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How to Tall Hack Your Shower

This tallhack can improve your life substantially – use a shower head extender to make your shower fit your height.

While browsing Instagram with Tallsome, I came across a lot of people, mostly tall guys, who didn’t quite fit into their showers.

Besides planes with too little leg room, the low shower heads are probably among the most frequent #tallpeopleproblems on Instagram.Being tall seems to be a relatively new concept, since older houses never feature showers that that are appropriately high mounted.

There is a solution to the shower problem

You can actually easily fix your shower by installing a shower head extender. Instead of me explaining every step, I’m gonna recommend this Youtube-guide with a tall man explaining how it’s done:

He says that he bought his shower arm in HomeDepot, but I can’t find the exact same as he is using – check out this HomeDepot search on shower extender. However, I found this Swan Shower Extension on Amazon, which is $25 dollars and looks a little better than the one in the video.

Shower Head Extender


Life quality enhancing products for the bathroom

TallAdaptions has some suggestions for products that can make your life, or at least your time spent in the bathroom, a lot more enjoyable. Lots of affiliated links in there that take you on a journey around But certainly also a lot of really great articles on different installations, products on all that tall jazz.

Go to

Bookmark that blog – he has a lot of cool improvements for us tall. Also for problems that you didn’t know you had.


Take a look around for shower head extenders

You can buy shower head extenders in many shapes and from different places online and in real life.

Wallmart has loads of them including components for the installation

Wallmart Shower Head Extenders

A Great Shower made a whole test of different shower heads AGreatShower tests shower heads

If you’re taller than tall, you can buy a 12″ shower head extender here  Plumbing Supply

or a 13″ shower head extender here

Home Depot


 MTV Cribs style ‘Rain shower heads’

Have you ever watched MTV Cribs? All the celebs have gigantic bathrooms with tigers, golden zinks and diamond mirrors. On top of that, they usually have the so-called Rain-shower heads. These hang over you and pour water down on you as if it was coming from the sky like rain.

Luxury Rain Shower

An installation of  the “real ones” that are ceiling mounted require some changes in the plumbing to make the pipes come from the ceiling. But at, you can extend your wall outlet with an arm and a rain shower head. Check out the different possibilities here  Rain ShowerHeads Have your tried some version of shower head extender?

Let us know how it worked for you and what things you used for the installation – please share in the comments below.

4 Responses
  • best rain shower head
    June 2, 2015

    This kind of shower head can really solve a lot of problems for us big guys… I will have to look where to find one of these…

  • Sydney
    June 10, 2015

    I have always had the problem of being too big for the shower. I will have to look into one of those extenders.

  • best shower
    July 15, 2015

    This showerhead can really solve a lot of problems for us big boys! I will have to look where to find one of these awesome shower heads.

  • Best Shower Drains
    January 17, 2017

    The shower head extender it’s a great solution for a big person.

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