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I test 3 Tall Tees • Find your own favorite

Hello my tallsome friend, and thanks for stopping by for another blog post – this time on tall tees. I take a quick look at 3 different brands and recommend you try some for yourself to find your favorite. 

At the moment, I spend a lot of time and energy on reviewing tall tees; t-shirts with extra length. And not only that, because many relate tall tees with tshirts with a regular fit – just with extra torso length added.

And that’s not what I am going for.

The big challenge is to find a t-shirt that is fitted for tall people. This means that the fit is made especially for tall and slim guys like myself. Or for girls that want a fit that caters for their longer body.

It is easy to buy Longline or Super Longline from Asos and other places. I like these lines a lot and have plenty of apparel from Asos, but the real search is for a t-shirt made with tall people in mind.

Longer torso, fitted body, the right sleeve length and so forth. Everything has to be adjusted a bit in order to fit me perfectly. Off the rack t-shirts just don’t.

Right now, my favorite candidate for the perfect tall t-shirt is Sifr.

IMG_3423 IMG_3422 IMG_3421 IMG_3420 Sifr tall tee IMG_3443
Worth mentioning is TallSlimTees and Shirts of Cotton, which also make great t-shirts for the tall and slim man. But I seem to be a bit to wide around the chest for these fits. However, if I hadn’t been strength training to the degree that I have, these would have been spot on, I’m sure.

So for the wast majority, I can really recommend trying out a couple of t-shirts from Sifr, TallSlimTees and Shirts of Cotton – check out all the tall shops here.

These are the 3 brands I have been testing and trying out lately, and they all work for me. After basic fit is in place, it also comes down to the look you like. And here, we are all different in matter of taste. So I can’t really say whether you are going to fancy the look or not.

I can only comment on the potential for fitting you as a tall person, and here the Sift fits me better. TallSlim is for slimmer guys than myself, and I know form listening to all your comments on social media and here at Tallsome that t-shirts for tall skinny men is something there is a huge demand for. Check out TallSlim tees – they’ll most likely be just perfect if you are the lanky tall guy always struggling with way to big t-shirts.

The same goes for Shirts of Cotton – slim around the torso and with a bit of extra length. The quality seems really good too, and I can definitely recommend that you order a sample and get it home, on and in front of the mirror. That is really the only way to find the right tall tee for you – to test a few.

When you have found something that you like, fits you well and all that, then you can order a new and perfect batch of basics. My wardrobe is very varied because I get to try so many different tall brands, but I am considering getting a larger batch from my favorites.

Try a few different tall tees, find out which one is the best for you and order a bunch of those or some different pieces from that brand. I’ll try to keep you topped up with coupon codes for the different brands – all you have to do is give me your email by signing up for my newsletter.

Find the sign-up form here on the page. Then I am able to send you a mail from time to time with good news for tallsome people as well as the coupon codes I get to give you.

Thanks for reading and have a tallsome day!


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