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I agree.

Great brands with tall sizes aren’t easy to find.

Either they simply put some extra length on existing clothing ranges.

Or they are so small, they can’t afford to buy good quality fabrics.


In recent years, it has gotten a whole of a lot better.

Brands with tall sizes are realizing a growing market and are shaping up.

This list contains my 5 favorite brands with tall sizes for men that I’ve found to be great.

Take a look – and leave a comment with your personal favorite.


Brands with Tall Sizes - Nordstrom


 Up to 36″ inseam

 Mid to High

 Free shipping and returns

Why we recommend: NORDSTROM is one of the great brands with dedicated tall ranges, where you don’t just find a normal clothing range with a bit of extra inseam or torso length. They have a great selection of true tall sizes, where the design of the clothing is made from scratch to cater for the long – and in this case also the big. NORDSTROM is one of the most popular brands with tall sizes in America, and I think for good reason. It’s not the most affordable clothes, although you can get some pretty good deals if you take a look at the discounts and promotions, they offer throughout the year.

About NORDSTROM: Founded in 1901, NORDSTROM has spend more than a hundred years perfecting their brand as a market leader within American fashion for men, women and children. It all started in a small store in Seattle, but has evolved into a publicly traded company with retail stores in 40 states and Canada. NORDSTROM are committed to happy customers and that’s something that won’t change – even though fashion does – as NORDSTROM puts it. Tallsome thanks you for the great selection of high-end tall men’s clothing.

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American Tall

  Dedicated tall brand

 Affordable / Mid

 Free shipping (spend $50)

Why we recommend: American Tall caters only for the tall – men, to begin with. But the women’s collection is coming along nicely – starting with jeans. For tall guys like me, American Tall is a beautiful example of how you can double-down on a niche, go all in on creating something great for tall men, and succeed with it, growing year on year, as far as I hear from the founder’s son. Truly American, great quality, and with so many designs that you have to be able to find something for yourself.

About American Tall: Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2015 by father and Son, American Tall aims at providing the best clothing option for the tall man above 6’2″ of regular build. American Tall is taking on some of the larger clothing stores, but with a strict focus. The dedication towards tall men is authentic and easily felt when talking to the guys behind American Tall. The fit is directed towards the slim and tall / strong and tall, which makes American Tall a tall guys haven, if you are tired of scrolling through all the Big & Tall apparel found on many tall shops.

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Brands with Tall Sizes - ASOS

  Dedicated Tall range


 Free shipping (spend $29) + Free Returns

Why we recommend: Asos is one of the World’s largest clothing brands, and their mainstream ranges are well known for low prices and ever-changing designs. A couple of years ago, I went to visit Asos in London, as they were launching their new dedicated Tall ranges for both men and women. I’ve tried a couple of things over the years, and I can only say, they’ve come a long way since the first experimental Super Longline styles. The Tall range is much more down to earth, holistically put together and higher quality than the early attempts. Can definitely recommend.

About Asos: ASOS is one of the World’s largest online fashion retailer with over 80.000 branded and Asos-branded products on the shelves. The brand is originally from the UK, but has fulfillment centres in Europe, US and China where they ship to almost every country in the World.

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Brands with tall sizes - 2tall

 Dedicated tall brand

  Affordable / Mid

  Free UK Delivery (spend £100) + Free Returns

Why we recommend: was one of the first brands with tall sizes who reached out to me in order to have some clothes tried out and review on Tallsome. Since then, I’ve grown very fond of 2tall, as they keep updating their tall ranges with new styles of jackets, jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts and more. The quality is quite good at that price point, so it’s just a matter of ordering the first few pieces to find a style and size you’re comfortable with.

About 2tall: 2tall is a UK based company selling clothes only for the vertically gifted man. The jeans range from 36″ inseam up to 40″ inseam, fitting for a man of 6’10”-7’4″. Tallsome talked the found of 2tall about how to things differently than other online stores selling tall men’s clothing – read the full interview here.

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G Star

Brands with tall sizes - g-star

 Up to 40″ inseam

  Mid Price Range

 Worldwide Shipping

Why we recommend: G-Star doesn’t make a fuzz about it, but they are actually nailing it is one of the brands with tall sizes that make amazing jeans. Although they don’t have that much else in extra tall sizes, their jeans and pants for tall guys is great – with inseam lengths of 36″, 38″ and 40″. I’m starting to get in trouble around the 36″, so it’s such a great experience to be able to look through a big selection of different styles, all in inseams that make sense to a tall man.

About G-Star: All the way back from 1989, G-Star is a brand that focuses on ‘Just the Product’ as they say. They are super dedicated to fabrics and cuts and try out a variety of washes and styles. G-Star is a company that has a love for untreated, raw denim, where the fabric is to speak for itself. On top of that, they treat the denims in different ways creating a myriad of looks – probably also a look for your long legs. Check out this page, if you want to know more about G-Star.

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Tall Brands for Men

The brands that are 100% dedicated to the tall segment of men’s fashion are quite limited. But as long as you know they’re out there – and you found Tallsome to show you where to look first – you’re in a good place.

The usual suspects – standard clothing brands that just put a few extra inches on a t-shirt and start calling themselves a tall brand – are not where I’ve found the best buys in my wardrobe.

You can find some stuff in the standard brands’ tall sections, but you haven’t tried nothing yet if you haven’t gone to one of the dedicated tall brands above and put on your new favorite shirt the first time.

When you place your first order, make sure that shipping and returns are taken care of in a good way. I’ve tried to make it as transparent as possible, but give it another check for your specific country. Because the first order is probably not going to be perfect in terms of sizes.

What you do is that you try things on, note down what fits and what doesn’t, then return the stuff that isn’t perfect and order another size from them of the same design. Now you know exactly what size to choose, from that specific tall brand, when you want to shop for tall clothes another time.

It’s easy to forget, so write it down somewhere.

Brands with Tall Sizes

I’m crossing my fingers for more brands with tall sizes in the years to come. Now, the only thing to do is sharing the good finds with each other – you could post your favorite in the comments right now – and then also support the tall brands out there that are already killing it. American Tall, Nordstrom, 2tall, G-star and Asos; thanks for making awesome tall men’s clothing – we’ll keep supporting what you do in the future.

If you want to see more brands with tall sizes, make sure to visit the full list of stores selling Tall Men’s Clothing.

50+ Tall Brands

If you have a personal favorite brand with tall sizes, I would love to hear from you in the comments ⬇️

5 Responses
  • Rued
    November 24, 2019

    Got a favorite brand with tall sizes? Leave a comment for the rest of us to check out.

  • Ronnie Childs
    November 24, 2019

    I know from experience of several blue jeans that fit me great, at 6’8″. Wrangler jeans are good, and they have a line of work clothes, Riggs, that are uncommonly well made for heavy work, with reinforced pockets and stuff. Dickies also has clothes that fits me well; so does Lee jeans. ALL 4 OF THESE are excellent quality and appearance. They use good, heavy denim and are well-made, and are long-lasting and I do heavy construction work. When you’re wearing them, they look just as good and are INEXPENSIVE, I mean in the 22 to 30-ish dollar range in my size, 36X36. Some of them have longer inseams. Also, Belk dep’t store has a lot of good-quality clothes that fit me well and are inexpensive. Their store line Chaps is good. I bought some 100% cotton polos from them and they are long even on me and are nice quality. I wouldn’t be posting this comment if I didn’t find everything mentioned here a good find and I have no reservations about recommending them to other tall guys. I know how hard it is to find clothes that fit and fit well. I got lucky with all of the above.

    • Rued
      November 25, 2019

      Awesome recommendations, Ronnie – thanks!
      I went to a Wrangler outlet outside New York a few months ago and found some great Big and Tall shirts. I’m not particularly big, so they are pretty loose in fit, but the torso length is great. I haven’t tried out your other recommendations on brands with tall sizes like the ones you mention, but I’ll give it a look online.
      Can I ask how tall you are? I’m using 36″ inseam as well and I’m 6’8″, so maybe in that range?

  • Antoine
    November 25, 2019

    Thanks Rued to take care of the tall guys. My name is Antoine, I m french and I have created in 2011 a jeans and trousers brand dedicated to tall guys as well. An adjusted fit leg 38 from size US 28 to 42…always elegant but comfortable thanks to the 2% of stretch. The average price is 99 euros and we ship worldwide.

    • Rued
      November 25, 2019

      Hey Antoine,
      Yeah, I know Cub Jeans already and really think it’s an interesting offering for the tall man. I’ve actually also listed them on my page on Jeans for Tall Men (, so you are represented there 🙂
      Hope to see more cool clothes for tall men on your shop in the future.
      PS: Small tip would be to check your webshops security settings, as I at least get a warning when clicking links to your site.

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