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Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys: My New favorites from

Review of’s Ed Baxter Slim Fit Jeans in black, 38 inseam.

Great jeans for tall skinny guys

I’m not even kidding – I actually just got a new pair of jeans, and they are slowly turning my favorite. They do 2 things for me that I find very hard to find in the World of tall clothes; they are extremely long (38″ inseam, which I have never owned in my life) and they are slim-fit.

It’s possible to find super long jeans for tall guys, yes – but not in a design that I love as much as these ones. 38″ and 40″ – even unfinished jeans are possible to come by, but in my opinion, we shouldn’t just settle with finding the right size. The design has to be of your liking as well, of course – right?

These jeans are from, they are black, they are semi-tight and they are 38″ inseam. That seems to be a pretty good fit for my legs – attached to a body of 6’8″ or 204cm (in total; with the legs).



When I first tried them on, I was extremely happy with the length. They are really long – almost too long for me, as I normally wear 36″. But that also depends on the model and brand, so I went ahead an got a 38″ this time.


Besides from being really long inseam, I noticed that they fit nicely around my thighs and calves; they are slim-fit, but not too tight.

One thing that I disliked a bit was that there seemed to be a bit of excessive fabric at the ankles. If they were finished off as well as the rest of the jeans are made, they would have been just perfect.

A bit tighter fitting at the ankles would have made them greater than just great. Having a bit of stretch in the fabric, the jeans would easily allow my feet to slide through even though the fit was tighter.

Try on a pair yourself

A great thing about is their return policy. They offer free returns in the UK – print return labels on the website.

Outside the UK, you can still return your clothes, but not for free, as it would be unreasonably expensive for 2tall – we get that.

So don’t be afraid to order some different things from their webshop – give it a try, try on a pair of chinos, jeans, shorts, shoes or whatever you want.

And return what isn’t perfect if anything.

2tall jeans

I’m super psyched about having found a great pair of slim-fit pair of jeans for tall skinny guys like me – and in a great black stretchy denim fabric.

Another good thing about these jeans is that they are affordable for a student like me – I’m actually very positive about the pricing throughout the webshop

$97 for the black slim fit jeans – that is cheaper than most branded fashion jeans. These ones are made in collaboration with Ed Baxter, who makes the jeans extra long for 2tall.

Actually rolling up my pants for once

As I mentioned, these jeans are almost too long for me in 38″. So to compensate a bit for the extra inch and for the extra wide part at the ankle, I like to roll up the jeans a bit.

This takes off that extra inch in length and does good things for the fit as well.

I fold the bottom part over vertically to use the extra fabric and fit the pants around the leg – then roll up tightly twice.

Skinny guys with skinny jeans

I’m a happy man – wearing long pants or long jeans that actually fit really well and in a style that I like.

Everything from fit to color to size and price – it all plays a role in making these jeans real great.

Only remark I have is that the bottom part of the pants could be bit more fitted. That’s it. So definitely a recommendation from me.

If you’re not a slim-fit kinda person like me, they still have loads of other fittings and styles on

2 tall tapered jeans2 tall jeans 22 tall jeans black slim2 tall jeans normal2 tall slim fit jeans2 tall shorts2 tall chinos2 tall skinny jeans
I’m pretty sure, I’ll get my shorts here when Summer returns to small Denmark.

Thumbs up from me

That’s all I have to say this time around. Thanks for reading along and make sure to check out to see if they have the answer to your prayers.

I’ll be keeping on eye on these guys and maybe review another piece or two in the future.

Now it’s your turn; Where do you get your tall skinny jeans? Any tips or tricks on this?

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3 Responses
  • Tim Ball
    March 16, 2016

    Good post.
    i was looking at these jeans but always worried about the cost of shipping to Australia if I need to return them.
    I just discovered this website based in Hungary offering slim fit jeans, could be worth a look?

    • Rued
      March 16, 2016

      Yes, shipping is always an issue, but we tall people just gotta take a chance with different brands.. Thanks for the tip on jeans for tall men – I am looking at right now and looks good. They have 36″, 38″, 40″ and 42″ inseam, which is something that’s hard to find elsewhere.

  • Ed
    September 9, 2016

    Big fish ( is another great place in the UK for jeans.

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