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Best Bike for Tall Riders: The DirtySixer

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On kickstarter there is a campaign right now where David Folch is offering bikes for tall people – his DirtySixer bike for tall riders:

If you are looking for a big bike and you are having problems finding the right size of frame, then you should definitely go check it out.

David set out to build a bike for tall riders that was not just with a taller frame, but with bigger components all around. This is what makes David’s DirtySixer bike different from other bikes with maxed out frames, but normal sized parts.

David’s motivation building this big bike for tall riders is that he is 6’6” himself. Like myself he never owned a bike big enough to sit comfortably and ride safely.

Because when you are a tall guy, you can try to ride a standard bike, but you’ll pretty quickly find out, that there’s not really any one-size-fits-all for bikes.

bike for tall riders 3

I am sure you have seen tall guys like me sitting all crammed up on a too small bike – it’s just the way it has too be, until now.

The secret behind David’s new bike for tall riders is that he decided to design from the ground up and scale everything up including the wheel sizes.

bike for tall riders wheel

The larger wheels is argued to move the weight of the rider forward in order to sit more comfortably and naturally as a tall person.

The bikes may be a little more costly than the normal standard bike, but the reason is of course that the bike is handmade and custom-built for tall proportions.

If you pledge the $3499, you get a complete DirtySixer single-speed bike in one of the four frame sizes, that are offered. The normal price is +1000 dollars, so if you are considering getting this bike for tall riders, you should buy it on kickstarter right now at the discounted price.

bike for tall riders 2

The bike looks like a mountain bike, but you can write it on flat terrain, cruise the city or ride around the forests on trails – a very versatile bike for sure.

Check out this video of the tall basketball player Shaquille O’Neal riding the DirtySixer bike.

For once it actually looks close to natural with a man of his size riding a bicycle. Good job, David – looking forward to following your campaign on Kickstarter.

bike for tall riders shaquille

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