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Dressing Style for Slim Guys – How to Choose Clothes for your Slim Body Type

In this article, I’m going to give you some tips on dressing style for slim guys.

Even though you may think that you are doomed, there are a few things you can do yourself in looking more manly, broader and generally just better.

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Dressing Style for Slim Guys

Slim guys have faced lots of challenges as regards their clothing and dressing style. People often think that slim guys have no problem when it comes to finding clothes to wear, this happens to be the general assumption.

The two major categories for guys, the bigger and smaller guys, have different forms of recommendations for on dressing style for slim guys.

Slim guys somewhat have this low confidence level due to their size and hence, getting the right clothes to wear which would complement their physical feature, is often difficult.So, it is essential that they follow some set rules which would avoid them making errors in relation to their shape.

These lean guys are advised to wear clothes which fit them. Such young men often make the mistake of putting on bigger tops or trousers.

They do this in a bid to hide their skinny structure. However, this does not work out well because they end up looking smaller.

Skinny Guys Outfit

Fitting clothes has a way of accentuating the shape of a person. Advisably, slim guys should get clothes which are only slightly bigger than their shape – not baggy.

Dressing Style for Slim Guys 3

Slim guys who do not know how to go about this, should get down to the tailor’s place. A good tailor would know how to make clothes which would perfectly fit you irrespective of your size and shape.

Tops which have V-necks are not good for slim guys. Such tops have a way of revealing the skinny structure of guys who are slim. Rather, crew necks are better options.

They make the shoulders look squared alongside complementing the narrow frame.

Dressing Style for Slim Guys 5

Also, slim guys can take to wearing layers. This method of dressing does not necessarily imply that thick layers of clothes should be worn all through.

The concept behind layering is making the outfit to merge in a natural manner. Putting on too many bulky layers would make you look so artificial.

Also, there is a huge tendency that you would end up making yourself uncomfortable. So, putting on layers which are lighter gives room for more air.

Putting on layers should not be seen as an awkward manner to prevent your skinniness. It is an essential part of your style as a whole.

When slim guys want to choose jackets, it is best advised to go for jackets which are made with padded shoulders.

The goal of a slim man when dressing up, is to subtly increase the width by filling the shoulders with more space, thereby providing you with the pleasurable ‘V’ shaped figure.

Dressing Style for Slim Guys 2

Double breasted jackets would be an ideal choice for a slim guy, as they aid in adding width to your entire outlook and figure.

Big accessories are not advisable for slim guys. Accessories are part of our dressing style for slim guys, and they speak volumes of our personality.

Belts with big buckles for example, big-sized chains and even wristwatches with big faces, are not advisable for slim guys. The smaller and simpler version of the aforementioned accessories would look well on slim guys

Looking at the trousers which are an ideal fit for slim guys, they are advised not to go for jeans which are very skinny.

Dressing Style for Slim Guys 4

Although, slim guys are advised to wear fitted clothes, jeans which are very slim should be avoided at all cost. If slim guys put on this, it highlights their small frame.

So preferably, normal jeans or moderately-fitted jeans can be worn. The same applies to skinny trousers and chinos as well. Slim guys need to have an assortment of style options in their wardrobe.

Dressing Style for Slim Guys 1

Closely related to this, are slim guys who put on trousers with vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes on trousers are preferable to vertical stripes, as they give a squared shape when compared to the streamlined form which vertical stripes give.

Men’s shoes are also not left out, as they form an integral aspect of men’s fashion. Although, it might be difficult to find shoes with attractive patterns which would take the eyes of people away from your body down to your feet.

Bolder shoes look great on slim guys. They perfectly complement your style. Above all, slim guys would not have a hard time fitting in if their dress sense is well-crafted.

These were a few tips on dressing style for slim guys. I hope you get some inspiration for how to suit yourself.

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