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Shower for Tall people: How to Change your Showerhead

You change your showerhead by buying a new, extended one that you mount onto the old plumbing. Unscrew the old arm, lube the new and screw it onto the old pipes.

A Shower for tall people?

One of the common problems experienced by tall people is finding low showerheads in new apartments.

A low shower makes the bathing experience for such a person a daunting task, and the only solution lies with raising the showerhead.

This can only be achieved by learning how make some small changes to your bathroom. Raising the showerhead is a simple process that entails finding and mounting an extender.

A shower head extender is a pipe fitted between the socket and the showerhead which increases the height. It is made with varying designs and sizes giving an opportunity to make choices that fit individual needs.

The designs include hand held showers that are more appropriate and make it possible to wet the body with ease during a bath.

How to Raise the Height of your Showerhead

Demount your existing showerhead and mount a new extended showerhead instead. These are inexpensive and can be found on Amazon or your local appliances store.

Here’s a video guide that shows you exactly how to mount a new extended shower head—without doing any damage to your tiles, your walls or your plumbing.

As you can see in the video, changing your showerhead is a rather simple maneuver.

It’s basically unscrewing a couple of things, adding a bit of tape and lube onto the new things, and screwing them onto the old plumbing.

If you have a few basic tools at hand, this operation shouldn’t take you more than half an hour.

But why do you need this little hack?

Reasons why you need to hack your shower head and raise it higher

There are varying reasons why you may require changing your shower head in order to adjust your bathtub for tall people. Traditional buildings have showerheads installed at an average height. While this could work for a majority who are of average height or short, it is uncomfortable in tallest people on earth.

After buying an old house with a shower installed at an average height, a replacement is essential.

If you operate a guesthouse or are regularly receiving guests, you anticipate getting people of different heights.

Installing the shower will be used by all comfortably and it is the only way to ensure the comfort of the guest during the time of their stay.

As your kids grow, there are chances some might grow taller and hence the existing installation may not be comfortable to use.

In such a situation, it is maybe essential to ensure you give them the desired comfort by having a new raised shower head installed.

Change is as good as a rest. Changing the shower in your bathroom is an ideal way to give the bathroom a facelift.

It entails choosing the modern and trending handheld showerhead designs and in such a way giving a new experience in showering.

Choosing the right extender for your shower

While having an extender may provide the desired comfort while showering, it is important to make the right choice. Choosing the right extender requires a number of considerations that include the tome of the bathroom. It is important to choose a piece that matches with other installations within the bathroom. These include sinks, shower head, and the color tone.

It is important as well to know the size of the installed socket, this is essential to ensure the extender fits properly, and there are no leaks once the system starts functioning. The diameter of the extender and that of the socket need to match alongside the threads of the showerhead.

The flexibility of the extender is important. With different people using the same, changing the angle of the showerhead might be required. It is for this reason that the chosen extender needs to be flexible enough to make the angling process easier without the risk of damages or using force.

There are different shower extenders available from different manufacturers.

They all come in different designs, materials, and sizes. It is important to shop wisely and pick the option that best fits your bathroom. This should be one that matches easily with other installations within the bathroom, and as well, provide you the ease of installation. This can be done easily by checking out products from local dealer’s online shops and comparing the available options.

How to adjust your shower for tall people


Get the necessary tools

Before engaging in the process of installing the shower, it is important to ensure you have the necessary tools in place. These include spanners and screwdrivers that are used to remove the old showerhead and fix the new one.

It is important also to ensure that a shower head extender with the capacity to cover the desired height is acquired. These are available in different brands and designs from various manufacturers hence, choose one that perfectly fits your needs.


Remove the existing shower

Before removing the showerhead, it is important to ensure that water is turned off. If there is a heater fixed to the showerhead, the electric power should also be turned off. Unplug the heater and remove the showerhead from the socket. Teflon tape in the socket should also be removed. Once removed it is important to clean the thread area using a toothbrush. This is done to remove any remaining pieces of the Teflon tape and as well any rust that may have developed on the threads.


Tape the extension tube

Apply Teflon tape to the extension tube. Teflon tape is used to prevent possible leaks at the joint. This is done on the threaded end of the extension tube that goes into the socket. It is important to ensure the tape applied is thick enough to prevent leakages but should allow for easy fixing to the socket.


Fix the extension arm to the socket

After wrapping the extension tube, it is time to fix it to the socket. Using a pair of pliers or spanner, tighten the tube until it is firmly attached to the socket. While fixing, it is important to ensure the extension is enough to cover the desired length, and in such a way, guarantee it will serve the desired purpose effectively.

As a precaution, it is important to cover the extension tube with a rag when fixing it. This is essential to help prevent scratches that not only damage the appearance of the tube but as well expose the tube to corrosion by removing the coating.


Fix the showerhead to the extension tube

Once the tube is firmly in place, it is time to fix back the showerhead. This should be done with Teflon applied to its thread. Using pliers or a spanner tightens the showerhead to ensure it is firmly attached. After fixing back the showerhead, you can then fix back the heater and set the shower at a desirable and convenient angle.


Testing the shower

After successful completion of the installation, it is important to test the shower. It is done to ascertain if there are any defects that occurred during installation. To test the shower, you simply reconnect the water, switch on the heater, and open the shower while standing aside. Standing aside it to ensure you do not get wet and in turn, it does not let water to the floor. If there are any leaks in the joints or if the shower does not perform effectively, it is important to ensure the faults are rectified before leaving the shower for use by other members of your household.


Cleaning the bathroom

After ascertaining that everything is perfect, the final step is to ensure the room is thoroughly cleaned. Uncover the installations previously covered to reduce dirt and clean the room using the preferred method. This ensures that any debris on the wall or floor of the bathroom is removed leaving the room looking magnificent.

Other processes that may be required

While the process to install a shower head extender is simple, there are difficulties that might be experienced along the way. These arise from the original design of the bathroom to the existing plumbing installations.

Where the intended installation does not fit owing to any of these problems, it is important to consult with a plumbing technician. The technician will use experience and expertise and configure the existing design to fit with the intended installations. This may entail changing the water pipes, drainage system among others within the bathroom.

Safety measures

Safety is paramount during and after installation of the shower head extender. During the installation process, it is important to ensure the water is turned off. This should be done from the main pipe supplying the shower to ensure the pipe is dry during the process. This is done to ensure there is no water spillage.

Cover all installations within the bathroom. These include sinks, bathtubs, and soap holders among others. Covering these will reduce the amount of clean-up work required after the installation process. Debris and dirt falling off during installation can easily spill to the sinks and bathtubs causing blockage to the drainage system.

It is important to ensure the water heater is turned off and where possible power disconnected. It reduces the risk of electrocution or short-circuiting while removing or fixing back the heater.

Ensure the right size of pliers or spanners are used while tightening the extender and the showerheads. It ensures there are reduced chances of scratches alongside ensuring they have fully tightened hence no chances of leakages.


Showering is one of the best relaxation and refreshing moments. Therefore, the process should offer utmost comfort and in such way achieve the benefits.

Installing a new shower head extender is the best way to ensure that your bathroom has the ability to offer this comfort irrespective of your height. It is important to learn how to adjust your bath for tall people and in such a way ensure only the best process is undertaken.

If you have any tips, tricks, or recommendations on shower extenders, tall showers, or anything else.

Please leave a comment below.

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