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Live Tall: 2 Minute Video On How I As A Native Copenhagener Experience The Changing City

Jake from American Tall came to Copenhagen and did a video on the city, how I ‘live tall’ and Tallsome. There’s more to come, so stay tuned – and go watch the other tall guys’ videoes.

This is the follow-up, we have all been waiting for. Since I wrote the post American Tall visited me in Copenhagen, at least. Here is the first part of a what I believe will be become a longer piece.

I’m really happy with how this first one turned out. Great footage and amazingly put together, where sounds, images and the voice-over blends perfectly together – really great work!

Jake also did interviews with other ‘tall bloggers’ from around Europe. Therefore, I highly recommend that you go to American Tall’s Vimeo channel and give it a spin.

To turn the tables a bit, I did a small interview with Jake from American Tall, and the whole thing is online on Tallsome and can be read here: 6 Quick Questions on How American Tall is Different.

Wait, don’t American Tall also do tall clothes?

Yes – important point. Besides video production, American Tall does awesome tall people’s clothing as well 🙂 I own a couple of shirts, a long sleeved t-shirt, a casual blazer and some boxer briefs, and I can vouch for both fit and quality. Go check them out!

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