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Feel worthy of being tall

These are some reflections on being tall, appearance and self-confidence.


Feel worthy of being tall. What does that mean? What I mean by feeling worthy is about being proud of who you are as a person. You are eligible of feeling happy, and height must not get in the way of that.


Being tall is great!

You might be tall and you love it. You appreciate the indirect advantages of being tall without giving it much thought in your daily. It’s not defining who are as a person and it is not a characteristic that shapes your personality. If you see yourself in this description, you have great confidence in your self and you are worthy of feeling this way.


Tall is not so great..

You may also not feel this way about your height. Being tall is for you not something you think about every day, but it still is a characteristic that defines who you are, and not in a good way. It is a limiting attribute and you have had bad experiences earlier in your life, which is partially due to your tallness. If this is you and you still have this feeling inside you, I will offer my view on the path ahead of you.




We have all been given a certain skill set, a kind of personality and a body to inhabit. This Tallsome-blog is mainly about the latter, so we’ll leave skills and personality to others.


Being tall can feel alienating

You grow up and you reach a certain age of about 18-20 years old, where you are close to fully grown. On your way up to this point, you have been taller than your friends, and it has made you feel a little different. Not a lot, but still enough to make you notice the difference. For me personally, it hasn’t been negative or limiting for me to always be the tallest, but I’ve always been aware, and I’m indirectly reminded of it everyday.


Read Anders’ words: Tall man growing up – the short story


I tell my friends about this blog, and some of them ask: Is it really such a big deal to be tall? That is hard to answer.. On one hand, it is not a big deal and it has no effect on my possiblities in life and what others think of me after getting to know me.


On the other hand, my height is closely interlinked with who I am in the eyes of others. Even though my own view of me might be different. From time to time, I forget how tall I am and how others experience that. The difference in how others see me and how I see myself is something I have tried to bring closer together.


Height with pride

I am not saying that you should adjust to be what others want you to be. I am saying that it has helped me to view myself from the perspective of others. That being related to posture, movement and appearance in general. Realising that you ARE tall and that there is no way around it is an important realization. After realizing this, you can do with it what you want.


And here comes the point I want to make: You have been given your height, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it, so accept how you look – and feel worthy of being tall.




If you feel worthy and tallsome, you will carry your height more elegantly and you will then feel less alienated. I hope these words make sense to you and that they have inspired you to think about how worthiness of being tall, appearance and self-confidence are related.


4 Responses
  • Katelyn
    May 4, 2015

    Will you be doing any articles for tall women? I’m 6’2 and I feel women have a harder time with feeling confident about their height. And clothing is often hard to find….

    • Rued
      May 19, 2015

      Hello Katelyn,

      Thanks for commenting. I do want to write more about tall women as well, but being a man, it’s just more natural to write about men for me. I’m looking for tall women bloggers to team up with to be able to share some great articles on the ups and downs of being a tall women.


  • RiRi
    June 10, 2017

    I think definitely some more articles for talk women/ girls because im a girl who most of the time dont have trouble or a problem being tal but when it comes to silly things like meeting nee people who dont know you or your height, it can feel quite nerve racking at first but yeah i would love to see some tall women articles!

  • Blake King
    October 25, 2017

    Thank you so much for this! I’m 17 and still in high school, and I’m the tallest one in my school (granted its a small school) and the people at school don’t usually make a big deal out of it unless they need help from a friendly neighborhood tall person. However, everywhere I go, I get “You’re tall!” and I never know how to respond to it. Now, I do. And this article has helped me see my height as something that is, ultimately, going to at least define how other people see me, but it needs to do that in a good way. Once again, thank you, and I’m really glad I found this website. I actually found this website while doing some personal research on Robert Wadlow.

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