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Tall Actor Brian Wade’s Fitness Tips for Tall Guys

[heading_entrance title=”” text=”Brian Wade is 6 foot 3, which is about 190 cm, and as you can see in the video above,

“Wow, you’re tall… Do you play basketball?”

Yes, I am tall.. – and yes; I actually DID play basketball when I was younger. ”Do you play basketball?”

Flying Tall: How To Deal with Long Legs and Airplanes


irplane seats. The word that will make most of us talk endlessly about the impossible positions we have to get into in order to fit inside modern day aircrafts –

Life of the Tall

Welcome to our new series of articles called Life of the Tall. In this series we will be exploring myths and facts about life as a tall person as we try to dig deeper into tall peoples lives.

A closer look at the Solosso Shirt

Please note that this is not a sponsored post – The described shirt has been ordered as a regular customer and paid for –