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5 Neglected Exercises That Will Give You Great Posture

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It’s hard to stand straight as a tall man.

Longer limbs simply makes it hard to maintain a good posture.


There are some exercises that will strengthen parts of your body responsible for good posture.

In this blog post, I will give you an intro to 5 exercise that will dramatically improve your posture if done consistently.

Upright row

The upright row will strengthen your upper back. A strong upper back allows you to pull your shoulder blades together and lift your chest bone.

A strong upper back as a result of consistently doing upright rows will build many areas of your back allowing you to stand or sit straight for hours and hours every day.

Go for heavy weights in order to activate the full spectrum of muscles in your upper back. Combine the heavy lifting with some static sets, where you condition your upper back to being able to keep tense and tight.

When doing the exercise, it is important to keep a inwards curved spine that always activates the back muscles. Begin with lighter weights and progress when you are able to keep a good posture throughout the exercise.


The deadlift is the king of the back exercises. The deadlift will build your back strength from top to bottom and help you maintain a good posture throughout the day.

When doing the deadlift, it is equally important to keep a tight back, activating all back muscles while doing the exercise. The deadlift is great for building good posture because it combines static strength with dynamic movement.

The exercise can be difficult to master at first, because the technique takes some getting used to. But when you have the technique in place, the deadlift quickly becomes of your strongest exercises – allowing you to pack a lot of muscle on your back.

The deadlift is a full body exercise – or compound exercise – which will work your entire body. But the focus is on your lower back, and secondary on your upper back muscles – but responsible for maintain a strong posture.


Leg raises

Toes to bar – a great exercise for building core strength.

Pull Ups

Builds your wings, which makes it easier to keep an upright back posture.


Neglected indeed – building the neck and upper backΒ  is essential in being able to sit and stand straight a whole day. Some look down on this exercise. I’m a big fan and knows how it has helped me become a better version of myself, standing straight and feeling good about my posture.

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