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Plus 2 Clothing Review

I review a couple of tall tees from Plus 2 Clothing and give my honest opinion about them after 6 months of regular use.

Plus 2 Clothing Review


Long t-shirts for ‘street’ tall people


all people need tall tees – which is normally a t-shirt for skiers and skaters, but they also come in handy for “Plus 2 People” like me. These t-shirts are super long in the torso, so you won’t show your belly button every time you
lift your arms.

This time around, I will give my honest opinion about some tall tees from the relatively new brand – Plus 2 Clothing. And I can reveal that I am very positive about these tees.

Here are some other tall tees, I love: 3 Recommended Tall Tees

The guys from Plus 2 Clothing sent me these t-shirts a while ago – 6 months or so – and I think they have grown pretty impatient with me because I have taken so long to write about them.

Plus 2 Clothing guy

But I have a lot going on at the moment – and now I can review them after having worn them for a long time, and hence give you an idea of durability and feel. So better late than never, right?

As I mentioned to begin with, I’m am very happy about these badboys. Their fit, feel and design is perfect according to my taste. I’ve been disappointed once or twice by so called tall tees, and when I try those on, they are not long enough at all – but these ones actually are!

Plus 2 Clothing writes “Hide Your Fly” on the little cardboard labels on the t-shirts, and their tall tees actually DO hide your fly.

Plus 2 Tall Tee

Hide Your Fly!

I concidered doing a no-pants picture to state that your private parts really are covered by the t-shirt even if you are as tall as me at 6′ 8″ – but I decided not to throw that picture on the world wide web.

As you can see in the pictures, they are rather skater-ish or street as some call it. Suits me great with this casual cut and nice semi-baggy fit – without being XXXL’y where you look like a square or a tent.

XXXL t-shirt

Black Dropped Tail with Golden Zippers

The black drop-tail with golden zippers is a little tighter on me and is of a sturdier quality – it’s 34 dollars. It isn’t as elastic and soft as the normal tall tees that I have in grey and black, but that’s really a matter of taste what you like.

golden Plus 2 drop-tail with golden zippers

That being said, the black one with the golden zippers is probably my favorite tall tee of all time. I absolutely love this t-shirt because of its long torso. Especially the dropped tail makes it cover my ass. And if you’re as tall as me, you know that’s special.

grabbing tall tee

The golden zippers are of a good quality and add a really nice touch of design to a plain t-shirt. They work and you can use them to unzip the sides of your tall tee. If that’s something you want to do. But that’s probably not what they’re there for. Leave them be and enjoy this extra detailing. I love it.

golden zipper on drop tail tall tee plus 2 Clothing

Plain Grey Tall Tee

The ‘normal’ tall tees you can buy from Plus 2 Clothing are great too – they are 22 US dollars or 3 for 42. Little less designed than the black drop tail, but these ones fits me perfectly and are super relaxed to wear. I took some quick pictures of the t-shirt with my old iPhone 4 to give you an idea of design and fit.

grey tall tee torso

Yep, that’s what it looks like, and I think it’s one of the best t-shirts I own. It’s just a t-shirt, but with length added to the torso. And it has a small chest pocket, as you can see in the picture. The neck is nicely large and open and torso is straigth cutted.

grey tall tee Plus 2 Clothing back torso

grey tall tee sleeve

Plus 2 Clothing Review

And all that info in the back is printed on the shirt, which is much greater than an irritating ‘Ralp Lauren’-like label. Lots of cotton, designed in Australia, made in China.

Other stuff at Plus 2 Clothing

There’s a Plus 2 Clothing Instagram profile, a facebook page, a physical shop in Australia and a real nice and simple web shop that shows all their apparel. Go check it out – more tall tees, some Plus 2 caps, jerseys and a lot of other pieces coming up.


Black on Black Plus 2 Clothing


Shipping and Returns

One thing is shipping, which is something to consider. Because for non-Australians, Australia is pretty far away. I sit here and right all this in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. Getting clothing sent here from the other side of the World costs money. Read more about Plus 2’s shipping and returns.

And then there is something with customs, but these factors are a reality for all e-commerce’ers.

Bottom line – I love these shirts and you will too

This concludes my Plus 2 Clothing Review. That’s what I wanted to say – the tall tees from Plus 2 Clothing hits a dry spot in my life and I absolutely love these guys. Go try some yourselves and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I’m this excited because they are long PLUS they are well designed and fitted for tall people like you and me.

They have a great blog too – life hacks, skater stories and other stuff for the tall and awesome #tallsome.

I’ll try to get a nice discount for you guys, so you can try these amazing threads.

Plus 2 selection

Comment, share – do something, so we can get a little interaction going in here 🙂


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