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Hanes Beefy T Review

The Hanes Beefy T is one of my favorite tall tees.

That’s also why you’ll find it very close to the top on my Tall Shop List.

I bought this Hanes T-shirt years ago and I still wear it to this day.

You probably know how it is with these favorite things, right?

Hanes Beefy T

Hanes Beefy T

A Nice and Plain Tall Tee

One thing that’s for sure, is that the T-shirt itself is really plain and cheap.

Now I live in Denmark so everything is a bit more expensive. But still, to get this American T-shirt shipped from the US to Denmark didn’t cost me half the prices of normal branded t-shirts here in Denmark, and these doesn’t really fit me as well.

When I look at Amazon and to the prices there, I think it’s amazing that you can get such a nice piece of apparel at such a low price.

The Hanes beefy tall tee is made of a sturdy quality that lasts for a long time – I’m proof.

As mentioned, I’ve had mine for years now.. and it’s still in pretty good shape.

I have to say that after washing it several times, it gets a bit lighter and gets that washed look.

But this might also have something to do with the fact that I don’t wash my clothes the appropriate way.

I’m really satisfied with his T-shirt’s overall quality and in this post I’m going to tell you why.

Hanes Beefy t in soft material and high-quality feel

When I first opened the parcel from Amazon and got to touch the T-shirt it felt really thick and sturdy.

I was surprised by the quality because I hadn’t paid more than I had.

Now it is a pretty basic T-shirt so it’s made out of 100 percent cotton – so no magical threads here or anything.


But compared to what you pay for this tee, it feels really soft and strong, and this is also the feeling I get from it when putting it on.

After washing it 10 or 20 times, it loses a bit of that softness and becomes more dry and paper-like.

But at this point, you will love your tall tee from Hanes so much that you are ready to invest in several new ones on the Hanes Webshop.

Thank you for the long torso

This one is a no-brainer – A tall tee has to have a long torso.

Long Torso Tall Tee

And this particular tall tee from Hanes does have that – an extended torso so that your belly button doesn’t show when you lift your arms.

One could think that this is one of those HUGE big & tall T-shirts that are similar to a tent when you put it over your head.

I wouldn’t say it’s a slim fit, but it certainly is fitted to a slimmer, tall person – if you buy it in the right size.

I like a loose fit that follows the body, and that’s something this T-shirt gives you.

This combination of high quality fabric and a long torso that follows the body without being overly wide – makes this one of my favorite plain tall tees.

I’ve said it before and there it was again – and guess why? Because I mean it!

Tall peoples’ clothing doesn’t have to be overpriced

We are entering the era of the tall!  More and more clothing companies offer tall people’s clothing.

This is great for me – and it’s great for you, if you are a tall guy who wants to find yourself some nice threads.

Because the selection and supply grows, the individual pieces of tall people’s clothing becomes cheaper.

The plain Hanes Beefy t is no exception, and it’s one of the cheapest tall sees I’ve found – coming close to the stuff Asos provides.

Tall Tee from Asos 2

Being able to buy a basic tall tee of high-quality with a good fit and a low price just makes my life so much better. I can only recommend looking into these T-shirts as they are a great foundation for your wardrobe.

They work underneath other things as well as an outer piece in itself.

A fitted, rounded neck.

The neck of the beefy Hanes tall tee is made in such a way that it fits closely to the skin.

This is a matter of taste, whether you like a more loose neckline or not. This one is more fitted or narrow.

Rounded Neck Tall Tee

A neck line that is narrow and closer to the neck is not so great if you want to wear something on top of your T-shirt because it then shows underneath. But this might be a matter of taste too.

It also shouldn’t strangle you or make you feel like you need more space around your neck. In the case of this tall tee, the neck line lies a bit close and fits without being tight or strangling.

There is a rim around the neck which makes it hold its shape for longer time.

The Hanes tall tee is totally unbranded

This is one of the great characteristics of basic clothing.

There is no need to smear the whole T-shirt with logos or icons, yelling out the brand name all the time.

Hanes Beefy T (white)

Hanes Beefy T (white)

I like that it is just basic – as basic as it gets – and that really works with the rest of the wardrobe.

Also the absence of the high-end branding makes the t-shirt cheaper and that is always a good thing.

If you want to go out and have a good time, you might go for some more premium things, but for a basic piece of clothing like this tall tee, it’s great that it doesn’t have any tags or logos on it.

The energy put into designing this T-shirt is of course limited considering the price, but they did do a very good job in fitting the T-shirt so it falls nicely around the body.

As I said, the fit is loose and casual without looking like a tent. Not like the t-shirts you can get your hands on at Big & Tall stores.

So thank you for keeping things tapered here.

Available to buy in bundles

I think it is pretty cool that they ship these basic t-shirts in bundles.

It shows that this is a basic apparel and that you should stock up on them to always have a good foundation to dress yourself from.

Try a pack of 2 tall tees to start off with, and then see if these are something for you.

Hanes Beefy T (bundle)

Hanes Beefy T (bundle)

These T-shirts are so simple and so basic that they gotta be for everyone, more or less.

And if you live in the US, you are pretty well off in terms of shipping.

I think I paid the same price for the actual t-shirts when I bought them as I did for the shipping costs.

There is a long way from America to Denmark, and the company who did the shipping sure demanded a decent price for handling.

I’ve seen these Hanes tall tees popping up in Denmark too now, so next order will probably be a bit more local.

In conclusion – pretty awesome tall t-shirt

Go have a look at the different bundles Amazon offers and try out a few tall tees in a color of your liking.

Thanks for spending the time with me and listening to what I have to say about these t-shirts for tall guys.

I recommend lots of other great shops with tall people’s clothing here on Tallsome.

Feel free to comment below if you’ve tried the Hanes Tall Tee or similar tall tees that you can recommend.

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