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Life of the Tall

Welcome to our new series of articles called Life of the Tall. In this series we will be exploring myths and facts about life as a tall person as we try to dig deeper into tall peoples lives. Is it really true that tall people have higher IQ  and are richer, more successful, more powerful, better athletes, more fun, more influential, more skilled, better educated, more competent and generally happier than our shorter fellow men? Or is it time to look our shorter counterparts in the eyes and move away from the general assumption that being tall means being great at everything – including sports?


How many times have you as a tall person felt that you were being stigmatized or pre-assumed good at something solely due to your height? Or have you ever felt that you actually had advantages due to your height? – these are some of the issues that we will try to discuss in this forthcomming series.

As the articles are still in the making we’d be very happy to receive your input. Is there anything you would like us to discuss in this series?

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  • […] sure to address the fact and help him understand that being tall is not a curse it is a fantastic asset – you just sometimes need someone to help point you in the right direction and encourage the […]

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