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Mark Makes Clothes For Tall Guys

We have been complaining about the lack of clothes for tall guys, clothes for tall girls – well, tall clothes in general. Mark from Six8 Clothing Co. does something about it!

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“We want more clothes for tall guys!”

All over the Internet, tall people complain about the existing supply of tall peoples’ clothing – or the lack thereof.


It has gotten a lot better the past few years, but it’s still somewhat of a hassle to find something that fits – and that you like.


Style is always a matter of taste, but the craftmanship of designing clothes for tall guys is something Mark from Six8 Clothing Co. knows about.


What is Six8 Clothing Co.?

Six8 is a rather young company, which was founded in 2012. Right from the start, the vision of Six8 was to deliver style and proper fit for tall men.


Six8 makes casual clothing with ‘tall features’ like larger zipper pulls, bigger pockets and other details that accommodate the features of us tall men.


The name – Six8 – is the height of Mark who owns the company. He is 6′ 8″ (like me) and lives in Greater Seattle Area from where he also runs his tall clothing business.

I have talked to Mark from Six8 Clothing Co. about how it is to make clothes for tall guys like us – tall people looking for clothes that fit.


Here, he answers some of my questions on being a ‘tall-shop’ and how this business works.


Six8 logo - clothes for tall guys

What made you start Six8 Clothing Co.?

“I’ve always had a love for fashion, probably inherited from my dad, who worked in fashion retail for 37 years with department store chain C&A, in the Netherlands.


I have lived in the US since 1981 and it always has been tough to find style and size in clothing for me personally.


After 28 years in corporate America, and after two lay offs, I decided it was time to strike out on my own and produce a solution for this fashion niche.”


Does Six8 mean that you only sell to men that tall?

“No, of course not,  I sell to any man who considers himself tall, regardless of what his actual height is.


The name “Six8” merely refers to my own height, and as such was chosen as the name of the company to symbolize the taller shopper it caters to. I have paying customers from 5’6″ to 7’4″.”


How does it work with designing and ordering tall clothes ?

“Great question. Actually, I do not order tall clothes from suppliers. I design, create patterns and cut and sew all items as original Six8 product.


In other words, all Six8 produce is original, not purchased from any other supplier. This gives me the full control over all the specs: length, chest size,  fabric, size of buttons, etc.


The cut and sew factory I use to make my product is located in a small town south of Seattle, WA.”


So, are we tall guys buying enough to keep you afloat?

“As with any new business (we’re just 1 year on the market) business is up and down, from month to month. The overall trend is definitely upwards and growing.


Our first year has been a success and a struggle at the same time, as is the case with most start-up companies.


Tall customers are excited to finally have a Tall brand that thinks like them, and for them.


We offer them something that very few retailers and/or brands offer the tall customer: the combination of both style and proper sizing.”


How have the reactions from your customers been so far?

“Reaction from my customers has been very, very positive. They say things like:


“Finally somebody is doing this!”, “I’ve always wondered why no one is doing a clothing line like this, and now you are doing it!”


“I’ve never seen my husband look that great in clothing that actually fits him the way it was supposed to be all along”


More comments from customers on Six8’s website:

Tall customer testimonials

What people say about Six8’s clothing.


Overwhelmingly positive results, almost a sense of relief  that finally the tall man now has someone making clothes for them.


The struggle is to supply enough cash to fund the development and production of the garments, build and operate a world-class website, travel to tradeshows, fairs and other events to get our name out.”


How is your policy on returns?

“My official, stated answer to that question is a 14-day return policy. Unofficially, I am much more lax in that and handle each request as an individual situation and judge it accordingly.


As a new company, it is more important to build long term relationship and loyalty, than preserving a short term sale.”


What gives tall shops a harder time than selling to the masses, you think?

“If you’re referring to an actual physical store for tall people, then I would say it’s much harder to maintain an actual store location for a niche market than mass market, because of sheer size of your target audience.


The tall customers do not all live in a small, concentrated area, but are spread out throughout a country, so a single store cannot serve them. But the internet can.”


Can you recommend other great tall-brands?

“Honestly, I cannot really refer a tall ‘brand’. Clearly there are others who make tall clothing, but most make a single item like t-shirts, or khaki pants, or dress shirts.


Others, with a wider assortment, do not produce the product themselves, but resell other brand’s tall size. We, Six8 Clothing Co, are unique because we make our own clothing.


We offer a full range of product, from jeans, to t-shirts, to long and short sleeve polos, to plaid button ups, etc.”


$10 discount code from Six8 Clothing Co.

Turns out, you don’t have to be 6′ 8″ to fit clothes from Six8. However, if you have a hard time finding clothes for tall guys that fit, then you should swing by Six8’s webshop and have a look.


Get 10 %-discount code by using TALLSOME at check-out to slash off $10 of the total price.


Six8 Clothing Co. can also be found in our Tall Shops, among other webshops that sell clothing for tall guys and girls.

2 Responses
  • Erlinda
    May 23, 2015

    We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
    Your web site offered us with valuable information to work
    on. You have done a formidable job and our whole community will be
    grateful to you.

    • Rued
      May 23, 2015

      Hey Erlinda,

      Sounds great with the opening of a new scheme. Does it have something to do with being tall?
      I’d love to hear a little more about your project 🙂


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