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Beanstalk Apparel: My review of a Canadian Tall Tee

Today I’m going to give my honest review of the new told me that I have received from Beanstalk Apparel.

This is my review of tall tee that I just got in the mail from Beanstalk Apparel.


Right now, I am sitting at my desk here in wonderful Copenhagen. It is from this place that I write and do everything Tallsome related. Tallsome has grown a little bigger and therefore has gotten attention from different clothing brands doing tall people’s clothing.


More and more nice people want me to look at their stuff and give my honest opinion on whether I like their products or not. I receive packages in my mailbox with T-shirts, shirts and other stuff – especially designed and produced for the vertically gifted.


I really enjoy to review these things, but often times, the clothes aren’t the greatest. It’s a matter of taste, and just because I am tall, it doesn’t mean that I like everything with an extra few inches on the sleeve 🙂


So often times, it just doesn’t fit with what I personally like to wear. But this time around I got a really nice T-shirt from a Canadian brand – Beanstalk Apparel.


Beanstalk Apparel

The brand is called Beanstalk Apparel and here is what they say about themselves.

Beanstalk Apparel is quality, comfortable, and affordable clothing that is made to fit the tall slim and tall athletic frame. We are a small business that works with and supports other small businesses by manufacturing our clothing in Vancouver, Canada. Let us know what you would like to see available in your size. We want to offer what you want to wear.


beanstalk city



They are from Victoria, BC Canada and sent me a black T-shirt all the way from there. I am pretty sure that the T-shirt I got from Beanstalk Apparel is the so-called Magic Round Neck T-shirt


Right out of the bag, it looks like a normal black T-shirt. And in many ways it is a normal black T-shirts. But being tall people’s clothing brand, Beanstalk Apparel has of course focused on making this specific t-shirt a tall tee – made to measure tall guys like me.


The textile is really smooth and nice and it doesn’t smell poisonous like some of the T-shirts I get from China. The size is Large which is normally way too small for me, but this one seems to fit nicely.


It is a bit on the tight side, but without being too close to the skin. This sleeves are medium long and end at the middle of my upper arm. The left sleeve has a little tag on it which is black with green print. The print is the logo of Beanstalk Apparel which looks like a pair of pants or beans – I’m not sure 🙂

beanstalk logo

Long but long enough?

When it comes to torso length, I like my tall tees really long. I know that some of you have commented on the Asos longline hat I have been wearing and that those T-shirts are way too long for some of you guys.


But that is how I like him and compared to this one, they are really long for sure. This T-shirt is more like a normal T-shirt, but with a little extra length in the torso. I want to say that this T-shirt would maybe fit a guy 10 cm shorter than me better.


But I’m sure that for most of you guys, it would fit perfectly just the way it is. I can easily wear it and it looks fine, but designwise I would go for something a little bit longer.

Rounded and narrow neck

Around the neck, it is a little bit tight, which is very standard and a normal thing to see in most T-shirts, but for the more designed and fashionable tall tees, the round neck is a bit wider which I normally prefer. If the tighter and more narrow neck is more your thing then you should definitely go with this tshirt.


All in all I’m in favor of the Beanstalk Apparel brand – upcoming fan and I’m looking forward to see more stuff from their hand. They have a really good thing going on for them, and I hope they will work more with design and more interesting patterns, fabrics and fits. I am not the right person to ask if you want to know about American Fashion and style – I can only talk for myself and my European fashioned mindset.


This guy seems to love Beanstalk!


Go check it out and see if there is something for you. Maybe you can find a T-shirt for your tall boy or your tall boyfriend and surprise them with something that really fits.

Small comment on the website

The website they have is really nice too. They have chosen a Shopify template which is really nice and simple and it makes it easy to see what products they have and what you have put into your basket and everything.


That makes it a really nice shopping experience too and that is something to look for when reviewing brands and webshops as well, I think. It’s not very related to the review of actual tall tee, but it’s just something that also counts when you’re shopping, so I just wanted to comment quickly on that too 🙂


Thanks for stopping by and I hope my short review helped you in making a decision on whether or not you’re going to try a T-shirt from Beanstalk Apparel. I can recommend you trying the round neck one, which feels really nice and I like the overall brand of Beanstalk Apparel.



2 Responses
  • Lauren
    September 9, 2015

    Thanks for the positive article Rued! The shirt looks great – fitted, shaped to you. Im glad it arrived safe and sound.


    Lauren from Beanstalk Apparel

    • Rued
      September 11, 2015

      Thank you – it’s a great t-shirt and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately 🙂 What’s it made of – what’s the process behind it?

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