of these tall advantages.

Being tall such as yourself has both its drawbacks and advantages, as I’m sure you’re well aware of by now.

Despite all the comments about how you must be good at basketball or how you can keep a closer eye on the weather, a tall man has some real perks going for him, and not just these made-up ones that people assume apply to you.

You might have seen being a tall man as something to be ashamed of, but that’s something you have to drop right away.

Boost your self-esteem and attention-grabbing confidence by keeping these five simple advantages of being tall in mind:


Being tall is considered manly.

Yes, you read that right! Shorter men are often looked down on (no pun intended) as being “less” of a man than those who are naturally tall.

This is of course not a good thing in itself, but it’s a fact you can use to see yourself in a different light.

Your height helps you exude charm, whether you want it or not, and let’s face it – most women prefer a man who is taller than they are.

A simple Google-search will show you hundreds of articles that explore why girls in general prefer tall men.

And, if you want to dig deeper, you can also read a bunch about why tall girls don’t want a guy who’s shorter than them.

This has turned into a body shaming debate, and maybe it’s super wrong to discriminate in this way.

The ones that argue for this being okay say that it’s simply a matter of preference.

And if the girl or guy you like has a preference for height, well—you are in a good position to grab their attention.

Go for it!


Tall men tend to look more mature.

While you might think that this would initially be a drawback, that’s hardly the case.

Only if you are older than you’d like to be already, you consider this a bad trait.

But, for most of us, these issues and lack of self-esteem happen around the teenage years. At that age, it is amazing to appear more mature than you feel inside.

People seem to naturally respect those that are taller than they are, and look up to (pun absolutely intended) those who tower over them in height.

If you’re a tall man, you know what we’re talking about. Your height helps you seem older, wiser, and beyond your years.

Make it work for you however you wish (but, don’t buy things for your friends they can’t get themselves).


A tall man radiates authority.

It’s true! As previously mentioned, tall men seem to be in positions of authority more than their shorter counterparts.

A common tendency is that CEO’s are of above-average height, with most skimming the treetops at over six feet.

Being tall works well in the business field, which is something to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a job – or asking for a promotion.

There is actually a good portion of scientific papers that backs up the fact that tall people earn more, live longer and take on leadership roles more often.

The debate goes on whether this is because they are tall—are because being tall has equipped them with the needed skills.

Get it?

It’s like the hen and the egg. What’s the reason and what’s the causation?

Anyways, you radiate authority as a tall person, and if you play your hand right and use it to your advantage early on, you are more likely to become a leader in the future.

Give it a shot!


Height is good for sports.

This is natural, of course, especially for height-related sports like basketball.

The theory that all tall men play sports well, however, is a misconception.

Height doesn’t account for skill or training, but it does give you a distinct advantage over those who are shorter in stature.

While you might not be able to run faster or hit harder, you will be able to reach higher and throw farther – a definite plus for your team in many sports.

There’s also a natural advantage associated with height which is about angle.

When you play volleyball or badminton, the taller you are the more you’ll be able to angle your shot downwards.

In defensive situations, you’ll be able to block better and reach harder balls, e.g. before they hit the floor in volley or badminton.

Long limbs are great for many sports, and it’s a great point of departure for adding some muscle to your thin frame.


Tall men look leaner.

The taller you are, the more your weight distributes evenly throughout your body, or so the theory goes.

At 6’3” and 284 pounds, you look muscled and powerful. Knock that height down to 5’7” with that weight, and people would say you’re obese.

Your BMI is a good expression for the relation between your height and your weight. The equation works in such a way that adding height will decrease your Body Mass Index.

In short, the taller you are the leaner you look (and are). It’s harder to add weight to a longer body, which is good and bad.

Good, because you don’t have to worry that much about what you eat. You’ll most likely stay thin even though you don’t eat very little.

Bad, because you might want to go from skinny to muscular, and that journey is going to be very tough.

All in all:

You should feel good about being a tall man in today’s society.

There are some real advantages to it, all of which you can make work in your favor with a little bit of perseverance and a positive attitude.

What do YOU like about being a tall man?
32 Responses
  • Phil
    May 23, 2015

    I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find your site!

    I am 6ft 6 maybe a little over that and it’s great to see a tall guy space for tall guy info.

    Thanks man. From one tall guy to another, I truly appreciate it 🙂


    • Rued
      May 23, 2015

      Thank you, Phil. I’m glad you like Tallsome 🙂

    • Paul
      January 30, 2018

      It’s taken 47 tears to hear this……6′ 2…:-)

      • Paul
        January 30, 2018


    • Anonymous
      August 27, 2019

      me too I’m short

    • razor
      August 27, 2019

      me too I’m short

  • Eugene Mitchell
    November 22, 2015

    I am only 6′ – 3″ but I have long legs and arms. I am in my mid-70s now. When I joined the military in the early ’60s, they had to custom-make my raincoat. Not because I am big around, I only weighed 175 at the time. The only business suits that work for my are custom-made and my tailor took my picture before sending measurements to Hong Kong. He said the guys cutting the suit would not believe otherwise. Suit fitted perfectly.

    I am retired and fly occasionally and would like to help lobby for tall considerations on airplanes. My wife (average height) and I took a vacation by rail (train) trip and booked a compartment. BEST WAY TO TRAVEL, if you have the time.

    • Rued
      November 27, 2015

      Thanks for sharing – I’ve tried tailor-made shirts as well, and it’s pretty much the only way to go. Yes, train is really a convenient way to travel for tall people 🙂

  • L.Griffiths
    December 12, 2015

    I am a tall woman myself – 176cm. I always tend to be more attracted to taller men. I always wondered why taller men seem more attracted to shorter girls? I do not know if it is entirely true, but i see many couples where the girl is considerably shorter than the guy. Why is that? I think that is always better for the man to be taller than the women as I would not feel comfortable dating someone shorter than me. But if all tall men go after considerably shorter girls, what is left for us tall women? I would like to hear your opinion on that.

    • London
      June 4, 2016

      Im a little over 6’3 and the tallest woman Ive dated was 6’1 and the shortest 4’11
      While height doesnt play a huge factor in my attraction Ive found I either like them really Tall or really short.
      Frankly tho I just dont meet very many women over 5’9 tho : (

      • Rued
        June 17, 2016

        Height doesn’t have to play a part in people’s love life, but for some (especially tall women) it is a very important thing. I think it’s an indirect/internal thing where you are just attracted to someone or you are not; less than a real deliberate choice. Do you agree?

      • The Man From Tokyo Road
        January 31, 2018

        I’m kind of like that. I’m still a virgin though. I’ve noticed that I like girls who either are a few inches away from MY height, or very short. Ever since I found out that this girl who leans towards tall is attached, I subconsciously went looking for an option 2, and I think option 2 (whom I’m now treating like an option one) is like 4’11”. So even for girl standards, she’s short. But I could easily say that outside of my family, she’s the woman I care for the most. Umm, to get to my point, there just aren’t that many REALLY TALL girls, go for the small ones. They appreciate your size more, supposedly anyway, than the taller ones, because (this is just stuff that I read online) they have someone to easily melt into, or give them piggyback rides. I’m not saying that you should keep height as a factor of attraction, but sometimes I look at my dad (6’1”), and my mom (5’4”, I think) and wonder why the spectrum is so large. I’m telling you, the smaller the girl, and the larger the guy, the more compatible they can be. Try to expand your horizons, though. (I know. That contradicts just about everything I said.)

  • Steve Jespersen
    January 19, 2016

    Any of you having a hard time finding tall sizes that aren’t also huge? I found six8 clothing for great stylish clothes. It is not my company and I do not get anything for plugging it…check it out

    Being a small company owner myself, I am interested in finding other companies that have a market niche.

  • Henrik
    September 15, 2016

    Growing up I was always the tallest kid- i come from a tall family (my mom was considered a freak at 6’4″ and dad at 6’8″ (and their parents were tall for their era) so we knew it was inevitable. It was rough being 6’7″ and terribly uncoordinated at age 13. But high school sports came and as I “grew into my body” and realized all the advantages I started to enjoy it….a lot. At 17 and standing 7ft a sports psychologist worked with me and taught me how to use my height to dominate opponents not just physically but mentally. I “topped out” at 7’3″ and love everything about it except air travel. It’s not just the seats but the bathrooms…..forget it. But walking through crowded bars, it’s like the parting of the seas. Everyone respects you. Women are curious and want to get with you. There is a reason the term “looks up to” is a sign of respect and people perceive “looks down on” as a sign of disrespect. Tall people lead, earn more, get instant respect. In college when I’d go to bars with other tall athletes no matter how crowded, space would magically open up for us. I loved using my overwhelming and intimidating size to help people (loved breaking up fights)……the pros far outweigh the cons (air travel clothes shoes)…..hope to marry a girl at least 6’6″ to see how huge our children turn out. If you go back to my grandparents and follow the trend, if I do they could be pushing 7’6″ plus!!!!!

    • Rued
      September 16, 2016

      That’s an awesome story – and I thought I was tall at 6’8″ 🙂 I totally agree that the pros outweigh the cons of being tall by far. The things about finding clothes for tall guys and finding flight seats with extra legroom is nothing – compared to the joys of being tall 🙂

  • isaac
    May 18, 2017

    I know i found this post very late. I am actually 6’5″ and I never really got used to all the attention that comes with being tall. I always stand out in every room and its kind of hard to blend in. One of the things that I have had problems with is being comfortable with my height and taking advantage of it. Any advice on how you became comfortable with your height and developed your confidence? One of the things that I noticed is that people perceive tall people as being extremely confident.

    • Rued Riis
      January 25, 2021

      Physical fitness had a lot to do with it, to be honest. When I started working out, I say my lanky body change from weird to manly and proportionate. I got hooked and worked out a lot over 5-6 years. The stronger I got, the better I felt about my height.
      It may sound superficial but actually was very internally empowering. Feeling good about your outer self spill over to your internal confidence.
      That’s why I advise all skinny tall guys to start lifting weights.
      Of course, there’s a lot of other things that need to be in place, like basic self-love, but that’s something you need to work on with yourself, your friends, your family etc.
      Hope this helps,

  • Jatin Singh
    May 21, 2017

    Hey I’m 6’3″ almost at 17 and since I’m from India so naturally I’m kinda tall for the general population.I feel little alienated in my town cause there are very few 6 footers here.
    I just passed 10th grade and lemme tell you,High School was AWESOME!!!
    I got elected as the Vice President of the Student Council and yeah people always ask me how good iam at basketball! I dont wanna grow any more cause yeah,Basketball aint that popular here plus the girls will look like dwarfs with me!!ANYWAY..HAPPY TO BE TALL AND POPULAR!!

    • Rued
      May 31, 2018

      GREAT! 🙂 And about the girls – don’t worry about what others might think; go for the girl you like no matter how tall or short she is ?

    • Kay Mahaa
      November 30, 2020

      I’m a girl and I’m 6’0 . I’m 18. Just shooting my shot. @kaymahaa on Instagram. Text me if you want . Ok this is so lame…bye now.

  • Paul
    November 27, 2017

    I personally think tall men are superior so I agree with what you have written here. I am a relatively short man and I feel inferior to taller men.

    • The Man From Tokyo Road
      January 31, 2018

      I’d argue that both have their advantages and disadvantages. My grandmother’s husband (she and my grandpa got divorced when my dad was just about my age, and I don’t think there’s such thing as a step grandpa.) is about a head shorter than me, maybe more, maybe less. Whatever the case, he’s categorized as “short”. Because he’s shorter than just about everyone in the family, his muscles are… distributed through his body more so than his son (my youngest, and tallest uncle.) in other words, because he’s short, his body doesn’t have to get muscle in long legs, a long torso, and long arms. Whereas everybody else in my family has my dad’s build, and it takes a while for us to get a good set of guns. ? You get the picture?

  • The Man From Tokyo Road
    January 30, 2018

    Come to think about it, I’m on the taller side of the spectrum, and teachers tend to respect,trust me, and like me as well a ton of other positive things, than people who are shorter than me. And in some cases, because I keep my mouth shut, I’m more respected than the big mouthes who are taller than myself. In fact, some don’t mind if I light up my taller, yet stupider classmates. I definitely look leaner than my shorter counterparts, mostly because I probably am. I have a great metabolism. I’m a gamble for sports because I developed Epilepsy at age 4 (PLEASE: I DON’T WANT SYMPATHY!). I guess I radiate authority. Might explain why I get to light up the stupid. I look mature, I guess, same deductive reasoning. I know I look manly. If I try to raise an eyebrow, some people think I look scary. So far, standing tall has served me in every department except romance (which sucks because the girl I like is really short. Plus I’m of Italian descent.) Standing tall at 6’0”, I’ve seen a million faces, and I’ve rocked them all!

    • Rued
      May 31, 2018

      What a great confidence – I love it! ??

  • Naman
    March 6, 2018

    I’m a kid of 15 yrs and my height is 5’11 do u think my height will reach above 6 ft. till I grow adult .
    (My dad’s height is also equal to almost mine ).What height increasing methods u recommend 🙂

    • Rued
      May 31, 2018

      It’s hard for me to predict – it’s normal to grow until your reach your early twenties. My growth spurt was from 16 to 18.

  • Jonathan
    May 31, 2018

    Being an Asian myself, it’s kinda awkward to be the centre of attention. I know 6’1 (185?) isn’t that tall for other countries, but being a tall Singaporean kinda blows. I need to mind my head in almost every single door and even public transport are more of a hassle. Cars and cabs suck and all that hindered my posture a little. I dun feel comfortable sometimes as I’m not a sporty guy, whenever guys approach me to play sports with them I kindly decline and they alienate me for it. Values and expectations for being tall in a society where men are 170 on average really stressed me out. And I don’t really get girls too, yes I easily break walls and build strong friendships, but girls seem to be swoon over muscular bodies and sport men, all which I am not (kinda lean but skinny). What can I do to deal with such issues 🙁

    • Rued
      May 31, 2018

      Thanks for writing. Not only does working out build muscle – it builds confidence. I know how much it did for mine. It’s not to say that a better body will solve your challenges – although I’m sure that they’ll seem much smaller once you feel stronger mentally. You cannot do anything about your height; it’s a constant throughout your life. What you can do is make yourself feel better about it.

  • Keegz Dias
    September 12, 2019

    I am 6’1 (Ik not really (tall) tall). But enough to make the cut. I am medium build. I agree with you maturity point and also the one where you told it makes you look older. Being tall (or atleast reasonably tall). Makes you look better (top it of with a good personality and it makes you look the show stopper).

    • Rued
      October 23, 2019

      Hey Keegz,
      Thanks for reading along – good that you agree with some of it. These are my takes on what I think are the coolest advantages, and if you have any to add; feel free to share them here in the comments 🙂

    December 5, 2019

    My dad is 5ft1 and my mum is 5ft4 but am 6ft 3 sharp from nigeria light in complexion and handsome when people see me with my parent they started wondering how can a short couple give birth to a tall guy so that make make me to have lot of likes from people which i enjoyed

  • John B.
    February 7, 2022

    Am 5’7 and year old 14 after reading this article I feel very confident and happy to know there is other people in the same boat.

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