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Athgene DNA Test Lets You Train Smarter

I am 6’8 and fundamentally of a very skinny build. I have always struggled with this – both in terms of confidence/looks but also in terms of health/posture.

Forget about Weights, Reps and Sets Before Mastering the Stopwatch

Let me take you through my last workout. It’s a new kind – not exactly like how I describe it in my Skinny to Muscle Guide.

Exit Row: How To Always Get Free Seats with Extra Legroom

Exit row seats. Something tall people always look for when ordering plane tickets online with the ability to pick your own seats.

6 Things I Learned from Travelling in Asia

I packed by backpack with a computer and some tall tees. Then I jumped on a plane to Chiang Mai,

Big and Tall Men’s Shoes: 7 Great Webshops with Shoes for Big Feet

Big and Tall Men's Shoes

I know.

It’s hard to find big and tall men’s shoes in physical stores.