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I am Rued


am a young man living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a passion for making life as a tall person as great and enjoyable as possible. Therefore, I run this blog to share my tips and tricks on tall people’s clothing, lifestyle of the tall, products and much more. I also want to tell you guys about all the other cool blogs and ressources for tall people that are actually out there for us.


Rued Caspar Riis 1989, 204 cm, entrepreneur and tall-blogger on Tallsome – a blog about Tall Men’s clothing, fitness and confidence.

The purpose of Tallsome

  • I want to create the go-to place for finding clothes, lifestyle products and other information on living a high life
  • I give you inspiration and help with navigating in the existing supply of lifestyle products for tall people
  • Together create a community for tall people from all over the world to share insights and joys of being tall
I will be blogging about everything concerning the life of the tall, and I want you to join in and share your experiences with the rest of the community. Feel free to comment on posts, write me an e-mail or contact me on social media.
Now and then, I will give you a fresh new blog post. Sign up for the monthly newsletter, where I wrap up the blog posts of the month. It’s the easiest way to make sure, that you won’t miss out on anything.

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