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New and better editor at Tallsome

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I just got a new editor for this WordPress blog, so now I’ll be having a much better time writing.


This also means that you’ll get more content to explore in the future, as I’ll do my best to write more interesting articles here at


For fellow bloggers, I can tell you it’s called Front-end Editor – makes sense.


I haven’t been writing much lately because the normal editor for WordPress is super outdated – a lot of back and forth editing and layout, instead of focusing on good content.


But that time is over – from now on only good vibes around blogging. 


I’ve been focusing a lot on the social media part of the Tallsome community. Here, both tall men and tall woman are following especially Instagram and a little less of a following is found at Facebook and Twitter.


Find all the social media links in the column to the right, and go follow! The Instagram account is mostly a fun place where I post #tallpeopleproblems and #tallpeopleadvantages.


The hastag #tallsome is gaining popularity and I LOVE when you use it on your own pictures. I think we have around 300 pictures with the #tallsome hashtag by now – thank you so much.


Looking forward to sharing my insights, tips and tricks.



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