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Long Jeans for Tall Juniors: 5 Tips To Help your Search

It is not easy to find long jeans for tall juniors.

Either they don’t fit the junior’s long legs.

Or the design is just not right.


There are some dedicated tall shops out there ready to help.

And they often have a wide selection of jeans in longer lengths.

In this article, I’m sharing some tips on how to choose long jeans for tall juniors.

As well as a few lists of tall shop that you might want to check out.

Let’s jump right in!

Long Jeans for Tall Juniors (male)

If you’re a mom or a dad, on the hunt for new jeans for your tall teenage son, you know it isn’t a walk in the park.

If your son has an inseam of more than 34″, it’s hard to find anything in normal stores.

Most mainstream brands have their upper inseam limit around 34 inches inseam, which isn’t enough if you are about 6 feet or above.

I myself am 6’8″, and 34″ inseam hasn’t been long enough since my early teens. Now, I need to buy all my tall clothes and long jeans from special stores dedicated to us tall.

I’ve created a list with tall men’s clothing, where you will find a lot of great new brands catering for tall guys looking for jeans, pants, jackets, shoes and more.

The list contains more than 50 brands that are either

  1. regular brands with a tall range, or
  2. tall brands that only carries longer lengths

On the list, you will see some icons specifying whether the brands are mainstream brands expanding with a tall line – or the clothing brand is a dedicated tall brand that lives for us tall and our clothing needs.

If you are short on time – or simply just tired of browsing the web in search for long jeans for tall juniors – then I highly recommend skipping the regular brands and jump directly to the dedicated tall brands.

If you want to go about finding jeans in longer lengths in a more focused way, you can skip the more general list of tall men’s clothing – and jump straight to my list of great finds with jeans for tall men.

blue denim fabric sewing

This isn’t a list dedicated to the young teens with longer limbs. However, there is a huge overlap between what’s made for men, guys, juniors or teenagers.

A tall teenager is also a young man, so I’m sure you’ll find a tall brand or two with some long jeans that fit and look great on your son.

If you don’t find anything in there, please let me know what you are looking for specifically, and I can look into finding exactly that for you and for the rest of the tall community in here.

Got any tips yourself? Feel free to add them down below in the comment section. It’s gonna help everyone landing on this page finding long jeans for tall juniors in their family.

Long Jeans for Tall Juniors (female)

For tall women, it is as much an issue to find long jeans that fit as it is for the tall men. Normal stores carry women’s jeans in inseams up to around 35″, but that’s also where most of them stop.

If you want to find some long jeans for a tall teenage daughter, you need to either go for

  1. the regular brands with tall lines, or
  2. the dedicated tall brands with nothing but tall clothes.

As mentioned above in the section for tall teenage guys, you might want to jump straight to the tall brands catering specifically for tall.

You can browse my list of clothing for tall women and see if you find a brand that suits your daughters needs in terms of both size, fit and style.

The list contains information on price range, focus (normal brand vs. tall brand) and shipping information. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect tall jeans just to realize, they don’t ship to your country.

In the rare occasion that there isn’t a single brand with something of your or your daughters liking, you can check out the list, I’ve made with tall jeans for men.

Although it is a list made with men in mind, a lot of the brands cater for both men and women.

American Tall is a brand founded around the idea of serving tall men, but recently they branched out to women’s clothing as well, and its looking really promising. Worth checking out at least.

American Tall

American Tall Women

If you cannot find anything anywhere, I’d love to hear what you are searching for. Is it something very specific, or are you just displeased with the offerings made by the listed tall brands?

Also, if you have struck gold and found an awesome tall brands – or some amazing long jeans for tall juniors, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below.

Not only will it give you a lot of good karma – it is also going to help the next member of the tall community find something for their tall teenage daughter.

I found a video on Youtube with a young women presenting some of her best finds within tall jeans for girls.

Jahnise is walking you through a couple of selections for the tall girls out there – with a few words on fit, quality and personal preferences.

Tips on how to choose tall jeans

Being 6’8″ myself, I have a bit of experience in choosing tall jeans. I’ve tried a lot of different brands, and have a pretty good idea about what to look for – and what to watch out for.

On top of my personal experiences with these brands selling jeans in longer inseams, I also have a few general recommendations when you are shopping clothes for a tall teenager.

These are tips that I would probably also get if asking my mom or dad about their experiences around finding clothes for their tall teen – namely me.

Here are 5 tips to help you find the right fit and design:

  1. Buy up to 34″ inseam in normal stores: Before you spend the time and money on shopping at dedicated tall shops, I recommend checking your son or daughter’s inseam an extra time. If the inseam is 34″ or shorter, you will be able to shop at normal stores. 34 inches inseam is normally the upper limit of what you can get in regular stores. So give that a try before moving on to the tall brands.
  2. Forget about the “junior” part: Tall clothing is already a niche. Don’t go too deep within an area that is already niche. By that, I mean that you should forget about the junior part for a second – and give the clothes for tall women or tall men a try. What fits a tall man or women probably also fits your tall teenager or junior.
  3. Go for cheaper options: Remember; teenagers grow fast, and that means they will outgrow their jeans within a year or two. That’s why I recommend buying something less expensive, so you can afford to buy more often. When your son or daughter is fully grown, you (or they) can invest their hard earned money in brands that are more expensive. At least, that’s what I have done, now that I’m not growing any taller.
  4. Beware of skinny fit: Slim fit, regular fit and tapered fit is fine. Skinny fit, on the other hand, is probably not the best idea for a tall teenager. When you are tall, you are often also skinny, and with a lanky body comes skinny legs. When you are a teenager, the last thing you want is to stand out in the crowd. Therefore, it is maybe not a good idea to emphasize the extraordinary skinny legs of your kid – by buying them long jeans that are glued to the thighs. Go for the more loose options that doesn’t emphasise the legs as much, but leaves more room for the body.
  5. Order, then return: Last tip is to not be afraid of ordering, then returning the things that doesn’t fit or you just don’t like the design of. It’s very difficult to get a really good idea about sizing and looks from online images, measurements and size charts. Therefore, you want to go for brands that offer good shipping and return policies. This gives you a low risk and low cost associated with ordering, then returning what wasn’t right for you, your son or daughter.

I hope you’ve gotten some background knowledge on where to look, what to keep in mind and how to navigate the space of tall people’s clothing – especially in regards to finding long jeans for tall juniors.

The overall advice is to not focus too much on the fact that who you are buying clothes for is a young person. You want to look for clothes made for tall men and tall women.

That being said, I also mentioned some things about not spending too much on the fancy brands before your tall teenager is fully grown. They are simply going to outgrow their jeans to fast, and that’s too bad if you’ve spend a lot of money on them.

Now it’s your turn:

Do you have any tips on where to find jeans in longer inseams for tall teens or juniors?

Leave your finds in the comments.

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