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Fat Grips for Tall People

[heading_entrance title=”” text=”Fat grips makes the bar thicker when working out. Try fat grips for stronger underarms and for spicing up your workout. ” custom_class=””][/heading_entrance]

This post is going to be about training and working out. I’ve started using something new, a new kind of equipment, that I think can benefit tall guys and girls with large hands quite a bit.

The piece of equipment I’m talking about is called fat grips. It is a kind of of rubber grip that you bring to the gym and wrap around bars and levers in order to make the grip thicker.

fat grips

The guys producing these things say it is because a larger grip works your underarms in a different and better ways, and I can only agree with that. Working out with these things give your super sore underarms the day after, so I’m pretty sure that something good happens in there using fat grips.

Besides contributing to larger and stronger underarms, which is only a good thing for an aesthetic look, better grip strength in big compound exercises like dead lift and pull-ups, it also saves your hands for those blisters, that you probably already know, If you’ve been working out regularly for some time.

workout blisters hand

The rubber makes the rough and grooved bars much more pleasent to hold on to. And especially with larger hands, which comes with height, these fat grips fills out your hands and evens out the pressure applied to your hands by a thinner bar. 

Sultan Kösen Hands

The ones that I am using are called gorilla gripz, who some would probably say are the fake ones, or at least not the original ones.

Gorilla Gripz

The brand that most bodybuilders and strength trainers know is the Fat Gripz brand, which is twice as expensive and does the exact sames as my nice gorilla gripz. I bought mine on Amazon and had them a week later or something like that.

Now that I have them, I try to use them with as many exercises as possible. Also exercises that aren’t pulling exercises, where it would make the most sense to use them.

I’m using my fat grips in the benchpress, dips, curls and shoulder presses. So be creative, feel good using these fat grips and make working out a more pleasent experience for your larger hands.

I can recommend trying to train with fat grips, if you feel like your hands are too large for the bars in the gym, if you want larger underarms or just want to spice up you rutine a bit.

Have a nice workout.


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