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Exit Row: How To Always Get Free Seats with Extra Legroom

Exit row seats. Something tall people always look for when ordering plane tickets online with the ability to pick your own seats. However, often people take this seats from us – even though they don’t really need them as bad as we tall people do.

This time around, I am gonna share with you my top tricks for always getting the free exit row seats in any plane. It is not something you can do online – no hacking or anything like that; it is a method to use in the plane before or after take-off.

The thing is; people who book exit row seats don’t always turn up – don’t ask me why, but it is quite often I see a free seat or two, when everyone one the plane has been seated and the plane is ready for takeoff. And this is your chance to make your flight and life a lot better!

Method #1: Don’t ask for permission – Ask for forgiveness

You’ve probably heard this quote before, and it really is a great quote. In the context of getting exit row seats, your first method could be to just go for the free seat – if you dare.



Unbuckle yourself, get up and walk down or up to the free exit row seat. You could ask the people sitting beside it if it’s free, and if they say yes – GO FOR IT! Sit down, secure yourself and wait for takeoff.

Don’t ask for permission. Ask for forgiveness.

If someone from the crew sees you, you’ll quickly know if your move has been approved or not. Often times – they’ll let you sit and wont even say word to you.



So when you see a free exit row seat – what do you do? You go for it and hope that noone complaints!

Method #2: Ask the crew if you can have the free exit row seat (BEFORE takeoff)

This is the next best way to get a free exit row seat; asking a steward or stewardess if you can switch seats. But I gotta tell you; all the times I’ve done this, they turn me down by saying something like:

You have to wait until we’re in the air – then you can get the free seat.

And then you just have to wait until the plane is in the air. Although you might feel a little better knowing that your relocation has been approved and registered by the cabin crew.



It makes you less of a rebel and gives you peace of mind knowing that the crew doesn’t hate on you.

Just remember: If you don’t ask and just do it – you switch to the exit row seats before take-off – the crew most likely wont say anything. The reason why you can’t relocated once you ask is that the crew wants everyone to sit down so the plane can take off.

So asking will give you a “No – not now”, and then you can move once the plane is in flight.

Method #3:Ask the crew if you can have the free exit row seat (AFTER takeoff)

This one is risky! Why? Because someone else tall like you will have had time to assess the same possibilities as you. Another tall person will have utilized Method 1 or Method 2 and will be in a better position than you to get the free exit row seats.



Either by Method 1; just taking it by sitting down in the exit row and hope for the best. Or by Method 2; asking the crew if they can have the seat, and they’ll get it once the plane is in the air.

That’s why asking for the exit row seat AFTER takeoff is a last resort. Although you might get lucky and still get it if noone else has noticed the free space.

If you don’t get it, you’ll have to cope with too little leg room the whole flight. For some tips on how to that, read the Flying Tall post.


Man up and go for the free seat! You might be a little embarrassed if they tell you to go back, but that’s really the biggest loss you’ll be facing. So JUST DO IT!

Take a chance by taking the free exit row without asking and give yourself a much more pleasant flight than if you just cope with aching knees the whole trip.

The next best methods for getting a free exit row seat is by asking for it – either before or after the plane takes off.

The sooner you ask the better, but you’ll probably be told to remain seated until the plane has taken off and you are allowed to unbuckle yourself again.

I totally recommend Method #1; just going for it as soon as you see it’s free. It’s that short window of time between people being seated and everyone is ready for takeoff – and then the actual takeoff, where everyone must be seated at all times.

Right there in between these moments, you have your window of opportunity to sit down in the free exit row seat. You will also be better off if you do so before the safety instructions, as these are specific for exit row people.

I’d go for it anytime – if I haven’t already reserved the seat from home.

Exit row is a given ?? Off to Budapest ?✨✌?

Et billede slået op af Tallsome (@tallsomeblog) den

I hope you’ll take your chances next time you’re flying as a tall person – it really makes a big difference for you and your legs if you managed to upgrade your seat to an exit row seat – following my tips above.

Thanks for reading along – comment with your experiences below!


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  • Fiorella S.
    August 8, 2017

    This truly does work, and if all else fails….. Act like a damsel in distress. lol That could potentially work for men too…… lol – xoxo

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