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MediumTall Review (+ coupon!)

MediumTall is a Norway-based tall brand for men above 180 cm (5’9″). From 2015 to today, they’ve evolved from slim fit shirts and t-shirts to a whole range of clothing for men above average height.

The brand is founded by two friends, Martin and Kristoffer, who are both 192 cm (6’3″). For some of us, who are really tall, that’s not a lot.

But even at that height, finding clothes that fit starts to become a problem.

MediumTall is an amazing tall brand that offers a modern, Scandinavian style combined with great slim-fit basics in high-quality fabrics.

I’ve reviewed their Pima-t-shirts first, and both fit and quality seem to be “above average” (no pun intended).

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What categories do MediumTall offer?

MediumTall offers shirts and t-shirts for tall men, but expand their clothing range to include more styles, jackets, pants, and more. At the beginning of 2021, MediumTall only offers t-shirts and shirts in white, blue, grey, black, and navy.

MediumTall founders

Although on their Instagram, they’ve revealed a new and bigger line-up of new shirts, casual spring jackets and even pants.

It seems like there’s a lot to look forward to in the realm of tall people’s clothing—with new brands like MediumTall coming to the table.

It becomes increasingly fun for us tall guys to shop for clothing, when there are more tall brands to choose from. That’s for sure.

Let’s take a closer look at what MediumTall has to offer.

MediumTall T-shirts

I can vouch 100% for the t-shirts. I’ve tried many tall tees, and they often end up being too slim or too long.

This time, someone has hit it perfectly for my body. Enough room around the torso to feel comfortable. And a length that doesn’t make the t-shirt look like a dress.

I normally get my t-shirts from Son of a Tailor, who does custom-made t-shirts (made-to-measure).

Of course, these have a near-perfect fit, as they are made especially for me. But I will say that MediumTall comes very close with their Pima t-shirts.

One highlighted factor of their t-shirt is the quality of the fabric. Like many other smaller brands coming into the industry, they focus on long-lasting fabrics.

And rightly so.

Because we as consumers want to pay for quality that lasts. Fast-fashion is becoming a swear word, and sustainability and longevity is the new talk of the town.

MediumTall aligns perfectly with these trends with their t-shirts, which are made of premium, long-lasting cotton staples.

It’s stated on the website, that the Pima-t-shirts are made of the world’s best cotton and should last 50% longer than normal t-shirts.

The long staples also make them wrinkle-proof and soft to the touch. This is something you can also experience from Navas, NIMA, and Son of a Tailor, who does the same.

A cool thing about MediumTall is that they offer a fit-guarantee. So if you somehow don’t like the fit of one of their items, you just send it back.

No hard feelings.

The t-shirts come in white, grey, navy and black as of now.

MediumTall Shirts

The tall-shirt is a clothing item that is very hard to nail. Many have tried, but I am still to put on the perfect shirt for my body.

MediumTall are bold and call their Oxford Shirt for “Perfect Oxford Shirt”. High ambitions—I like it.

I am still to receive my Oxford, but from the reviews, it’s clear that something is going on in the realm of shirts for tall men.

When previous customers use words like “finally”, “never before” and “favorites”, it’s worth noticing.

The Oxford shirts come in white, light blue and navy.

A very convenient way to figure out what size to order is their height range buttons.

I’m 204 cm, so I would click the range “200-205cm”. If you don’t use metric measurements, then ask Google to convert your feet and inches into centimetres for you.

Then you’re probably American in some way, and you are thinking about their shipping terms.

MediumTall offers free worldwide shipping and 100 days of free return.

It seems like someone really wants to make a good first impression, coming into a market dominated not only by huge players like Asos, Nordstrom and GAP.

But also the dedicated tall-brands like American Tall and 2Tall are getting a good grip on the small, but tall audience.

Fast free shipping, easy 100 day returns and good reviews on their products are definitely necessary factors to be able to compete.

MediumTall Combos

MediumTall combines their items on their webshop into what they call “Combos”. These include 3 of the same category, but also a mix of categories like 3 shirts and 3 t-shirts.

This is a good way to sell more stuff, but also a great way for us customers to get our hands on more of their styles without paying full price for every single one of them.

In addition to the savings, you achieve by bundling your items into “combos”, you can deduct an additional 20% by using TALLSOME at checkout.

This is a coupon code, MediumTall has granted to the Tallsome community, and I can only recommend that you take advantage of this generousity.

The combo “New wardrobe” includes 3 shirts and 3 t-shirts, which would normally amount to a total of €444. Buying it as a combo costs €379.

This is a saving of €65 which translates into a discount of about 15%. Using the TALLSOME discount code on top, you can squeeze the price down to €303.

Now, you are looking at about 32% discount on the original price, at which point you need to just place the order, because you’ve won at life.

If you are American, I can tell you that €303 converts to $363. Divided by 6 clothing items that’s $60 per piece.

Compared to a cheap mass-market t-shirt that might seem like a lot. But compared to a high-end, perfectly fitted shirt, it really isn’t.

20% Discount Code

To get a good start on your relationship with MediumTall, use TALLSOME at checkout to get a 20% reduction on your order.

With that being said, you are also very welcome to apply it to your next order. And the next.

There’s really no limit to this coupon code, and it applies to the whole range offered at

So jump in there and get your hands on some new t-shirts and shirts, and I’ll do the same.

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