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Are Sweatpants or Jeans warmer?

Sweatpants are warmer than jeans. Sweatpants are made from cotton and a polyester blend, with multiple layers and sometimes added fleece. Denim is a single layer with limited heat qualities.

It’s not easy to give a definite answer, as both jeans and sweatpants vary a lot in what they are made of.

Thus, it will depend on many factors, like thickens of the material used, the combination of materials, and layering.

But in general, sweatpants will be more comfortable to wear in cold weather—weird as it sounds.

Sweatpants are made from cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. The inner and fuzzy soft part of sweatpants is a polyester type of fiber that is extra warm and retains heat better than denim.

Jeans are made from denim that is a cotton blend but made differently.

Denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric woven with indigo, gray, or mottled white yarn.

Jeans also have other materials added like elastin, to make the clothing more stretchy and comfortable. But they are often thinner and thus colder to be a part of winter outfits.

One thing is the objective qualities of the fabrics. Another thin is how these garments are perceived.

Normally, you’d think that jeans are more fitting for cold weather. But this is probably due to the fact they they are more wind proof and fit tighter.

Sweatpants are normally worn at home, even though they are getting popular outside as well.

Let’s dive deeper into the question of jeans vs. sweatpants.

Are jeans or sweatpants better for snow?

The simple answer would be neither since cotton is not the best material when it comes to snow. Cotton is absorbent, and will not provide protection from cold when it gets wet.

sweatpants or jeans warmer

If you have to choose between sweatpants or jeans for snow, I recommend you to go with the first option, because it should be warmer.

The problem with winter is not just cold weather, it’s rather the rain and snow that will make you look for something more appropriate.

When cotton gets wet it conducts heat away from your body 25 times faster than dry clothes.

And sometimes you can’t help getting your legs wet when the rain and snow is falling.

So, both are bad, but sweatpants are made of a fabric with better qualities for retaining heat (when it’s dry).

Jeans are sturdier and will keep out wind and cold better than sweatpants.

Are sweatpants good for winter?

Sweatpants are made as comfortable and warm clothes that are versatile and worn on practically any occasion. But are they suited for the winter months?

That depends on various factors:

  • How harsh is the winter?
  • Is it windy and snowy?
  • How thick are the sweatpants?

All of the above will tell you if your pair of favorite sweatpants is the right choice.

Sweatpants are often a synonym for warm clothes, because of their cotton substance and ability to retain heat that your body produces.

While they do keep you warm, you must keep them dry.

Wet cotton is not only uncomfortable to wear but can even make you lose heat and get colder, faster.

This is why sweatpants can be a good option for dry winters, but not so good for snow.

You would think that sweatpants are great for sweating. And they can work as workout clothes. But soon after they get wet, they must be taken off.

There is one more concern to think about, and that is wind.

Sweatpants offer little to no protection from wind.

And you will feel warmer in a pair of solid jeans if the wind is blowing on your legs.

Are jeans good for winter?

Jeans may be stylish and easy to combine for a good fashionable look, but they are rarely that great as winter clothes.

While they are versatile and often made from thicker materials, jeans simply feel colder than most clothes.

When denim becomes wet, it loses 95% of its thermal properties and this will make you feel a lot colder.

Besides that, they don’t protect you much from wind either, so you will be freezing in no time if the weather is harsh.

If you insist on wearing jeans in the winter, there are a few things to think about.

  • Buy winter jeans – they do make jeans that are thicker and thus warmer for the winter season;
  • Wear something under them – a pair of high-quality underclothes made from polyester or wool will make any pair of jeans warmer;
  • Wear jeans as an underlayer – if you need to get to a certain place and look presentable there, think about putting on a pair of waterproof outer layers over your jeans.

Best clothes for winter

When you think of winter clothes, remember that layering is the key to keeping warm.

By creating layers, you are using the air between clothes as insulation, and this is a great way to keep your body’s heat from going away.

Focus on these factors:

  • Flexibility
  • Breathable materials
  • Layering
  • Heat retaining
  • Wind protection
  • Snow protection

Let’s see how to create layers.

  1. The base layer should be some kind of wool or polyester because you will be protected against cold, but it will also wick the sweat away from your body. This means if you sweat, the moisture will evaporate and dry fast. This layer is the closest one to your skin, so make sure it’s comfortable to wear.
  2. The mid-layer can be something comfortable and stretchy that will allow you to move freely while acting like insulation. It’s can be made from polypropylene or other regular fabrics. This piece of clothes can be creative and with a bit more style. There are amazing new models for winter pants that offer protection from the elements while looking awesome.
  3. The outer layer should be protective, so it needs to be waterproof and windproof if the conditions are rough where you’re at. A high-quality jacket or a coat will go a long way.

Fun fact
The world’s thinnest and warmest material is aerogel, and when it’s added to a lining of a coat or jacket, it offers maximum protection and insulation, with minimum thickness.

Ok, we got winter “covered”, but what about summer?

Best Clothes for Summer

Summer clothes by definition are light, airy and short. 

The goal is to allow your body to cool down and wear clothes that dry fast in humid and sweaty situations.

In the summer, you usually wear one layer only. So, you might be wondering whether this one layer should be sweatpants.

Are sweatpants good for hot weather?

Although the name indicates is, sweatpants are not the best choice when it comes to hot weather.

Sweatpants are often considered warm clothes and they usually have a fleece or fuzzy inner layer, so they are good at keeping the heat in.

In the summer you want to let that heat out.

Hot weather and high temperatures inevitably bring a lot of moisture and sweating, and sweatpants are made from cotton that doesn’t support your body’s cooling mechanism.

Since you are bound to sweat, wearing materials that just absorb the moisture is not a perfect scenario.

Sweatpants are great as long as they are dry, but if you sweat in them and keep them on, they’ll get wet and feel horrible on the skin.

You can also be left with big sweat-marks that take ages to dry.

Are jeans good for summer?

Jeans are too warm for a hot summer day as the thick denim keeps in the warmth and moisture from the body.

Although jeans aren’t great for a warm day, they may be better than a thick pair of sweatpants.

Jeans are made from thinner material or denim, so they will feel a lot lighter and more comfortable in high temperatures.

If you find a thin, breathable variation of denim, it may offer a stylish appearance while keeping you cool.

But remember, jeans often have elastane in them and this material is not getting along with sweat and can look wet for long.

So, what should you wear?

What to wear in Summer?

Breathability and lightness are the priorities when choosing clothes for the summer. If possible, you want to cover less of your body; shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.

When it comes to the best clothes for summer, think about:

  • Lightweight and breathable materials;
  • Light colors, because dark colors absorb more heat;
  • Loose and comfortable fit, to avoid too much sweating;
  • Shorter clothes, like shorts, dresses, and shirts that will allow you to cool down with ease;

No matter if it is summer or winter there is always a way to incorporate sweatpants and jeans into your wardrobe, you just have to be smart and creative.


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