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Athgene DNA Test Lets You Train Smarter

I am 6’8 and fundamentally of a very skinny build. I have always struggled with this – both in terms of confidence/looks but also in terms of health/posture. My brother taught me how to strength train, as he was playing ice hockey on a high level. To start of with, the strength training didn’t really catch on to me, but then I started to see results on my body and in strength levels.


Video: I Took A DNA Test



After a while, the improvements stagnate and it becomes increasingly difficult to become stronger and grow muscle tissue. Since this point, it is has been an uphill battle to increase my weight and become stronger. You never know what kind of regimen works best for you, and you can only keep experimenting to learn what works for your specific body.


Your genes have a lot to say in this; I am long and lanky and suppose I am genetically suited for long-distance sports and endurance kind of work in general. Knowing these things are only possible through long periods of trial and error. Combined with guess work. Or is it?


What is Athgene?

Athgene is Copenhagen based startup that offers gene test related to sports. You can get a lot of information on your genetic profile in relation to categories like Fat, Appetite, Vitamin uptake, Alcohol, Muscle Growth and many more.


Athgene Categories


They contacted me and offered a free test. And I accepted the offer, as I thought a possible shortcut to finding out how to train better would be a great thing to pass on to you guys.


If I could have short-cut some of all the weight training, trying to find the secret to building muscle easily (can’t be done), then I would have been very willing to pay for it. And now I was offered a free Athgene test, so it was pretty much a no-brainer.


Athgene came by my office and stuck a mouth-swab into my mouth to gather a sample of my genes. After 6 weeks, I got a mail saying that I could see my results on their website.


Athgene Results


The result was very interesting in itself, but didn’t surprise me much, as I knew I’d be better suited for endurance training, that I have migraine and that I sweat more than most people 🙂


Other results such as what vitamins I can uptake is super useful when planning your diet. I wish I’d known these things 6-7 years ago when I first started out – then it would all be new knowledge, whereas it now more confirms what I know from experience.


However, I recommend everyone interested in optimizing their training, getting better results with whatever your goals are and people who just think an insight into your own DNA is super interesting to take the Athgene test.


If you want to order your own DNA test or know more about Athgene, go here:


If you want to know how I got my fitness results being tall and skinny, go here:


Thanks for reading along and I wish you much persistency, discipline and fun with your training.

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  • Fiorella S.
    August 8, 2017

    Sweet, this is definitely an interesting post. Muscle gain for me is easy. It’s definitely my genetics but my training as a volleyball player ( I know, what a cliche) has also helped a bit. lol – xoxo

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