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Can Tall Guys Wear Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans will emphasize your height and skinniness if you wear skinny jeans. If you don’t want to look taller and slimmer than you are, tapered or fitted jeans are probably a better option.

Although, anyone has the right to wear whatever they want. So if it’s part of your style to wear skinny jeans, then wear them no matter how tall you are.

In this post, we’ll dive a little deeper into the pros and cons of wearing skinny jeans as a tall guy.

And I’ll share my favorite places to buy jeans for tall men to give you inspiration on what’s out there for you.

What Skinny Jeans does to your Look

Skinny jeans reveal what’s underneath those jeans. And if what’s underneath is skinny, you’ll look skinny.

tall guy skinny jeans

If you are a big guy, wearing skinny jeans will be equally revealing of that fact.

So, skinny jeans emphasize the characteristics of your body. And for tall people, it’ll be a set of drumsticks.

I’ve been through a phase of not liking skinny jeans; to wearing them every day; to now, where I’ve loosened up a little bit and wear tapered/fitted jeans.

Even if you have strong legs as a tall guy, I still think it looks a little off with the tight fit on such a long body. Subjectively.

Also, it isn’t a very comfortable fit, so that also has a lot to say. Now, that we are in the middle of a comfo-trend where everyone wears sweatpants.

What should Tall Skinny guys Wear?

Tall clothing. Apparel from brands that specialize in making clothes that cater to above-average height with different proportions.

I’ve made a whole list with tall men’s clothing where the criteria are that they need to be catering to tall men and they have to make great clothing.

The market is getting much better in the sense that we get more options to choose from. Just 10 years ago, it was much more limited.

Back then, you could find tall clothing lines from mass-market brands. But these tall-lines would either be Big&Tall or not that tall at all.

Big&Tall is for the Big AND Tall – not for both demographics. So if you are tall and skinny like me, you can’t buy that stuff.

And the tall-lines that claim to cater to us just don’t. I guess I’m “extra tall” in that sense, as these tall-lines fit men at 5’9″ (and I’m 6’8″).

So it also depends on what you think of when talking about tall people. Is 5’9″ tall? Well, yes, it’s alright. But it’s not yet a huge problem to find clothing that fits.

Do Skinny Jeans make you Look Taller?

Skinny jeans can make you look taller than you are, as they emphasize a long, vertical part of your body. If you aren’t that tall, tighter clothes will help you look taller in general.

The opposite would be to wear extremely baggy clothes. This is more common amongst people who are either big or skinny.

Thus, baggy clothes is used to hide bodily features—whether that is in one direction or the other.

In a similar way, slim-fitted clothing emphasizes the bodily feature, you wear them on.

So if you are slim, you can show it by wearing tight clothes. But what if height is what you want?

Well, then patterns and heels will probably help you a lot more than wearing skinny jeans.

Vertical stripes will emphasize your height and create the illusion that you are taller than you actually are.

Heels will naturally add a few inches to your height, which works for both men and women.

Ultimately, you should wear what makes you feel good and be proud of the height that you have.

Don’t wear skinny jeans in order to impress anyone else. Wear them if you love them, and that’s it.

Best Jeans for Tall and Skinny Guys

If you are tall and skinny like me, you want to find jeans that have the right inseam (probably 36″, 38″, or 40″), and that still comes in smaller waist-sizes.

These types of jeans are not hanging on the racks in walk-in stores. For your needs, you have to shop online in shops dedicated to tall guys.

I’ve made a list of my favorite jeans for tall guys, where you can find a lot of great places to purchase long jeans from.

At the moment, I’m wearing tall joggers a lot, because of lockdown home-life, but outside I love 2tall’s jeans a lot.

They come in a very slim fit that I’ve put at the very back of the pants drawer for now. That time is over.

Instead, I wear my favorite Ed Baxter jeans in a tapered fit, but they aren’t skin-tight as some of their models.

Although they are call slim fit, they aren’t as tight as the skinny fit option right beside them.

Extra tips

It’s a matter of taste, but as a tall guy, I think these loosely fitted jeans are perfect, as they follow the contours of the body without stressing me out.

Lastly, I’ve written a few extra 3 tips on how skinny guys can look good in general. In short, it’s a matter of dressing for your body type and finding clothes that fit.

3 Responses
  • Mark
    August 15, 2021

    Great article!

    I think skinny jeans is one of those garments that should be present in every man’s wardrobe. They’re very versatile and perfect for anyone – tall or short men. They’re very versatile too!

    Stay safe and cool!


    • D
      April 7, 2022

      Skinny’s and 1-2″ lifts will make any man more confident, taller looking & sexy…

      • Rued Riis
        July 6, 2022

        Hi D,
        That’s a good tip – although I’m getting a but tired of the skinny jeans 🙂

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