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Dress shirts for tall man.


Because it’s really difficult to find the perfect long dress shirt, when you are taller than average.

Either the dress shirt is just not made in your size.

Or you don’t like the design of the shirts you’ve found.


It is possible to find great stores online that specialize in the tall man’s dress shirts.

In the both dedicated to tall and general stores below, you find both the right fit and style for your long limbed body.

This specific list contains my 5 favorite stores selling dress shirts for the tall man – with guidance on sizing, prizing range and shipping details.

Enjoy! ?


American Tall

Dress Shirts for Tall Men - American Tall

 M Tall – 2XLXT

 Mid Price Range

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: American Tall is a great dedicated tall brand that carries a wide range of dress shirts for tall man. I have personally tried a few of them, and the quality seems to be a priority of theirs. The fit is very important for tall guys like me, and therefore it is important to find the right size for you. Go for a size that isn’t to wide in the chest, would be my advice. Love the brand, their mission and the people behind American Tall.

About American Tall: American Tall roams in Toronto in Canada and was founded by father and son in 2015. The mission of American tall is to be able to provide the best clothes for tall guys at 6’2″ and up. Even though competition is fierce and getting even more intense these years, American Tall has been able to take a part of the tall men’s clothing market through great customer service, great products and constant development of new apparel such as dress shirts for tall man.

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Dress Shirts for Tall Men - Nordstrom

 Neck Size 15 – 20+ (inches)

 Mid Range Pricing

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: NORDSTROM offers high-end dress shirts for tall man that are modern and stylish in terms of design. We like the boldness of the styles and the variety in selection. And in combination with stocking up to 36″ inseam, NORDSTROM makes for a great place for buying dress shirts as a tall guy – especially if you are American. Shopping from the US gives you the possibility to go to a local NORDSTROM store and try on your dress shirt before purchasing. If you order online, you can also pick up your order in a local store, if you can’t wait for NORDSTROM to ship them to you.

About NORDSTROM: Nordstrom was founded in 1901 and has spend more than a hundred years perfecting their brand as a market leader within American fashion for men, women and children. It all started in a small store in Seattle, but has evolved into a publicly traded company with retail stores in 40 states and Canada. NORDSTROM are committed to happy customers and that’s something that won’t change – even though fashion does – as NORDSTROM puts it. Tallsome thanks you for the great selection of high-end tall men’s clothing.

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Dress Shirts for Tall Men - ETON

 Neck size 35 – 51 (centimeters)

 High Price Range

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: ETON is a brand, we cannot get around when it comes to dress shirts. Even though they aren’t specifically catering for tall men, they offer a wide range of slim fit, contemporary fit shirts and much more. The slim fit models will fit a tall men to a certain height. ETON has some great designs and is probably the number 1 seller of high-end men’s shirts.

About ETON: Since 1928, ETON has been crafting and perfecting the production of men’s shirts of all sorts. Back then, ETON was a Swedish only brand, but has since grown out of Scandinavia and is now to be found in more than 49 markets all across the globe – in some of the most exclusive clothing stores in the World.

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Land’s End

Dress Shirts for Tall Men - Lands End

 Dedicated Tall Range / Long Sleeve option

  Mid Range Pricing

  Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: When a brand has a dedicated tall range – I’m all in. Land’s End even offers Long Sleeve options on top of having a specific line of dress shirts for tall man. Choose the tall category and shop around in the various styles and fits you’ll find in here.

About Land’s End: Land’s End was founded in 1963 by a couple of friends in a basement in Chicago. They started out selling yachting-gear but soon realized that clothes was where the heart was. Land’s End has some strong core values, where one is fitness, which is why they have their own huge fitness center. Great brand with great shirts, jeans and more for the tall club.

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Dress Shirts for Tall Men - J.Crew

 Tall M – Tall XL

  Mid Price Range

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: J.Crew is one of the most popular tall shops here on Tallsome. They also ace the dress shirts for tall man category with only a few but very well designed shirts in all styles and fits. If you like the more colorful and patterned look, J.Crew is a great way to go for getting a great shirt for your tall body. They ask “Are you tired of short sleeves?” so they know the struggle for tall is real, and J.Crew has a really good solution.

About J.Crew: Founded in 1947, J.Crew is all about timelessness over fashion – designing for the long term over short fads and fashions. They say the magic is in the mix, meaning that they opt for putting together your own style from their pieces. J.Crew is an american brand originally from New York but serves tall customers all over the world today.

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Dress Shirts for Tall Man

This is a list of favorited dress shirts for tall man found by searching tirelessly through the internet and reading all about the different brands making tall men’s clothing. Most of these brands have been tried on and evaluated based on fit, style and price relating to the problems tall guys face.


I recommend opening all the links leading you to the webshops of each tall brand and specifically leading you directly to the category with dress shirts for tall man. If you have your own favorites and would like to add them to this list, feel free to share your favorite tall shirt brand in the comments.


Have a look at the tall brands above and see if you can find your own new favorite dress shirt for your tall frame – also make sure to check out the full list of stores selling Tall Men’s Clothing. If you need advice on how to dress as a tall guy – styling tips, do’s and don’ts, then here’s a video helping you out with some of your doubts and questions:


Tall Men’s Clothing

This list is part of my overall mission of finding the best online shops offering tall men’s clothing. Clothes for tall has exploded the last 5 years, and I want to make it as easy and convenient to find the current offerings gathered in one place.


Dress Shirts for Tall Men - Short vs Tall


That’s why I’ve made my Tall Shops List that gives tall guys like myself a full overview of tall dress shirts, jeans for tall, long trainers, shoes for big feet, tailored apparel and much more. The above list offering a look at dress shirts for tall men is specifically aimed at this particular piece of clothing.

Other list of Tall Men’s Clothing include:

Feel free to add your favorites to each of these lists – I will look through all comments and quality check all shops with tall men’s clothing along the way.

Tall and Slim Men’s Clothing

Yes, SLIM is the word. Because the Big and Tall ranges just don’t fit us tall and slim, do they? If you are like me, you have been sacrificing fit for many years by buying oversized clothes just to get a little bit of extra sleeve length. But this has to be over now.


Dress Shirts for Tall Man - American Tall 2


As more and more online stores and physical shops cater for the slim and tall, gone are the days of tents of fabric over our long and lean bodies.


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Catering specifically for the slim and tall makes these shops able to adjust their fit and every little detail around the fit. Tall and slim men’s clothing is what I’ve been gathering in one singe list as listed above. The lists is all my favorite tall people’s clothing and I really recommend having a look at this list if you are tall and slim like me – it’s called The Complete List: 50+ Stores With Tall Men’s Clothing.

Clothes for tall skinny guys

Shouldn’t be hard to find, right? So instead of browsing through endless web pages trying to find those trainers in larger sixes, athletic pants in longer lengths or a dress shirt where the sleeves reach the end of your arms, you can now turn to Tallsome. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to reach out with a question on where to find a particular piece of clothes for tall skinny guys.

Once again, take a look at the above list with dress shirts for tall men, and then take a second look at the full list of tall men’s clothing right here:

Complete List: Tall Men's Clothing


If you have a personal favorite place to buy jeans for tall men, I would love to hear from you in the comments ⬇️


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