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3 Tips to Help you Deal with Tall Comments

Try not to let it hurt you and respond positively. Let people know that it’s offensive to comment on body attributions. And avoid comebacks.

How to Not let Tall Comments Hurt You

I am always the tallest person in the room.

This leads to a lot of comments on my height. It always has and it always will – so we must get good at dealing with them.

I have no expectations of tall comments stopping at any point in my life. So I might as well accept the comments now instead of getting annoyed every single time a small person has to state the obvious.

From running this blog over the last years, I have listened to you and all your thoughts on being tall and how it is to live a life looking a bit different than everyone else.

We have dealt with the tall people problems for years and years and things are slowly getting better if you think about all the tall stores that you get to buy clothes from now which you couldn’t find 10 years ago.

So things are getting better but people will never stop noticing that we are taller than average.

That is why I really want to recommend that you learn to deal well with the comments as soon as possible.

There is simply no good reason for you to get annoyed every single time someone wants to talk about your height. Seldom it is because people want to be mean and hurt you.

Often times it is because they want to break the ice and make conversation with you.

So try not to get hurt. Catch the feeling before it hits you. And be the bigger person instead of letting it get on your nerves.

What do you Say when Someone Comments on your Height?

Is it rude to comment on someone’s height? I think it is.

It is very impolite to walk up to people and comment on how they look, in general.

Unless it is a compliment to a beautiful girl or guy of course. But walking up to someone and telling them that they are tall, overweight, or black is something that most people can agree upon is impolite and not acceptable.

But somehow things are different when it comes to tall people – it’s okay in a way, and I don’t know why. Maybe people see it as a compliment.

People feel free to say

Wow, you are tall!

I am not sure what they expect to hear from me when they say stuff like that, but mostly I just say “Yes” or “Thanks!”

You are tall thanks

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to help people who are not very confident and who don’t like being tall. I want to promote positivity and the proudness of being a tall guy or girl.

So when someone comes up to you at the next party or on the street and say that you are tall, then I really hope that you have the confidence and energy to accept these comments in the best way possible and move on from the irritation that this may cause.

Don’t say: “Do you play mini-golf?”

Don’t use any of those mean replies that the Internet is full of – we want to be better, right?

Don’t ask short people if they play mini-golf or anything like that. We tall people try to be a little better and that is also by behaving nicely.


Take it the best way you can. Try to think of the tall comment as a compliment (or insecurity on their side). Stay happy, stay tall, and be proud of the genetics that you have been given.

You will probably never get any smaller so start accepting your height and feel confident in the body you have.

Withstand the countless rude comments on your height and try to save the comebacks for people who really deserve them.

Say thank you or yes I am tall when people say that you are tall and give them a smile.

I would love to hear your comments on how positive you are able to remain when being commented on?

19 Responses
  • Fred Jasper
    December 2, 2015

    I have been dealing with all kinds of tall comments, for many years. When people are trying to make you feel bad, especially in front of a pretty girl…just smile and tell them that there is more of you to love.

    • Rued
      December 2, 2015

      That’s also a great reply to tall comments. No need to get negative – smiling is the way to go! 🙂

  • L.Griffiths
    December 12, 2015

    I get annoyed when people ask me “How is the weather up there, is it colder?” or other meaningless comments on my height. If they want to start a conversation with me wouldn’t it be better to simply ask “How are you?” … I always thought that opinions on shorter people being mean are wrong as we are all people after all, but with the years passing by and getting more life experience, I start to think they really are mean. I mean, you wouldn’t start a conversation with a short person and say “How is the weather down there?” or “Wow, you are short!” . Reality is that shorter people are often jealous of the taller ones and while trying to be friendly, they also want to make themselves feel more superior by making you feel bad about your height. I am not saying that all short people are mean, but generally they tend to be meaner than the taller ones.

    • Rued
      December 15, 2015

      Thank you for the comment. I think people are often times just amazed and don’t think twice about what they are saying. It just bursts out of them. But it’s still something to learn to deal with, so I hope you are well on your way 🙂

    • Anonymous
      November 30, 2018

      I just add about 5 more inches to my actual height every time I’m asked how tall are you? And I do it with a straight face and watch the response, because when I tell them my actual height sometimes people think I’m not telling the truth

  • Joana
    December 14, 2015

    I can so relate to this one! Even though I’m not as tall as you are (I’m 6ft 5 actually, which is pretty tall for a girl) I quite often feel like the tallest person in the room.

    I also get these comments on a daily basis. One girl asked me once whether I could ever wear heels… I mean, what can a person respond to such an impolite comment?

    It’s a matter of taste really. If you approached people and asked them prying and awkward questions every time someone looked or seemed different, where would that lead? I’m just saying, some people definitely don’t know how to behave.

    As you said, it’s just rude. But I’m hopeful this will change. After all, now it’s much better than it was some 20 or even 50 years ago. Thanks to the Internet today we can connect and share our thoughts and experiences! Makes you feel less isolated.

    • Rued
      December 15, 2015

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, it is getting much easier to connect – and that is what I’m trying to do here at Tallsome 🙂
      I hope that Tallsome can connect tall people around the World and supply some information and inspiration on the tall life.

  • Ric
    April 11, 2016

    One comment I get a lot is that they have a cousin/uncle/nephew/??? That is 6’4″. Ok, that’s nice. I sometimes think the expectation is that we all know each other,

  • Arnold
    May 29, 2016

    “Thank you!” is exactly what I’ve been answering for everyone being amazed of my 6.8 height. honestly I’ve never felt insulted, and usually their question about my height and shoe size was a good conversation starting point :)) .. just nowadays some girls started a conversation with me exactly about these and it was cool, no hard intended.
    I’m really proud to be tall, I’m doing my workout and really like sports (basketball ofcourse) wich helped me develope my physique.
    Any girl would be lucky to have us, let them wear as tall shoes they like and still be shorter, nothing looks more awkward than a taller girl next to his short, fat-or-not guy 😀

  • Lisa
    June 3, 2017

    I am a 54 year-old female who is 5’10” tall. I have dealt with rude comments my whole life regarding my height. If I’m going to a formal affair, I usually wear heels less than two inches. I had a wedding last night and decided, for once, I’m going to wear high, sexy heels. When introduced to an elderly short Italian man at the wedding, the first thing he says to me is, Wow, you’re a giant!” I just said to him. I’m wearing heels, but, yes, I am very tall. How rude is a comment like that? I don’t know what I still get insulted by these stupid people, but I do.

  • Kat Rajski
    July 7, 2017

    One question I often get, standing at 6’0″ ; “Is your husband tall?” I asked my husband if he ever gets the question, “Yo, is your wife tall?” and he said, “absolutely not”. The assumption seems to be that it must be hard for me to find someone who will appreciate/tolerate my size. Tall women with shorter women is more taboo it seems than interracial coupling and same sex coupling.

  • Fiorella S.
    August 8, 2017

    This is a breath of fresh air. Honestly, I usually tend to follow the Buddhist principle: Smile as abuse is hurled your way and this too shall pass. Being tall is a blessing, and being a tall woman is like a double whammy. I just wish more gals embraced their height, and ignored all the nonsense surrounding it. – xoxo

  • Alex
    December 10, 2017

    I am tall men now 35. I am 180cm Asian. during my high school. I went with my father to a cousins house . At one point the entire conversation turned on me. He started saying to my father all the doors in the house needs to be replaced for me to walk . he kept going and going on being tall I felt really sad on things we have no control . I am married now . I was kind of getting comfortable in height, now I can get that fear my daughter growing tall she is 7.if any one says to her u are getting big even in a good manner I feel all my fears or my high school days coming back . I don’t know why . I was and never comfortable with my height . is there any exercise I should be doing to get comfortable in my height . every day when I wake up this thinking on height or what others think is there when I am outside . does any one here feel the same . it’s like a form of addiction . I can’t get this thinking out if my mind .

  • Tom
    February 6, 2019

    I’m 6’5″ tall. Usually I don’t think I should answer every stranger who thinks he must make a comment about my hight.
    Ignoring people can sometimes be embarrasing more then a smart answer.
    A tall friend of mine turns the subject to the person who made the comment. A comment such as “wow, you are tall” gets from him the answer “thanks, i’m so glad we have met, I didn’t know it till you told me”.
    He also has an answer for the comment “give me a few inches”. The answer is “no prblem, where exactly do you need these few inches”. A guy who gets that answer wants to bury himself, especailly if people around hear it and begin making fun of him.
    Maybe these answers seem a bit rude but I think a stranger who feels free to make a comment about somebody he doesn’t know, has to take in consideration he will get back a comment. If he thinks he is jocking, so the tall guy has the same right to be jocking too.

  • Kristen
    September 6, 2019

    I was in the UPS store yesterday and the employee helping me was a taller guy and started guessing my height (I’m a 6’2″ girl). He started at 6’5″ then when I said no he kept guessing until he went down to 6’3″. So I corrected him nicely and he told me I was wrong basically and argued with me about it. Then the basketball comments came. How does one respond to that?? Like common…I know how tall I am thank you very much haha.

    • Rued
      October 23, 2019

      Hi Kristen,
      I’ve tried that as well many times, and the first few times, I didn’t deal with it that well. In time, I learned to just appreciate it – interpret it as a compliment and just say ‘Thanks’, if they go “You’re tall!”. If he asks about your height, then just reply nicely, and if he doesn’t accept that answer, then that’s his problem. Move on 🙂

  • Sean
    April 3, 2022

    I’m chalking up the latest rude tall comments to Covid and the fact that most interactions with people have been over Zoom and not in person for the last couple of years. In the last month when I have finally met people in person that I have been talking to over Zoom or on Instagram, I constantly hear “I didn’t think you’d be that tall.” I’m 6’6”. Do people have a preconceived idea because they see you sitting in front of a computer that you’re short?

    I’ve been dealing with rude comments about my height since grade school. I was 6’ in sixth grade. I got into a shoving match with another student one time and the teacher said to me “You’re taller you should know better.” Whaaaat!?!

    I feel I am target when I am out in public and people want to challenge me. I’ve had guys purposely bump me while walking by them in a bar or on the street.

    I love being tall but I also get a lot of guff for it. Yes, short people are jealous of our height. It’s no coincidence that many short men are police officers with their Napoleon complex.

  • Konstantina
    April 30, 2022

    Hey! Nice thoughts! I’ve had enough of tall comments and it is getting awkwarder by the time because I’m a woman and lots of male people are feeling uncomfortable about it. I don’t want to be or make someone uncomfortable because I consider my height my confidence and I don’t like or want to fell bad or guilty of it

    • Rued Riis
      July 6, 2022

      Hi Konstantina,
      That’s the right mindset to have. You should feel good in your own body – and have the confidence to not let any comments ruin your day.

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