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How to deal with 32 Problems All Tall Girls Will Understand

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I read this extremely popular post (3,8 million views) on Buzzfeed with these 32 problems all tall girls will understand. And then I thought to myself: “Can I come up with a good advice or solution to each one?” Well, I gave it a shot..

Being tall is genetic and one can’t change how they are. Plastic surgery isn’t able to help remove our tall stature, so there’s only one solution: dealing with the 32 most common problems all tall girls can understand. You may be wondering, “How do I deal with them? I can’t change my height.” Simple, change your perspective. Hopefully our solution to each and every problem will help you tackle and conquer your small problems.

When it comes to words spoken from others, it’ll take a little bit of adjusting, but ignorance can’t be completely banished. In this reaction article, you may learn how to fight back with powerful words that are pretty polite. Below, you’ll find a tall girl’s reaction to 32 of the most common problems tall girls have.

1. When people tell you that you’re tall

Some people don’t think before they open their mouths. Thankfully, you can! Instead of being rude back, politely say thank you and move on with your day. Sometimes when people don’t understand what it’s like being something that people comment on every day, they don’t understand how annoying their comment may be.

2. When they ask, “how tall are you?”

This answer or comeback doesn’t require a snotty remark because some people are genuinely curious. If they show an ounce of rudeness, you can simply ignore them. If someone is genuinely curious, just answer with your height! Maybe that will ignite a spark of friendship and they’ll continue the conversation by answering with how short they are.

3. When people ask if you play basketball

This kind of question can definitely come off as rude and someone trying to find humor in your height. If this type of person comes along, you can choose to ignore them or answer them directly: “yes I did!” Or, “no I don’t!” If their intentions were rude, they won’t know how to respond and you can move on with your day.

4. When people ask, “How’s the weather up there?”

Okay, this is just flat out joking about your height. Having a sense of humor is fine, but if your pesky co-worker at the office insists on knowing the weather everyday, ignore them. The weather doesn’t change by height, the weather changes from atmospheric differences.

5. Finding jeans that aren’t high-waters

Ever feel like you’ve run into a flood when wearing new jeans? High waters don’t have to be your last resort. While you can’t virtually try on jeans, measuring your inseam and ordering specific jeans online can help solve your problem. After all, the 90’s have gone and left and high waters are not a thing in current fashion anymore.

6. Finding an appropriate sized dress

Online shopping and trying it on in person may be the best bet. Some websites like Forever 21 and ASOS will tell you which size the model is wearing and their height specifically for this reason. Knowing your inseam is also a great way to find dresses online that will fit before trying them on.

7. When people compare you to a giraffe

If someone is going to be extra snarky by the water cooler this morning, make sure to simply ignore. After all, you can’t possibly thing you look like a Giraffe. You don’t have stripes, do you?

8. Finding the perfect maxi dress

It’s not as hard as you think. Maxi dresses are incredibly easy to find for tall girls online. Looking in person will be tough unless you’re the perfect height and perfect measurements, but online has a vast variety of options. ASOS clothing has tall maxi dresses for girls and even a quick Google search, “maxi dresses for tall girls” will give you MANY options.

9. Seeing girls being carried by their boyfriend

The reaction to this would be to find a really tall boyfriend! They exist, but honestly, how many girls are carried daily by their boyfriends or husbands? Unless someone is injured or getting married, you may not see this often. If you want it, you may need to find a strong boyfriend if he’s not taller than you.

10. Finding the perfect mirror height

Going to your friends house and looking in the mirror might not be perfect, but if you’re at home and you need a mirror for your height, simply buy a $25 ornate wall mirror from Wal-Mart and hang it to your specified needs. It’s not that hard!

11. Wearing heels and being judged for it

Lets face it: short girls aren’t judged for wearing flats that keep them short, why are tall girls judged for weight heels that keep them tall? Heels are sexy and make legs look sleek. Work it, girl!

12. Finding a comfortable airplane or bus seat

Trains like Amtrak typically have more foot space, but airplanes can be a bit tougher. Unless you’re flying first class, try to barter with someone for the emergency exit seat. Explain your situation to someone; you never know, someone may have anxiety about having the emergency exit seat and want to switch, but they’re too shy to ask! Be as bold as your height and things will work out just fine. You can also order exit seats online depending on the travel transportation company you go through.

13. Sitting at a desk comfortably

Trying to fit your legs underneath the desk when rocking those heels is a bit tough and there really isn’t any solution if you’re dying to cross your legs. Buy a clipboard and do your work on your lap if you must, but try wearing flats to work so you can get through the day comfortably. After all, I don’t think work will buy you a new desk! Crossing your feet and finding new positions can be a good way to get your work done. If your knees scrape and hurt against the desk, tape padding to the bottom so your knees can rest against cushion.

14. When your head cuts off in photos

I’m almost positive that the primary demographic of “selfie sticks” are for tall girls. It’s an embarrassing photo accessory, but it solves your problem! That, or telling the fauxtographer to get your head in the picture as it’s not your fault you’re so tall!

15. Wearing rompers

Rompers are adorable and most will not work for the tall girl. If this is the case, buy a matching short and top set that looks as if it is a one piece. If that doesn’t suit your needs, buy a jumpsuit, which features pants instead of shorts. If you must have a romper, there are stores online and in-person that are dedicated to women who are tall.

16. Bathtubs don’t quite fit us

It’s no secret that sometimes bathtubs may not fit our lengthy concrete walkers. If you have this issue at your friend’s house, just take a shower! Taking baths can kind of be dirty anyway, unless you’re a Lush bath bomb lover. Instead of lying down in the tub, sitting up to submerge both of your legs may be the in between option.

17. Tiny bathroom stalls

Well, this one is a bit more odd than the rest. For this, I say you just do your business as normal and crouch down a bit so you don’t spook the next person who walks in. After all, everything in life can’t be catered to us tall girls! Just remember: you’re the only one tall enough to look over the walls of the bathroom stall, so don’t worry about others seeing you.

18. Trying to take a selfie

I think we covered this pretty well in #14 – simply invest in a portable selfie stick. Most of them are retractable so they can hide in your purse discreetly. If it bothers you that much, you take the photo with your tall arms!

19. Standing next to your short friends

Well, there’s no real resolution to this one. If you don’t like short people just because of their height, don’t be mad when someone doesn’t like you because you’re too tall! In all seriousness, seeing the height difference between two people is fun and a great conversation starter. The quirky parts of us are the best parts of us. Think of it the opposite way: it shows how short your friends are!

20. Low ceilings

Okay, well, a person can’t rebuild their house according to your height! Although, this oddly looks like a bathroom in a basement. While it’s unfortunate, I would make sure I don’t have anything in my hair that could get snagged on something on the ceiling! If it really bothers you, just leave the premises immediately so you can stand up straight.

21. When a potential date drops the number 5 in a conversation

I know, I know. Dating someone much shorter than you who is supposed to be a love interest, isn’t totally ideal. If they treat you great and their face is cute, why should height matter?! Don’t be a shallow Hal in a world where we’re overpopulated with them. If you really can’t stand it, find someone taller! That’s all you really can do.

22. Trying to wear long-sleeved shirts

Much like high waters, shirts can be a bit too short. I guess we can save these kinds of shirts for washing the dishes to match our flood-ready pants. However, if you’re in search for better shirts, a designated tall women’s store is in order.

23. Feeling as if you have to wear flats

Flats STINK when we want to look sexy. My solution to wearing heels as a tall girl: WEAR THEM ANYWAY! Confidence, much like heels, is sexy. After all, who wouldn’t want a girlfriend the height of a model? We’ve touched base on this before and we vote for rocking them anyway!

24. When people ask you to reach things

Ha! I laugh in the face of those who aren’t tall enough to reach something they need. Just kidding; I wouldn’t want any of my friends getting hurt in a fiasco where they were trying to reach a light bulb on a top shelf. Although a solution to this annoyance could be buying them a step stool for Christmas. Be helpful and courteous. There’s no problem with helping someone.

25. Worrying that you’ll crush anyone

Well, as long as you’re not sitting on someone who’s yelling at you to, “get off!” I think you’re okay. In all seriousness, while tallness tends to lean us out, it’s always important to stay fit. You can’t change your height but you can change your weight!

26. The awkward knee bend to get in photos

Dang, there are a lot of photo issues that tall girls feel strongly about. Two words: selfie stick! They work wonders and get everyone in the photo. Recommendation: the selfie stick should be held by the tallest girl because of their longer arms. That way no shorties are cut off from the picture. If your friends aren’t taking the photo, make sure to stand behind the shortest ones and level yourself out. If you’re reading this: we’re sure you may have found some remedies over the years.

27. Having to wear undershirts

As long as you know how to do laundry, you should be okay. If this is a constant issue, make sure to try shirts on BEFORE buying them so you won’t have to always wear an undershirt. Layering clothes can be itchy and hot; no thank you! If this happens, try layering thin shirts or buying a basic spaghetti strap to put under your shirt.Stores that cater to tall women are essential for anything clothes related, as we have talked about above!

28. Running into lamps

Stop texting and look out! Seriously though, it’s not super hard to avoid a lampshade or chandelier if you’re paying attention.

29. Trying to wash your hair when the showerhead is shorter than you

Adjustable showerheads are the best for situations like this. They’re inexpensive and can be tilted upwards so the water can reach your head with you having to bend over constantly. Another great temporary option is dry shampoo. Waiting on a new showerhead can take a while, especially around the holidays, but dry shampoo can help fill in the gaps and dry up the oils from your hair.

30. Trying to hug

When you’re the larger person in the hug, embrace it! You can give the best hugs and you can make someone feel protected and warm. Hugs are awesome, so who cares who’s the tallest? Make sure your shoulders don’t hurt someone in the throat and make sure you are gentle! You may not realize how tight you can squeeze.

31. Getting a pedicure and not fitting in the chair

Thanks to ottomans and other types of footstools, us tall girls can bend our legs and receive a pedicure. If this is still an issue, hire your best friend to come to your house to give a pedicure in your favorite chair. If you must go to a professional, make it work with a pillow.

32. When anyone under 5’10” talks about being tall

Sometimes we get snarky at people who don’t have it bad as us, but complain about having it bad. Everyone has their own demons and issues with themselves, so never act better than someone just because you feel you should receive more pity because you can “one up” someone. Let them imagine that they’re super tall.

In conclusion

There are many ways to resolve issues that we have because we’re tall. We have to deal with a little give and take, as we can’t be greedy and think the world MUST cater to us. Sometimes we have to suck it up and not focus on our height so much. Everyone has their own insecurities and so many girls wish they could be tall! Embrace your beauty and your body. After all, it’s the only one you have!

3 Responses
  • Fiorella S.
    August 8, 2017

    This was absolutely amazing. Thanks for posting. #tallswag lol xoxo

  • Kimberly K.
    August 14, 2018

    I love this. I’ve been 5’11” since the 5th grade, and now all these years later, I wear high heels and short skirts EVERY day. I adore my height and hide it from no one!

    • Rued
      August 26, 2018

      That’s great to hear, Kimberly – that’s exactly what Tallsome is about; loving your height and living a ‘high life’ despite the difficulties that comes with being taller than average. Thanks for commenting.

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