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Son of a Tailor Review (honest look at 4 tees!)

This is a review of Son of a Tailor’s classic cotton t-shirt (green + blue), their short-sleeved pique polo, and the pique polo long-sleeve.

Is Son of a Tailor Good?

Yes, Son of a Tailor is a modern and high-quality take on the classic t-shirt. They focus on durable fabrics, a customized fit, and sustainable production.

The complaints, I’ve heard about Son of a Tailor revolve around the fit. But that’s something you control yourself. Therefore, you just need to take advantage of the “fit guarantee” and try again.

When you hit the perfect fit, Son of a Tailor isn’t just good, it’s great. These t-shirts are some of the best, I’ve tried.

To give you a better impression of how the t-shirts fit and feel, I wanted to not just write a review, but also make a video.

In this video, I’m giving you some insights about the brand, the products, and my general opinion about these guys:

To make it easier to navigate the golden information below, I’ve made a Table of Contents to help you a bit. You probably use your phone, so here’s a bit of help with navigating this whole thing.


If you order some t-shirts and get them delivered to your home, try them on – but don’t expect a perfect fit.

Why? Isn’t that the whole point of made to measure? Yes, but hold on a second.

You shouldn’t do like I did when I first put on the Son of Tailor t-shirts; looking in the mirror and quickly conclude that they don’t fit.

I then went to the website to find return information, because I thought that Son of a Tailor had made a mistake.

As it turns out, they hadn’t.

It was I who hadn’t read the information that comes with the products thoroughly enough.


When you unbox your new products, they’re actually a bit too big. And there’s a very good reason why:

Garments shrink when washed. 

Son of a Tailor - shrink when washed

Therefore, Son of a Tailor has been so smart that they added a few inches to your new clothes.

This extra size disappears when the t-shirts are washed, because the cotton, wool or pique shrinks when washed.

So, I also washed my new clothes and afterwards, they fitted absolutely perfectly.

Bottom line: 

Your new clothes will shrink, but that’s on purpose. Don’t worry about it, as Son of a Tailor already has.

Let your t-shirts shrink a little bit, and then they get the fit and size you asked for.

How should my t-shirt fit?

Son of a Tailor has an algorithm that can calculate your measurements based only on a few parameters.

They constantly improve on this tool to make it ever more accurate, and it seems like it does a pretty good job when determining fit based on

  • age
  • height
  • weight
  • shoe size.

Kind of odd, really, but it’s actually pretty precise.


Being 6’8″ and weighing 230 pounds, I’m not a guy with average proportions. Knowing this, I turned to the manual measurements instead of the algorithm.

Surely, I could have started with the algorithm and adjusted, but I wasn’t that smart. Instead, I pulled out the old measuring tape and had my girlfriend measure my limbs.

Son of a Tailor - My measurements

It takes about 15 minutes to do it right and note down all the numbers on Son of a Tailors website. You have a user in there, where they store the size information for next time, you need it.

Son of Tailor also has a really nice series of small videos that guide you in measuring yourself the right way.

Here’s an example:

Do this right once, go through the hassle of actually doing it, and enjoy the liberty of never having to do it agin. Unless you change proportions dramatically.


The cool thing about Son of a Tailor is that you get to customise your t-shirts. It’s not just an off-shelf piece of clothing – no, you can alter the overall dimensions, the sleeves, the hem and add your initials to add the last customisation to your new clothes.

I’ve taken great advantage of this, as it is close to impossible to find an off-the-shelf t-shirt when you are 6’8″. Besides the changing of proportions, I’ve also used the option to customise sleeves and add initials at the bottom of my t-shirts.

Initials on Son of a Tailor t-shirt

It’s a very subtle detail that no one will really notice. But you’ll know it’s there, and you’ll love the reminder of wearing something custom made for you.

My initials, RCR, are on my 4 t-shirts from Son of a Tailor, as it doesn’t really cost anything extra to add them. So why not.

Besides the initials, you can alter the hem and the sleeves as wells. I chose folded sleeves on my t-shirts because I like the look and fit of a folded sleeve. Just looks a little more “designed”, than the more flappy sleeves resulting from regular stitching.

Son of a Tailor - rolled sleeves

The rolled sleeves are then given a small stitching to keep it in place, so you don’t have to roll them every time you put on your t-shirt.


The color of the t-shirts I’ve ordered from Son of a Tailor does fade. No doubt about that. I don’t think you can produce a cotton t-shirt that doesn’t lose its color over time.

The cool thing with Son of a Tailor, though, it that it happens much slower than with regular brands.

I have t-shirts that are 5-6 years old, the blue and green cotton t-shirts you see in the video above, and in my opinion, they still look pretty fresh.

Without naming any names, the cheaper brands that sell t-shirts can’t match this. Some of their t-shirts look horrible even after the first wash. “Single-use” t-shirts.

Son of a Tailor is another story. They last for long. Both the colour and fit stays very well. It’s obvious that something goes behind these t-shirts in terms of production and process.

I found a short little video that the brand had produced. It shows their facility where the t-shirts and other designs are produced. Everything just reaps of respect and quality. “Built to be part of your wardrobe for years”:


The price point of made to measure t-shirts will always be higher than cheap, mass-produced apparel. That doesn’t come as a surprise – and I actually think the prices of Son of a Tailor’s clothes, in general, is very fair.

Normally, a lot of what you pay is for the brand you like. Some designer somewhere is reaping the benefits of having a strong name, and people want to pay for that, for some reason. You don’t. You want to pay for quality.

And that’s exactly where your money go when you buy something here. It’s about the longer process, the better materials and the responsibility around how your clothing is produced. Very little waste. Happy employees. All those good things.

Son of a Tailor is not that big of a name, yet, so buy something from them while they are still kind of a startup. Paying the extra money to get some quality garments, and a tailor-made fit is just plain worth it.

If you need that last motivation to purchase your first t-shirt from Son of a Tailor, but you hesitate because of the price – then just use my 15% voucher by typing in ‘Tallsome’ when checking out. That should do it. Now go get some.

15% voucher = Tallsome


All in all, I’m a big fan of this brand, as they’ve given me some of the best t-shirts and polos, I have in my wardrobe. Even though I had some initial difficulties back in the day with getting the fit right, this is long forgotten.

Son of a Tailor offers a Fit Guarantee, and I used that to get another t-shirt the first time around. Something was off with the room around the torso, so I asked for another one with a bit more room. The second time around, it was perfect.

I know from some of my friends that this initial hassle is what keeps them from getting t-shirts from Son of a Tailor, and I understand that it’s a bit different from what you normally expect when shopping.

But once you get past this initial challenge of measuring yourself and putting it into your profile, you are golden. The feeling of having hit the fit, and now the doors are just open to order whatever you want. Cause you know it’ll fit.

This was my updated Son of a Tailor review from 2020 – I hope you found it enlightening and feel like giving Son of a Tailor a chance to contribute to your wardrobe. You won’t regret it.

Older Son of a Tailor review

A few years ago, I got my first Son of a Tailor t-shirt. Back then, I wrote a blog post about the first impressions and posted it here on the blog. I’ve included the old Son of a Tailor review below.

A DHL guy just rang my door and handed me my t-shirt from Son of a Tailor. I unpacked it, tried it on, took a couple of pictures, and now I’m going to tell you my first impressions. Here’s my Son of a Tailor Review of my first tailor-made t-shirt.

Son of a Tailor

15% voucher = ‘Tallsome’

A small Copenhagen based company that wants to raise the bar for how good your t shirts should be. They don’t settle for mediocracy – they want you to treasure your t-shirts as much as your shirts.

A t-shirt should fit you perfectly, measured out by a tailor and it has to be made of quality garments. This is what goes into Son of a Tailor’s concept of high quality, tailor-made t-shirts.

They contacted me because of Tallsome.

What if tall people just had their t-shirts tailor-made?

Then there wouldn’t be any problems with torso length, baggy fit or any other tall people problems. I said yes – please make me a perfect t-shirt, and shortly after, a tailor called me.

The initial idea is that you yourself go on their website ( ‘TALLSOME’ at checkout gives 15% off.) to put in your measurements. And that’s a great way to do it – if you already know them.

Measuring out yourself is fairly easy, but it takes a little bit of effort and a some measure tape. That’s why they are now considering the phone call from a tailor instead.

The guy who called me was really friendly and asked questions about my body’s dimensions, how ‘normal’ t-shirts fit me and what kind of styling I liked.

A few weeks passed, and now I sit here with my t-shirt on.

Son of a Tailor

Black Cotton Shirt Review

First impressions are really good. Stylish packaging and a really good experience to unpack and unfold the t-shirt.

Son of a Tailor bag Son of a Tailor box

Putting it on for the first time, it felt like it is made of high quality materials. It is a bit thin in the fabric, which I think is fine, but that’s up to you what you prefer.

The fit is custom made – that is clear. Normal t-shirts are baggy, short and kinda square. This one is longer, more fitted at the waist and long enough for my 6’8” body.

Son of a Tailor long torso

The sleeves are rolled up and stitched to stay that way – I think I asked for that.

What I also asked for is minor detail: Embroidery at the waist with my initials RCR. Personalized without being flashy that the letters are there. I like that, but that’s not what makes the big difference.

Son of a Tailor embroidery

What this is all about for me is the general fit. Considering length first, it’s a great length. Not too short and also not too long, which some of the Asos Longline stuff can be at times.

That it is fitted at the waist means that I look a little slimmer. That’s alright, as I am pretty thin, but if it was much more than it is, it would have been to much.

Son of a Tailor waist

The sleeves are very well made, but a little short. You can almost see the beginning of my shoulders. I’d prefer a couple of extra inches there.

Son of a Tailor short sleeves

Something that needs to be changed is the width around the chest. When talking to the tailor, I specified my chest dimensions.

Make sure to make it wide enough!

But the shirt is kind of tight underneath the arms. The shirt is up in the armpits, and it shouldn’t be.

BUT! This is the good thing about Son of a Tailor – you get a second t-shirt for free!

First t-shirt to test – Second t-shirt to love

This first one is just to adjust the aim and see, whether they are totally off or pretty close. This t-shirt is overall really great, and it will surely turn out great with minor adjustments.

I’m gonna ask for longer sleeves and wider chest – that’s pretty much it. Did I say they do the second one for free? That is, when you have paid approximately $55 for it all. Then they are prepared to first hit home-run the second time around.

When you’ve found your perfect t-shirt with Son of a Tailor, then it’s all about choosing the style, you like.

Short sleeve, black custom fitted t-shirt

They save your dimensions, so all future t-shirts will fit you perfectly.

Tailor made t-shirts – a great thing for us tall people. Go have a look and see if there’s something for you.

I’ll make sure to give an update on the second t-shirt I get – I hope it’s gonna be spot on! 🙂

15% voucher = Tallsome

Use the 15% voucher = ‘Tallsome’ at checkout. It works for everything, storewide.

Thanks for reading my Son of a Tailor review.

And then leave a quick comment below – I reply to everything.

14 Responses
  • Jeroen |
    May 20, 2017

    Have you already recieved your second shirt?

    • Rued
      June 11, 2017

      Yes, and it fits me perfectly 🙂

      • Anonymous
        October 15, 2017

        what are your measurements?

        • Rued
          October 16, 2017

          Height: 6’8″ / 204cm
          Weight: 231 lbs / 105 kg
          Inseam: 38″ / 96 cm
          Sleeve: 30″ (+10″ w/ back piece) / 76 cm
          Chest: 47″ / 120 cm
          Waist: 34″ / 91 cm
          Shoes: EUR 46 / US 13

  • Chingsis
    December 29, 2017

    need to give them a try.
    Saw it on one guy in hotel new york, it looked hot.

    • Rued
      April 20, 2020

      Do that – it’s a whole new feel around t-shirts, when they are made to measure. Also a rather inexpensive way to get a foot in the door on tailored clothing. But also dangerous to experience what it actually feels like to have a t-shirt made to measure, as you’ll get addicted to tailored stuff right then and there 🙂

  • Morten
    April 22, 2020

    I have just received my first two Son of a Taylor T-shirt. The fit and quality is very good, but I could need a bit of extra length. I’ll add that on my next order.

    • Rued
      April 22, 2020

      Nice – such a cool packaging as well, right? Well, if the shirts aren’t a perfect fit, use the Fit Guarantee and just explain the need for some extra length to Son of a Tailor. You’ll get a new iteration on the fit at no extra cost. I did the same, because my very first t-shirts were too narrow around the chest.

  • Eric
    April 24, 2020

    Just made my first order…long sleeve polo/henley. Eager to see the fit. I’m 6’5″.

    • Rued
      April 24, 2020

      Nice – share a picture or something, when you’ve gotten it and tried it on. Remember that the polo probably needs a first wash before it’s a perfect fit.

      • Eric
        May 11, 2020

        So I received my long sleeve Henley last week. Sizing looks fine and quality. My complaint is that I specifically ordered my initials but it apparently disappeared in the final order. I also noticed this problem when considering a T-shirt and the initials disappeared when looking at the order. I was not pleased with the response from the company when I contacted them, as they simply said, “It was not on the order”. I would have expected a response that spoke to my apparent dissatisfaction. Again, I’m pleased with the product but annoyed that my complaint was given little consideration.

  • Monal Bahukhandi
    September 28, 2020

    looking Nice brand, older son of a tailor..

  • Hayden
    January 12, 2022

    Did you order the medium 150gsm or heavy weight 200gsm cotton? How would you describe the weight/thickness?

  • Hashtag Academy
    June 2, 2022


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