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10 Tall Man’s Clothing Tips from a Woman’s Perspective

This time around, I’m giving the word to Natalie Matthews from Height of Fashion. As the owner of a clothing store for tall women, she has a great eye for fashion, and she has agreed to share a few tips on how tall men can improve their appearance. Natalie, the word is yours.

As  the founder of Height-Of-Fashion and a 6’3” woman who comes from a family of well-dressed tall men, you could say I have experience and an understanding in Men’s Fashion too.

Except, unlike Women who love to discuss styles and what looks good on them; for men, it’s not the ‘done’ thing or harder to discuss amongst friends and peers than it is for women. Not entirely sure why, but that’s my experience.

Either way dressing well can aid many things for a man, their dating game, their career, their confidence and their self-esteem. It’s a well-known fact that there is a direct correlation between taking pride in your appearance and the wellness and progression of your life. 

So as a bit of a Tall Fashion Expert, I wanted to extend the helping hand to men too. Here are the thoughts on what we as women really think and my own top tips on how to avoid them with style and sophistication.  



Save sweatpants and hoodie for the gym

There ain’t nothing sexy about them, really. There is one place for them, the gym, period. Ditch the baggy trousers and any workout gear for that matter. You might feel uber comfortable and these are the easiest thing to find that come in ‘extra tall’, but they’re a big turn off – not only do they add unwarranted pounds to your physique, but we also presume you don’t take pride in your appearance.

Style Tip: Keep them for the gym.

tall men sweatpants



all Guys rock a mid-length coat

Whether it’s a trench or smart coat, you guys look the bomb in them. We think ‘hello tall sexy man’ when we see you in them. They look really good on your tall frame and especially with work attire or for a smart date night in the city/bar/restaurant.

Style Tip: You can pretty much rock any colour from black, grey, khaki or camel. Oh and only wear them with smart shoes, it looks out of place with trainers/sneakers.

tall man coat



Go for fitted smart shirts over t-shirts

Smart shirt. Every. Single, Time.

When in doubt, always go for the smart shirt (long sleeve rolled up looks fab, so does a short sleeve in summer), we know that sometimes finding the arm length can be hard, so if you find it fits everywhere else then roll them up – it outlines and fits your tall sexy manly shape so much more than a t-shirt.

Style Tip: Never put a t-shirt under a shirt. Not unless you are freezing your balls off in Siberia or never wanting to get lucky. It screams daggy Dad from a mile off. 

tall man fitted tshirt

Son of a Tailor: ‘TALLSOME’ at checkout gives 15% off.



Boots n’ shoes over trainers, please

Really we’re not a fan of trainers. When you rock sneakers to every event and occasion it makes us think you’re still stuck in your thresher/varsity days.

Also you tall guys have really big feet, so squeezing them in to a pair of converse or narrow shoes makes you look out of proportion. Ditch the boat-feet look and instead opt for a style that balances your size.

Instead of trainers, buy yourself a pair of smart shoes and boots. We love tall guys in jeans and boots. Pair them with a smart shirt and jeans and we’ll probably say damn honey, you look amazing. 

Style Tip: Go for brown or black boots (ankle of mid length never go out of date) and suede are very much in at the moment too. Oh, and always, make sure they shine. The saying “the shine on your shoes say’s a lot about you’ was said with intent. If anyone will notice your well-polished boots, we will. 

tall man boots



Don’t be afraid to experiment a little

This drives us insane. Experiment with colour, pattern and style, we beg you. Stop buying the same old white t-shirt and blue jeans. We know you like it and you are comfortable in it, but they are all, exactly, the same. Try something new: A check shirt, a bold pattern (of course paired with caution), more colour, or different texture like a crewman knit. Playing safe isn’t always in your favour. 

Style Tip: Variety is the spice of life. Be bold and have a leap of faith in colour and pattern. Hell, we’ll even happily come shopping with you to offer a hand. We love it.

tall man clothing combinations



Invest in a fitted or tailored blazer

We do understand practical clothes, we do. But can you still invest in a tall trendy blazer too? Whatever you do make sure it’s fitted or tailored to your shape.
Whether it’s a safe or contrasting colour, it will literally make you stand out from the crowd to us. There is not a single woman I know that doesn’t think a tall guy looks good and rocks a well-fitting blazer. You move up the steaks in sex appeal and are likely to get our number when it fits you like a dream.

Style Tip: Invest in getting a blazer and or suit tailor made to your shape. We know it’s hard to find these to fit your height and size but whether you get it made from scratch or adjusted there is no doubt it’s worth every dollar.

tall man fitted blazer



Limit accessories to watches, scars and belts.

Honestly. Jewellery was made for us. And we love wearing it. Why they had to experiment with it for men, we will never know; it just looks a bit out of place on you. Plus it doesn’t exactly scream masculinity at us.

Style tip: Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are a complete no-no. Watches, scarfs, belts and colourful socks are a complete yes-yes. 



Be careful with super skinny jeans as a tall man

Seriously, unless a woman (of great taste and style) has told you, you look good in them, trust no one. Especially your mates, they’re probably lying to you.
You’re tall and there’s no hiding it. If you have skinny legs, wearing skinny jeans will make you look like a beanpole. There’s very few tall men that can wear them well so opt for these instead:

Style Tip 1: Try on relaxed jeans, structured or fitted jean sits and look is far better on your long legs and tall frame.

Style Tip2:  Experiment with owning different coloured/tones of jeans (not ripped, noticed how I said only colour here) 

Style Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to rock a pair of chinos or chino structure shorts if you have a pair of muscly legs (insert heart eyes emoji here). Colourful shirts can look great with these – think Polo inspired style. You tall guys look great in anything fitted and smart so make sure you purchase a pair of long fitting chinos. There’s plenty of Tall Man stores that do long jeans and chinos well. 

tall man shorts



Use Google for great combinations

The internet is your tall man fashion friend. It’s the Encyclopaedia of ideas and style tips; what works and what doesn’t, particularly for your body shape. Yep, not everything suits you tall guys so get comfortable knowing what does and doesn’t look good on you. We get that it can be hard finding clothes that fit, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same outfit every time.

Try experimenting with rolling up sleeves or trousers if they don’t fit quite right. Getting friendly with a tailor who can help take things in or out when needed and make sure you even out your height with colour and compassion choices.

Style Tip: Invest in a tailor made suit, a tailor made jacket. Long jeans in either Blue, Black and Charcoal and an array of long sleeve shirts (plain and patterned) – these should all form part of your wardrobe as your basic staples as a tall guy. 



There is a right and wrong in matching colors.

There is a real distinction between a man that understands colour contrast and a man that doesn’t. In actual fact there’s a lot of women that don’t get it either so you’re not alone, it’s probably one of the biggest fashion blunders going and my advice is the same across gender.

Style Tip: Get a colour book if you need to. Understand what colours match and compliment and what simply doesn’t. Colour can change your wardrobe game so don’t be afraid to try it, just have an understanding on the colours you match before trying.

Consider matching socks and tie. Jacket and shoes or scarf and boots. Think about pairing a check shirt with plain pants, or pastels with pastels; baby blue top with cream chinos or darker tones with light; dark denim and salmon shirt.

My parting advice: Don’t be afraid to look good. Own your tall masculinity and body shape. Women love tall men and especially a well-dressed tall man that takes pride in his appearance.  We really do appreciate your physique as much as you do ours.  x

tall man color contrast

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