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Best T Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys

It’s hard to find the perfect t-shirt.

Especially, if you are tall and skinny like me.


There is hope.

Because some brands actually create amazing and affordable t-shirts for tall skinny guys.

Go have a look – I hope you find your new favourite!

1. Best T-Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys (TallSlim Tees)

Tall Slim Tees

My personal favourite is from TallSlim Tees. These t-shirts are made for tall, so the fitting isn’t just the normal one – plus a little torso. The guys behind it have actually put some thought into creating the perfect blueprint for a tall tee.

They are also very affordable, which makes it much more interesting – as t-shirts is often something you buy a lot of. I’ve had the pleasure of trying on 4-5 different tall tess from TallSlim over the years, and they never cease to amaze me.

The fabric is soft with a little bit of elastane in, so the feel and fit becomes very good. I’ve been training with weights for quite some time now, so I also appreciate how the tall tee shapes itself around the body.

If you want one of the best t shirts for tall skinny guys out there, I can definitely recommend TallSlim Tees.

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2. Tailored White T-Shirt (Son of a Tailor)

Son of a Tailor Tshirt

Ah, the white t-shirt.

It’s tough because white t-shirts can look amazing, but they can also look horrible. The fresh, crisp, fitted white tall tee looks amazing as it is. If it’s high quality and fairly new, the white t-shirt can actually replace a real shirt, underneath a blazer or just as it is.

At the same time:

Wearing and old, washed out, cheap white t-shirt will make you look like a small boy. The wrinkled, dry look of an old white t-shirt is just not great. But if you go for higher quality, you’ll most likely avoid this situation for a long time.

My favorite place to buy high-quality white t-shirts is Son of a Tailor. Here, you can get a custom-fitted, white t-shirt that actually fits you – no matter how skinny or tall a guy you happen to be.

Be careful not to go too skinny on the t-shirt design, as that will make you look even thinner. But don’t worry – the first t-shirt is for free, if it doesn’t fit you, so there’s not much risk in trying to order one for these.

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3. Long White T-Shirt (Asos Tall)

Asos Tall White T Shirt

If you want a basic, cheap, white t-shirt with longer torso, then I recommend Asos and their Asos Tall or Asos Supertall sections.

Here, you’ll find long white t shirts for men that are pretty basic in their design, but with a slim middle and long torso that makes for that Justin Bieber look – if that’s what you are going for.

Don’t worry; if it’s not, then Asos Tall will do fine. Just don’t go for the crazy long t-shirts from Asos Super Tall, unless you are 6’8″ or above.

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Bonus: Extra Long white T-Shirt (Asos Longline)

Asos Tall Extra Long White T Shirt

As I was saying 😀 – I hope you can see the Justin Bieber similarities.

Jokes aside:

This look actually works well if you wear it with a jacket on top, or something else that’s a little shorter than the long t-shirt itself.

Then you achieve that layered look.

I own a couple of these t-shirts myself, both in white and black, and I must say that they are really nice for the price.

They don’t stay fresh forever, and after 5-6 washes, the black ones lose color and the white ones start to look more greyish.

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What ARE the Best T-Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys?

The best t-shirt for tall skinny guys come from dedicated tall brands like TallSlimTees, American Tall, and Nima Apparel. They come with longer torsos, fitted bodies, and adjusted proportions.

Tees for tall guys often come in toned-down designs, as the tall brands are often smaller companies working in a relatively small niche.

Therefore, tall slim guys need to look at the size charts and models used for showing the apparel – to determine if the fit from this particular brand aligns with oneself.

If the answer is yes, then I suggest ordering a couple of tall t-shirts to try them out in real life. Often times, there are free returns attached to the purchase, so there’s no risk in trying it on.

If the tall tee fits, then accept the fact that the designs are somewhat anonymous. Few tall brands dare to design their clothes too much, as the niche-focus of fit cannot be narrowed further by design taste.

The recommendation is, therefore, to go with basic colors and styles in tall tees—and spice up your look with non-tall accessories like wristwatches, hats/caps, scarfs, shades, and shoes.

What about Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys?

If you’re not going for a t-shirt made to measure for tall and slim men, but would rather have a shirt with some of the same qualities as mentioned here, I have a few recommendations on that subject too.

I wrote a whole list on Shirts for Tall Men, you can check out, if you’re just looking for the brands that offer these shirts for tall skinny guys.

Here’s a few pointers on what to aim for, when looking for that slim fit shirt with features made for the tall out there with long arms, slim waist and longer torso:

  • Look at the size charts. Because you can’t trust the sizes like XLT or 56, whatever the brand uses. It’s different from brand to brand, and this requires you to put in the effort to understand the underlying measurements of each size.
  • Go for dedicated tall brands. Even though some mainstream brand state that they stock shirts for tall skinny guys, these are rarely as tall and customized as the dedicated brands like American Tall, 2Tall or similar.
  • Fitted, but not skinny fit. As with jeans, you don’t want the full on skinny fit that clings to your skin, if you are of a thinner stature. Go for a tapered / fitted look that follows the lines of your body, but be careful with slimming it too much.

I recommended checking out the list with shirts for tall men, where you can find much more information on the best shirts for tall skinny guys.

And if you find a new favourite, please share it in the comments.

What clothes look good on tall skinny guys?

Contrary to common advice that is given on the topic, I don’t think you should go for added mass and subtracted height. Instead, buy tall people’s clothing that is made for your exact measurements and body type.

Some say that you should go for lots of stripes, broad belts and layered looks in order to look less tall. But is that the point, when you’ve been given the gift of heights? Not in my opinion.

Instead, you want to shop at American Tall, 2Tallcom, TallSlim, Nordstrom, Navas and all the other brands for tall people that are doing amazing work to create more options for tall men like us.

So, what clothes look good on tall skinny guys? Answer: Clothes that is made for tall skinny guys. Tall sizes with extra sleeve length, extra inseam and extra long torso. Without the tent-look that comes with Big and Tall sizes.

“But won’t I look super skinny and super tall then?”. No, you’ll look like a person who knows how to dress properly. Isn’t that better than looking like someone who’s trying to hide his height by wearing baggy clothes, lots of layers and stripes?

If you manage to carry yourself well, stand tall and feel good in your own body, you’ll also look that way. Be proud of your extra inches, show yourself and thrive in the attention that a tall man naturally gets.


I’d definitely go for TallSlim, if you want a high quality long t-shirt without spending a lot.

If you are willing to go a little bit up in budget, I recommend Son of a Tailor. Their t-shirts are so well fitted, and of a very high quality that last for years.

And if you just want a plain, cheap white t-shirt for a tall skinny guy, then Asos Tall has a nice selection of basics.

Where do you buy your best tall tees?

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