Pants for tall men


It’s hard to find pants for tall men.

Either they’re not in your size at all.

Or you don’t like the style of those that are.


It is possible to find great web shops online that specialize in pants for tall men.

In these niche stores, you find both the right fit and style for your long legged body.

This list contains my 10 favorite pants for tall men – with guidance on sizing, prizing range and shipping details.

Happy shopping! 🎉


G star

G StarPants for Tall Men - G star

 Up to 40″ inseam

High Price Range

Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: G-star has in stock for tall men, great-looking and well-designed tapered pants, chinos and sweatpants. So with an inseam of 38 inches, you can purchase a pair still putting into consideration that you are very tall. For most conventional stores, you would find between 30-33 inches inseam as the average range, however, G-star has advanced further in that aspect. Tall guys should see this as an opportunity to purchase some G-stars wears.

About G-star: As far back as 1989, G-brand has been known to be a fashion brand who are known for having lots of styles and fabrics variety. For instance, their love for denim, has made them discover new innovations on how to achieve different results in its transformation into something wearable.

To shop and read more about G-star, visit here

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Pants for tall men Nordstrom cover

Up to 36″ inseam + filter option

Medium/high end pricing

Free shipping + Free Returns

Why we recommend: There are lots of pants available for tall men on Nordstrom, and three exceptional things we like about these pants are: the broad variety, the styles’ boldness and the classic look they give.

So for tall guys who are looking to buy pants, with the availability of 36 inches inseam with a filter option available, Nordstrom is one sure place to check. If you want to shop in the US, you can also check out a physical Nordstrom store and give the pants a run through before you make a purchase. Ordering online also gives you the opportunity of picking them up at a physical store. This benefit applies to those who live in the US however.

About NORDSTROM: Nordstrom which was established in 1901, has found its way to the forefront as one of the fashion brands which has something in stock for all categories. Starting off in Seattle, the brand has spread its tentacles to other states, numbering 40, and Canada as well. Nordstrom puts her customers first, and this is forever constant.

To know more and also shop on Nordstrom, click here

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Old Navy

Pants for Tall Men - Old Navy

Up to 36″ inseam

Medium Price Range

Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: Old Navy is a fashion brand under GAP, which has modern and fashionable attires for every member of the family. Old Navyis an American brand, and it is known for satisfying the need of people who savor really good wears such as pants, nice joggers, khakis and the likes. Tall men can seize this opportunity to add some Old Navy pants to their collection.

About Old Navy: Established in 1994, Old Navy happens to be one of the main retailers of quality wears. They also have over a thousand physical stores spread out across the world. For more information about Old Navy, feel free to check here

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American Tall

Pants for tall men american tall cover

Max out at 42 x 38


  Free Shipping & Free Returns to anywhere in the United States.

Why we recommend: American Tall specifically has to do with the Tall, and it is really a good move. For the extra-tall man, there is still some good-looking pants which would look great on him. American Tall deals with quality fabrics which are long-lasting even after numerous washing. The pants have a tapered fit and straight leg which would give the tall man and noticeably the legs, a nice shape.

About American Tall: American Tall was founded in 2015 by a father and son in Canada. Their primary aim is to make available the suitable clothing option for tall men who have a normal build. Currently, American Tall is making some good waves when it comes to tall men clothing which can be compared to other stores. The fit are just right for tall men, and this makes American Tall a sure place to explore.

Check here for more info about American Tall

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Pants for tall men - Asos

Skinny + slim chinos, trousers in fresh styles, suit trousers, joggers

Very affordable

  Free shipping (spend $29) + Free Returns

Why we recommend: One striking feature about Asos, is the fact that the wears especially the Pants, are very affordable. Asos Tall focuses on really tall men, and taking a look at the pants section shows the astounding collection of various sorts of pants, suit trousers, chinos and joggers in variety of styles, prices and fitting.

About Asos: If you are looking for one of the foremost fashion brands in the world, ASOS is one of them. They have a lot of products for all categories. Originally founded in the UK, ASOS has centres in some major parts of the world, from where they ship products to almost all the countries in the world.

To know more about Asos, you can check here

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Eddie Bauer


Pants for tall men - Eddie Bauer

 – Cargo pants in slim fit, chino, flannel, fleece, exotic fabrics


 Free shipping on all orders of $99 or more for Standard Delivery to the U.S.

Why we recommend: On this store, there are nice varieties of Pants to pick from, flex jeans, chinos pants, Pro-pants amongst others. For each item, there is at least a different colour or more, for those who need a wide assortment of colours to select from.

About Eddie Bauer: Eddie Bauer is an embodiment of innovation, quality and skill. They offer pioneering desifns coupled with the production of premium quality wears and accessories for men and women which are in line with modern fashion. So for any category of wear, Eddie Bauer surely has something substantial for you.

Read more about Eddie Bauer here.

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Westport Big & Tall


Pants for tall men Westport Big and Tall cover

 Big & Tall, Up to size 56

  High end prizing

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: Westport Big and tall is specifically for plus size and “extra-length” men. Slim fit pants are on the store with various colours to pick from, the same applies to other wears such as jogger pants, workout pants and the likes. So, tall men do not have reasons to worry about getting a trouser which works with their length.

About Westport Big & Tall: Westport Big and Tall is a fashion brand equipped with wears which are meant for men who have extra inches in their body size and height. The wears shows that Westport Big & Tall are in tune with modern fashion.

To read more about Westport Big & Tall, click here.

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Pants for tall men - Amazon

Up to size 66

  Low + Medium + High Price Range

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: Amazon fashion store has classic pants for big and tall men, which are exclusively styled to taste, there are lots of brands to select from on the store for pants.

About Amazon: Amazon happens to be a multifunctional store which does not only deal with the sales of fashion-related products, but also products which are beneficial to technology, finance and the likes. It is one sure store to get any product you need.

To check out more products on Amazon, check here.

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Pants for tall men - GAP

 – Straight fit + skinny fit pants, khakis


 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: Gap stores are aware of the fact that pants have a quintessential role to play in the makeup of any outfit. Shopping on Gap stores exposes you to good-looking high quality pants, khakis, chinos and many more, all for tall men. So, for a good addition to your wardrobe, Gap stores is a good place to start looking.

About Gap:

Gap stores is on a continuous mission to ensuring that all categories of people are satisfied when it comes to selecting and the eventual purchase of wears.

Click here for more info about GAP

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Pants for tall men - GAP

 Tall Outdoor pants, double canvas, cargo pants

 Medium price range

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: Patagonia has 10 styles for tall men, and they consist of Quandary pants, straight fit pants, denim pants and the likes. The prices are quite affordable, so it is something which tall men would want to add to their wardrobe collection.

This online store is in the business of catering for the fashion well-being of all categories. To read up more info about Patagonia, click here

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Tips for Choosing Pants as a Tall Man

Pants are just pants, right? Of course not, and not at all if you are a tall man like me.

For people of normal height, the selection of pants is vast. But for tall guys, you have a much smaller pool to select pants from, and that makes the choice so much harder.



The hard thing about tall men’s pants is that the extra length can make the fit look a bit odd, the style is often something of a compromise because of the smaller selection, and the price is higher than normal due to the nature of a niche product.


There are some tips that makes it easier to select a good pair of long length pants, which I’d like to share with you:

  1. Go for neutral colors like black, grey and dark blue. Basic colors look good with almost anything, and therefore you get to wear your favorite tall pants more often. I have even bought more of the same pair of pants to be able to wear the style more often. If you find a perfect fit, why not buy an extra pair.
  2. Seek out specialized brands. Dedicated tall brands just know better when it comes to designing for the tall man. The pockets are positioned right, the tapering of the legs are done much more elegantly, and you can probably buy more clothes than just pants with them. This will make it easier to put together a look that works for you.
  3. Choose the right style for your legs. Carrot leg pants or pants that are more loose up top and more tight around the ankles will make your long legs look great. Of course, if comes down to the style you like, but I personally love how this style of pants for longer legs doesn’t make your legs look super skinny. But at the same time, they are tight enough around the ankles to make the pants look tapered and modern.

If you have your own tips for choosing the perfect pair of pants for the tall man, then I urge you to write a comment down below with your favorite brand, style or tip.

Tips for the Right Pant Size

If you want to measure your inseam or your leg length, I want to share with you a few tools, you can use. These are my favorites and will make you more likely to order just the right size, if you are buying tall pants online.


1. Measure your inseam by TailorStore

This short video shows you how to measure your inseam. Place the measuring tape way up – close to the crown jewels – and place the other end where you want the pants or pants to end.


2. Know the difference between WAIST and HIPS

If you mistake waist and hips, you are likely to get some pants that are way to big or small. Make sure that you are measuring your waist, which is the most common measurement for pants. And the standard way to measure your waist size is ALL the way around – not just one way. For reference, my waist size is 34″, so if you are tall and slim like me, you might be in that area as well.

measure waist hips


3. Are you going for a long or short style?

The pants model you choose might be a short or long model. This means that unless you are buying tailor-made pants, you have to land on a predefined size. This size can be a short or long length, crazy as it sounds. An example could be that American, traditional straight-legged pants are longer in length than Scandinavian fitted/tapered pants. Choosing the latter will make the pants shorter on purpose, as it is part of the look. So look at the model – is it supposed to be a little longer or shorter – and then choose the size that fits with your taste.

short long tall jeans


4. Pants for tall skinny guys

If you are a tall and skinny guy, you should probably take that into account when choosing your fit. Tapered fit would be optimal for you, as tapered pants are fitted without being skin tight. Sometimes, tapered is also called ‘slim fit’ or just ‘fitted’. This is not to be confused with ‘skinny fit’ or ‘extra slim’ – as these are models you won’t look great in with skinny legs.

On the other hand:

If you are out to get some new pants and you are skinny, going for the baggy option is also not great. It’s all a matter of choosing a pair of pants that suit your legs without over emphasising the fact that you have skinny legs. Baggy pants on skinny legs will look awkward as well, so again: tapered or slim fit will probably be your best option.


Pants for tall skinny men

You got skinny legs like me? No worries, as long as everything is in proportion, you look great. And finding pants for tall skinny men is now easier than ever – lots of good shops above. Choosing the right pants for tall skinny men is a matter of taste. Do you

  1. Want a super tight fit that follows the curves and shapes of you leg?
  2. Or don’t you want to show off too much of what’s inside?

If you go for option 1, the slim fit, skinny fit and tapered fit pants are the ones I would recommend. If you on the other hand prefer a more hidden look, where your pants don’t reveal too much of how your legs look, the go for the regular, straight or casual look. My green chinos are fitted in a more regular/loose way that allows for a bit of room, which is super nice. They are from 2tall and they look like this:

pants for tall skinny men

It says Slim Fit, but I would really say they are that slim, if you already know that your legs are skinny. Are you more muscular or a bigger guy (then go here), then these will be slim/tight, but otherwise these tall chinos are great for tall skinny guys looking for pants.


Pants for Tall Men

This list of pants for tall men is curated by Tallsome and based on personal favorites. I urge you to browse through the above stores offering tall men’s pants – as well as the full list of stores selling Tall Men’s Clothing.

Complete List: Tall Men's Clothing

If you have a personal favorite place to buy pants for tall men, I would love to hear from you in the comments ⬇️


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