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Better Return Policy for Tall People

In my experience, the most difficult kind of clothing to find for tall people is pants. Pants in length 36 or 38 are not so very standard and the most clothing stores that I go to don’t have them. I live in Copenhagen and here we are a lot of tall skinny dudes. My best guess is that most of these guys buy their clothing online because there aren’t really a lot of physical stores that cater especially for tall people. So if you are a tall skinny man like myself you have to go online to search out the best tall shops to find some decent clothing.

Check Out Tall Shops

You have to try it on, right?

Here you can often find jeans in the desired lengths but with jeans, you really have to try them on before you can say whether you like them or not. Yes this is the case with every piece of clothing though especially pants can really fit you or they don’t. Most of the pants I am trying in stores around the city are too short for me. And not only that. Most of them are either too loose and square or too skinny and tight. It all depends on how big your legs are and how the pants are fitted.

So I think a really good opportunity or option for tall shops would be some kind of premium return policy. I know it is hard to be a niche store in the first place but in order to make people pay that extra cost of a niche product, you would want the security of being able to send it back if it doesn’t fit you after all. I know that I have a lot of clothing in my wardrobe that I never use. I oftentimes donate these pieces of clothing to Red Cross and hope that some other tall skinny dude will come by and buy that piece of clothing. And then the money goes to a good cause. That is great, but I would also like to keep most of my clothes when it fits me.

Returning clothes is a hassle

How can you really know whether the style will fit you are not? You can’t – and that is the reason why we should get the opportunity to test the clothing before we buy it online. I tried to buy something from Asos a couple of times and wanted to send it back, but it was so difficult and costly that I ended up keeping most of the things that I got from there. I had to pay for the return myself and I had to deliver the parcel at some distant destination where they would send it back to England where it was shipped from. It was such a hassle and in the future, I would rather just keep the things that I don’t like instead of sending them back – and getting a little money in return.

I am sure that a lot of online stores have a great return policy, but especially tall shops should really focus on spreading the message of their great return policies if they do have such a thing. It would mean that I would feel more secure and dared to take the chance of trying some of the newer brands. New brands emerge all the time and I’m very happy to see that. Some of the brands also contact me in order to offer me a piece of their new clothing for tall people. Then I am to try it on and tell you guys, readers of Tallsome, whether I like the clothing or not. And when I end up loving some tall brands, I am still at bit reluctant in buying more from them because I don’t know if I will look good in their other pieces.

My impression is that niche shops – web shops selling to tall people – charge a premium for the limited selection they have. This makes perfect sense because supply and demand has something to say here. When they have less people buying from them, they have to charge more per product. Maybe this extra earning per product could contribute to a better return policy. I mean, maybe they can afford this better when they charge more for their products.

Do you want a better Return Policy?

What is your opinion on all this – are your experiences similar to mine or do you have a completely other opinion? I would also love for tall shops to join in the discussion – either here or on social media. If they don’t I will just go ahead and ask them myself, because I want to know if this is something that could get better for us tall people.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your height – Stay Tallsome!

3 Responses
  • Laura
    December 12, 2015

    One problem taller people experience is finding shoes as well. Taller people tend to wear larger size which is often unavailable and is always hard to purchase online as you don’t know whether the shoes will be comfortable or not. In my country for example the larger female size is 41 which sometimes tend to fit smaller. I am lucky enough to travel abroad and get my shoes from the UK mainly as they have most of the sizes and shapes I need, but I would love to see a shop that offers larger shoe size here. I had trouble finding shoes so many times that i even considered opening a shop myself. Haven’t done it yet, but it seems like a good idea to me as I hardly am the only one having this problem.

    • Rued
      December 13, 2015

      You should go ahead an open your own shop with shoes for tall people with larger feet 🙂 Sound like a good idea, and I’ve seen some examples of people who are already doing this (if you haven’t checked the Tall Shops list out, then I recommend you take a look – I’ve made one for tall women as well). Thanks for the comment and have a nice day 🙂

  • Joana
    December 14, 2015

    I think you’re making a great point here, Rued! Being pretty tall myself (especially for a girl!) I find it so hard (sometimes even impossible!) to find a good pair of pants that fit me really well.

    Sometimes I have to go to the tailors and make my own custom pants. Just like you, I’ve got tons of clothes in my wardrobe that I no longer use precisely because of the complicated return policies. Plus, most of the clothes are not that cheap either! I think they should definitely have a more tolerant return policy towards tall people.

    I agree with you that the niche is a bit narrow and perhaps not all retailers and e-tailer would be too happy about it, but if you’re really good at what you do people will eventually hear about it and your business will boom!

    Tall people all around the globe are having this problem, I think that would be a giant break for all of us!

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