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Lumo Lift: Will this Gadget Improve my Posture?

This is my Lumo Lift review –  a test of this new posture correcting device.

I’ll be wearing this gadget called Lumo Lift for the next couple of days; or weeks if I really get to like this little wearable posture gadget. I bought it from Lumo Bodytech, which is a company specializing in making technology that correct your body. This is the newest product they have, and I thought I wanted to give it a try, since I’ve always had bad posture.

In this video, I’ll briefly explain how Lumo Lift works and what the it is supposed to help me with.

UPDATE: I used this device for a couple of weeks, then stopped. It actually did work, buzzing me all the time, but it became annoying after a while.

I know that I slouch, and I want to become better at standing straight. But I just have to find another way than a small wearable that frequently vibrates under my clothes.

Good thing is:

I now know how often I slouch; pretty often, all day long, in all situations. Sitting, standing – whatever I’m doing, I have the tendency to slouch.

So, lesson learned – now what can I do to make a lasting impact, so I don’t slouch all the time. I have a few ideas here:

  1. I’m going to up by back-training regimen. Strong back muscles mitigate the tendency to slouch.
  2. Try a posture correcting t-shirt – I’ve always wanted to give these a try, but it always felt like cheating. Now I’m ready for it, so I’ll try to get my hands on one.
  3. Become more aware throughout the day, so I actively extend my back, lift my chest and stand tall. Now that I know that I slouch pretty much the whole day through, I’m gonna make a bigger effort not to.

Wish me luck – hope you find inspiration here to also try out some tall-tech – and afterwards make an effort to improve our posture, and improve your life.

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