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Perfect Tailor-made Tall Tee in 2nd Attempt

Here’s a short video, where I’m going to tell you about a new t-shirt I had made for me by Son of a Tailor. It’s custom-made, meaning that I talked to a tailor, who made a t-shirt for me after that. I tried it on, talked to the tailor again, and he corrected the t-shirt – and now it is spot on.

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Transcript of this video


Today I’m going to talk about this new T-shirt that I got from a company called Son of a Tailor. See, I got this little note that says it’s from 2014 based in Copenhagen, it’s a single jersey made from organic cotton, and a lot of other cool things. But the real cool thing about this T-shirt is that it’s made especially for me.

So, I got this call from a tailor, from Son of a Tailor and he asked me a lot of questions about my body proportions and how tall I am, how wide and how I like t-shirt fit, color and everything. Afterwards, he sent me the first T-shirt I got, so I tried this first T-shirt on. It was a little tight around the chest and the sleeves were too short as well, so I called him and I told him about the things that I didn’t like and the things that I did like about the T-shirt from Son of a Tailor.

Then I got this t-shirt and it’s just perfect. It’s as I said, made to measure. It’s tailor-made for me and now that I have this T-shirt and they have the specific dimensions of this T-shirt, I could just go ahead and order all the T-shirts I want from Son of a Tailor because I know that they’ll fit my body. I’m six foot eight and that is the reason why it’s really hard for me to find clothing – especially T-shirts and shirts. So I think it’s a really cool concept to just make T-shirts tailor-made. I can really recommend that you, if you’re tall like me, you go to their website and check out the different styles they have and maybe order your first T-shirt. It’s a really cool concept because the first T-shirt you get is free, kind of. So you test that, you try it on and then you tell the tailor, “I like this and that. I don’t like those things” and then you get the perfect T-shirt the second time around and from now I don’t really have to worry about T-shirts because these T-shirts is made. Go check Son of a Tailor out!

That was my short review of Son of a Tailor. Have a nice day and see you soon.


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