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Tall Clubs International explained in 5 minutes

[heading_entrance title=”” text=”Tall Clubs International – an association of tall clubs around the World. Give me 5 minutes to explain what Tall Clubs International is all about. ” custom_class=””][/heading_entrance]

Tall Clubs International


TCI puts the tall-comments on hold

“How’s the weather up there?” Every tall person in the world has probably had this question posed to them at some point in their life, and the people asking it aren’t talking about a recent flight.

How's the weather up there?


Yes, those that are born without a statuesque appearance often look to the skies for answers but the sun is blocked. By you. And me. And our height.
But don’t worry! There is a place where tall people can relax and bask in the joy of having a few (or several) extra inches over the general population. 

Tall in crowd

Where is this glamorous paradise, you ask? Tall Clubs International! If you’re not familiar with what this organization is, the idea is simple: tall people need a place to get together without those that are vertically challenged present. 
There is one requirement to join a club near you, though: you have to be tall. For men, this means having a height of 6’2” or over, and women can join at 5’10” or taller.
That’s it! Pretty easy stuff to join a tall club compared to other clubs out there – join here!

Forget your height for a while..

When you’re tall, people tend to focus on your height alone rather than you as a person. How many times have you been talking to someone only to notice their eyes are glazing over as they stare up at you?

It could be the sun in their eyes, sure, or the dreamy faraway look shorter people get when they think about all they could do should they ever grow another 5 inches.
More than likely, though, it’s them having a hard time listening to what you’re saying because your height has prevented all rational thought from entering their mind. 

fuck you're tall

It’s okay – we’re used to the tall comments and all. But wouldn’t it be great to have a social gathering where everyone is gracefully gifted with height and the focus is all about you and having fun? 

From #tallpeopleproblems to politics

The origin of Tall Clubs International (TCI) dates back to 1938, when an unusually tall girl named Kae Sumner found she had trouble fitting her knees under her school desk, on buses and at regular tables.

With a wish for a club where tall people could meet, she founded the California Tip Toppers Club later that same year after eight people responded to an article she published in the L.A. Times inviting people to contact her to discuss the problems tall people faced in society. 
Tall People Problems_tallsome
Alright, those weren’t really societal problems, but we can have a little fun, right? Well.. The club grew like wildfire, and the original nine members embarked on a journey to change the way the world treated tall people.

Larger furnishings were made (like the king-sized mattress), lines of clothing for tall people were introduced and the American Association of Tall Clubs (AATC) was introduced in 1947.

Finally! Tall people had a home of their very own, all thanks to a tall girl with a dream of changing society to fit her needs.

Take the next step and join a tall-club

Tall Clubs International operates all across North America, Canada and Europe, with more groups being added all the time.

There’s never been a better time to be tall, and TCI has a place ready for you when you’re ready to take the next step
Join Tall Clubs International


3 Responses
  • Joana
    December 14, 2015

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Rued! I honestly didn’t know about this organization. And it really does seem like you say: a glamorous paradise for the tallsome! ☺
    Speaking of other people’s comments, people should really learn their way with words! I find it so rude when people stare and ask questions.
    I am pretty tall myself (6ft 5 – which is a lot for a girl!) and I get stared at very often. I’m already used to that, but some of the comments really do drive me crazy! I’m very calm by nature but this has been a sensitive issue while I was growing up and it still is sometimes, which is why it bothers me when I get comments like: “OMG you’re so tall for a girl, is everybody in your family so tall or just you?”, or “Do you play basketball or something?”
    I bet all of us have experienced this one way or the other!

  • Anonymous
    September 14, 2019

    I have a 13 yr old that is pushing 6’ in a hurry. Is this unusual? Would he qualify or the club?

    • Rued
      October 23, 2019

      Everybody who feels taller than their peers is more than welcome here at Tallsome. Pushing 6′ at 13 sounds pretty tall, but nothing to worry about. I hope your kid accepts the height, maybe even learns to love it.

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